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Criminal drug addict Jay Pendelton's illegal covert hi-tech electronic warfare psywar harassment/hit squad (Jay and B2), part of
The New Hi-Tech COINTELPRO & MKULTRA 2005-2018
   continues to illegally electronically attack human rights documentarian webmaster Ed Harding using covert beam weapons and LRADs.
Webmaster Ed Harding survives a disabling 4/30/05-1/30/18 FBI SID/Covert Ops Electronic Siege.

This website is a more than 10 year blog about Jay Pendelton's illegal hi-tech persecution of Ed Harding.  In order to understand the context of this blog, you should view these websites:  This website documents LRADs (long range acoustic devices) and partially documents the amazing new hi-technology devices used by Jay Pendelton, including very amazing secret MKULTRA 2014-style mind-reading and mind-control technology.  This website also provides some solutions for coping with being targeted by this powerful covert technology.  This documents Ed Harding's human rights struggle to survive and break free from illegal FBI SID MKULTRA-style extremely hi-tech political persecution.  This documents Ed Harding's attempts to arrest illegal methamphetamine speed drug addict and criminal perp Jay Pendelton, including Ed's emails and/or electronic complaints to various law enforcement agencies from 2008-now.
Note: I began posting this data to the Internet in June 2005, when it was initially posted at and a condensed version of this data was posted at,, and  This blog data was moved to this website on 9/14/10.
Ed's 2005-now blog about Jay Pendelton's illegal hi-tech psywar persecution of Ed Harding

Preliminary 9/3/05 Detailed Report--Is a Hi-Tech COINTELPRO 2005 Back?
Detailed 12/11/05 report on FBI SID electronic harassment/warfare.
FBI COINTELPRO [FBI SID] agent Jay Pendelton admits hiring and paying hitman responsible for 5/24/03 2003 Takoma Park, MD murder, and openly tries to hire new hitman on 7/25/05 to kill this webmaster.  See
Raw self-defense logbook notes [with FBI SID/black ops psywar hit expletives included]: 7/25/05, 7/26/05-7/27/05, 7/28/05-7/31/05, 8/1/05-8/4/058/5/05-8/6/05, 8/12/058/17/05-8/18/05 (heavily bookmarked), 8/25/05-8/26/05 (heavily bookmarked), 11/7/0511/10/05, 11/11/05, 12/27/05, 12/31/05-1/1/06, 1/9/06-1/15/06, 5/15/07, 5/20/06, 5/23/06-5/24/06, 5/28/06, 6/2/06, 6/11/06-6/14/06, 10/27/07, 10/29/07-10/31/07, 2/11/083/23/08,  8/25/08-8/26/08 and 8/29/08, 9/11/08-9/14/08, and 9/21/08-9/22/08.

5/25/15.   I hope that illegal hi-tech mind control worker Jay Pendelton and his coworkers can be persuaded to voluntarily reduce or eliminate the worst excesses of his illegal, unnecessary, and disabling beam weapon mind control zap attacks against Ed and others, and allow everyone involved to have a less zapped, less disrupted, less disabled, less harassed, less stressed, and more productive 2015.
Here are the details:
This targeted individual or TI, Ed Harding of, seeks to end
1) excessive ILLEGAL and unnecessary beam weapon attacks by mind control workers Jay Pendelton, etc. in May 2015 that have pre-empted Ed's chorework in May 2015,
2) excessive ILLEGAL and unnecessary beam weapon attack patterns by Jay Pendelton, etc., and ultimately,
3) Jay Pendelton's ILLEGAL and unnecessary beam weapon mind control attacks against Ed.  (See for more info.)
     Concerning point #1, Jay Pendelton's sometimes wild and crazy beam weapon zap attacks have gone out of control on May 1. May 4,  May 6, May 8, May 9, May 15, May 22, and May 23., and these beam weapon attacks and Jay's other beam weapon attacks have cost Ed an estimated 14% (or 77 hours in 22 days) of Ed's time spent coping with completely chore-disrupting and life-disrupting FSEWA (FBI SID electronic warfare attacks), up from only an estimated 8% in April 2015 (57 hours in 30 days) and an estimated average of 8% (54 hours/month) from Dec. 2013-May 2015).  At this pace, the loss of an extra 6% of my time to coping with chore-disrupting FSEWA would cost me an estimated 45 hours/month, and probably also some additional undocumented coping time.  Also, a FBI SID mind control worker estimated that their beaming me [around the clock] costs me 6 hours a day.  When I can probably only generate an estimated 80 hours of (reduced by beam weapon zaps and reduced by electronic harassment) productivity progress chore work each month, losing more than 45 hours a month pre-empt's most of my progress chore work for the month of May 2015.
.     (If you're curious about how I spend 720-744 hours a month, here are some of the technical details: This mind control beam weapon victim zapped disabled by beam weapons slogs through coping with around the clock electronic warfare beam weapon zap attacks that a FBI SID worker estimated as costing me 6 hours a day.  I spend time sleeping and I get an estimated 51/2 hours of beam weapon disrupted sleep each night with beam weapon zapped dreams and often ntpzs (need to piss zaps) in the middle of the night.  I spend time preparing and eating food.  I spend time logging FBI SID electronic warfare attacks or FSEWAs.  I spend time defending my brainpower by wearing (and adjusting) EMF (electromagnetic field) shielding.  I also spend time logging time spent, doing daily maintenance chores, other chores, and I spend time each day when I get up in the morning and prepare for the day, when I use the restroom after being zapped with ntpzs (need to piss zaps) during the day, and when I prepare  to sleep.  My minimal entertainment time, usually listening to often FBI SID sabotaged folk music, only averages an estimated 17 hours/month.  In response to this, I am currently using time logging/time tracking free software (grindstone) and recently commercial project and task planning and timing software to try to stay on track by accomplishing my chores while being illegally zapped, illegally harassed, illegally mind read, (using illegal and unconstitutional remote wireless brainwave theft and brainwave decoding technology), illegally mind-controlled (probably using Silent Sound Spread Spectrum  or SSSS or s-quad/squad technology), and coping with multiple electronic RFAs (requests for attention) and occasional electronically broadcast threats including occasional extreme threats against me.  In 2015, I am trying to process a backlog of undone chore work to enable me to be better organized and minimize and ideally reduce my basic expenses for my future in 2016 and later.)
     Concerning point #2, Jay Pendelton's ILLEGAL life-disrupting beam weapon zap attacks and electronic harassment, and mind reading attacks have generated a steady stream of complaints by people zapped by Jay.  Here is my current list of extreme tactics used by Jay Pendelton, etc,, that I believe should be reduced or eliminated.
1) Overstaffing of beam weapon operators.  2 beam weapons operators are sufficient to beam mind read, and mind control a targeted individual or TI.  Additional even part time workers (including managers doing limited electronic harassment work) simply add unnecessary additional electronic beam weapon attacks and unnecessary additional electronic harassment, and additional workers can generate a potentially dangerous mind control and persecution groupthink cult mentality that can override repeated victims' complaints.
2) Supplying and particularly oversupplying beam weapon operators with ILLEGAL methamphetamine speed and/or even stronger ILLEGAL methamphetamine crystal meth/crystal/ICE, and the ILLEGAL use and particularly the ILLEGAL overuse of ILLEGAL methamphetamine speed and/or even stronger ILLEGAL methamphetamine crystal meth/crystal/ICE by mind control beam weapon operators.  This gives beam weapon mind control and electronic harassment workers too much short-term energy to illegally zap and illegally mind read, mind control, and illegally harass people with at the same time they are illegally disabling and/or zombie-zapping their victims using beam weapon mind control technology and trying to ignore their victims' complaints.  The use of even stronger versions of meth, particularly crystal meth/crystal/ICE, might produce stronger mind control beam weapon attack binges (usually lasting under 72 hours).  Sadly, meth and ICE are hightly addictive and cause long term health problems.
3) Disabling beam weapon zaps, including zombie zaps.  If you are zapped, and you try pressing your hands tightly against your cheeks and you suddenly can think better, you are being illegally zapped with a covertly anti-brain mind control beam weapon and you are also being illegally disabled, and you have temporarily increased your brainpower by temporarily) EMF shielding your cheeks (one of Jay's favorite zap target locations) with your hands.  Jay's zaps disable brains and decrease brainpower..  Zombie zaps (that might/might not target the amygdala in the targeted individual's or TI's brain) are designed to reduce a target's brainpower, emotions, independence, and energy, and give them a zombie-like increased vulnerability to subliminal, semi-subliminal, and/or detectable and/or audible mind-control suggestions/instructions.  It is illegal, unnecessary, and unfair to zombie-zap primary and/or secondary mind control beam weapon targets and disable their brains and make them vulnerable to subliminal, semi-subliminal, and/or detectable/audible mind control suggestions.  (By the way, Jay has allegedly been using ecstasy drug zaps to make mind control or borg network victims more tolerant of and OK with being mind control victims or often drafted borg network members.  Also, by the way, if youi push your fingers/earlobes tightly against your ears, you can listen to one subliminal suggestion/mind control channel if it is targeted at your brain.)
4) High-decibel beampower zaps. Jay has allegedly increased his zap power from 0 decibels extra to 75 decibels extra. up from an alleged earlier limit of 25 decibels extra.  (75 decibels is a LOT of extra beampower, possibly an estimated 4,000 times or more more powerful.)  Jay has probably done this to entertain himself by getting better software mind control displays and more mind control power over both EMF shielded and non-EMF shielded primary and secondary targets.  However, Jay's unnecessarily extremely high zap power has allegedly left unshielded targets, including Jay's drafted/undrafted zapped mind control listener workers, way too disabled, zombied, passive, and unproductive.  And, extremly high decibel beam weapon zaps can electronically jam and/or.cause errors in computers.  (You migtht first notice USB/USB 2.0/USB 3.0 malfunctions, particularly if you're trying to use a cheap nonbattery powered SD or secure digital card reader.)

5) Anti-computer wireless electronic warfare attacks.  These include the ability to wirelessly "beam in" and use various external computer interfaces, probably including the network cable interface, USB interfaces, and firewire interfaces. "Beam-in" attacks probaly somehow beam in a beam weapon attacker's computer's electronic  fields probably at various wavelengths to a targeted computer and can cause odd results, in particular probably the inability to use certain menu options that the zappers computer's mouse is hovering over.  There are more elaborate wireless hacking attacks that probably include the ability to wirelessly target a targeted computer's network conection interface.  There is probably also a hacking attack that can connect to an unused firewire interface to create a virtual wireless connection using a fast unused firewire/1394 io port.  I presume there are wireless and/or wired network computer hacking attacks that allow the zapper to remotely access a targeted computer, but I don't know the details.  At extremely high decibels, beam weapon zap attacks can jam a computer.  At slightly lower level decibels beam weapon "beam in" zap attacks can produce stronger wireless sabotage capability and a potentially unstable error-prone computer.  Also, if you hear a beam weapon operator claim "I'm in", he/she might have sucessfully hacked into your computer.
     There are a variety of computer security enhancing ECM electronic countermeasures that you can use if necessary,.  If you are not using certain external computer io interfaces, you might want to disable them using Microsoft Window's device manager.  And if you have a firewire/1394 network connection set up under network connections, beam weapon wireless hackers might have established a wireless network connection to your computer using the usually unused firewire/1394 connection and you should probably disable both the network connection using network connection and the firewire/1394 device using device manger immediately.  If you see other illogical/unexplained network connections set up on your computer, you might want to disable them immediately.  Excessively high decibel beam-in attacks can jam computers, and ECM or electronic countermeasures can include:
1) Always refuse any beam weapon operator's offer to give you a "cookie"  He/she is neglecting to explain that he/she is asking for permission to hack your computer using a "cookie", or data left on your computer.
2) Verify that you are NOT allowing "Remote Aassistance connections to this computer" [your computer] under the remote settings options or remote tab option in window's computer properties.
3) A top quality high wattage energy efficient PFC power factor correction desktop computer power supply with at least 2 12-volt rails.
4) The use of battery powered USB SD or secure digital card readers that are usually found in cameras.
5) The use of cheap power extender dual or Y USB 2.0 cables that have an additional power supplying USB connection that can supply extra power to mice, keyboards, etc. and overcome USB jamming.  (You can even connect the second power-supply USB connector to an external power source like an external electronic USB cable connection box.
6) Moving a desktop computer slightly.  (This probably won't help, but it might if a precisely micro targeted USB wireless connection is lost when you move the computer.)
7) Gently and carefully placing a desktop computer on its side to reduce its electronic target profile, 
8) EMF shielding a computer, particularly around its USB and other io ports,  Carbon sheeting around USB and other i/o ports probably helps.  Also electromagnetic shielding tape around USB connectors probably helps.  I have not gotten around to trying Y-shield paint to better shield vulnerable electronic components.
9) High-speed shielded STP RJ45/network cable, not unshielded UTP RJ45/network cable.
10) Shielded USB 2.0 cable..  (I'm not an expert, but I ended up selecting Accell USB 2.0 Gold Plated Cable that claims to have an anti-magnetic core.)
11) Quickly logging off and relogging back on to a computer if your computer malfunctions.
12) Rebooting a computer if your computer malfunctions.
13) Power-cycling a computer, router, or other electronic device if it malfunctions.  (This includes shutting off and unplugging the power briefly before turning the power back on again.)
14) Letting electronic devices cool off or untransponder by shutting them off, unplugging the power, and/or turning off the power in the electrical power strip supplying the computer.  (You could also optionally drain all of the energy in a desktop PC by pushing the start button on when the power supply is turned on but unplugged so that it drains all electrical power in the PC.  You can detect that all internal power to the PC is drained when the small light on the motherboard finally goes out.)
15) Using a mobile notebook/laptop computer without its battery and unplugging the AC power adapter when you're done.  You should ideally also unplug or totally shut off power to the off the AC power supply transformer too to untransponder it also.   (The unplugged notebook computer and/or the unplugged AC power supply adapter should untransponder that way.)
16) Moving around with a mobile/notebook computer to avoid potentially computer-jamming and/or wireless hacking computer attacks.  This probably works particularly well for unmonitored secondary targets.
The use of a quality software firewall, for example Norton Internet Security.
17) The use of one or more quality network routers with [hardware] firewalls, including the use of secure passwords, They also design portable compact network routers with [hardware] firewalls that can be used with notebook computers.
18) Secure passwords for wifi networks.
19) A small network security program called seconfig probably helps.
20). HIPS programs at Gizmo's The Best Free Security List in the World probably also help.
21) Back up data regularly.

6) The occasional use of extreme anti-brain, anti-computer, and/or anti-muscle beam weapon zaps.  Jay has a LOT of extreme anti-brain, anti-computer, and/or anti-muscle electronic warfare beam weapon zaps that Jay should NOT use, period.
7) Beaming real/impostered people on a whim in Jay Pendelton's network.  Jay has repeatedly claimed to have zapped and mind-read people, some of whom have briefly crossed Ed's mind, sometimes after a person's name is zapped/thought-popped into Ed's brain, despite Ed sometimes silently insisting that Jay should NOT [waste people's time and] beam the individual.  Jay's beaming (or claiming to beam) real/impostered people on a whim is a completely unnecessary complete waste of time.
8) Not letting victims of mind-reading and mind control beam weapon technology go after Jay zaps them and communicates with them very briefly.  This probably is made far worse when extremely high decibel beam weapon attacks allegedly make it difficult and/or impossible to quickly escape mind-reading and mind-control beam weapon technology.
9) The creation of unnecessary unproductive psywar drama by Jay Pendelton.  Jay, who is allegedly often high on the illegal drug methamphetamine speed, sometimes get a kick of of creating unnecessary drama.  However, I don't think anyone zapped by his beam weapons who is not getting paid extra money to work with or "skit" with Jay does.  I find it a complete waste of time. 
10) Zapping beam weapon victims awake in the middle of the night and stealing their time and attention in the middle of the night..  We need to sleep, not get some middle of the night secret police zap illegally disturbing us, mindreading us, and mind-controlling us.
11) The unnecessary use of extremely inappropriate, offensive, and/or shocking language or toxic messages.  Many of these messages are probably electronic harassment recordings. This includes some shock value psywar words including the very offensive word "rape", sometimes the very offensive n-word", and sometimes words for insanity, murder, or death.  Sometimes toxic messages are so offensive that even logging them pollutes the victim's brain and/or notebook.    I have labeled these shocking inappropriate and very offensive psywar shock words "toxic messages" and/or "psywar devilshit".  The intermittently repeated use of these words, often shocking and offensive prerecorded electronic devilshit, begins to resemble brainwashing, as the victims of these shocking broadcasts are gradually desensitized to highly offensive devilshit.  This toxic messaging also allegedly includes broadcasting the angry complaints of people who are very offended that Jay will not instantly let them go.  Instead of appropriately personally responding to angry victims' complaints, Jay sometimes broadcasts them to the entire borg network.
12) ILLEGALLY stealing and rebroadcasting private brainwave data.. Jay does this to
Ed probably all the time even though Ed has repeatedly invoked Ed's 4th Amendment, 5th Amendment, and Miranda right to remain silent.
13) Attempting to falsely label beam weapon victims nuts.
14) Attempting to draft police and/or police undercover workers into Jay's mind reading and mind control network.  This often occurs under extreme mind-reading and mind-control induced duress. Unfortunately Jay is committing multiple electronic crimes and cops should not be accomplices to Jay's zapping people, Jay's electronically harassing people, and Jay's stealing private brainwave data.  Ironically, people who silently assert their 4th Amendment, 5th Amendment, and Miranda right to remain silent are probably in more legally defensible shape than those who made the mistake of working with Jay Pendelton.  Also, the fastest way to get Jay to let you go is probably to be boringly, nonthreatenly nonhelpful to him.  If you're of no help to Jay whatsoever, and you gripe some, he'll probably eventually let you go from his mind reading and mind control borg network as a not-useful-to-Jay individual.
15) Mindeading minds, particularly without the consent of the mindreading target, too often.
16) Wasting beam weapon victims' time.
At this point, internal and external opposition to the worst excesses of Jay's secret police mind control beam weapon network is widespread but probably completely disorganized
, with most individuals trying to ignore and duck out of Jay's borg network ASAP.  A small number of people, probably more people than Jay's project minimally needs, are trying to count on Jay's ring for some funding, but even these people sometimes get extremely dismayed and/or burned-out with Jay's intermittent extreme and/or extremely offensive tactics.  I believe both the victims and/or the payoff recipients of Jay's mind-control ring can benefit if Jay reduces some of his extreme tactics in 2015 and allows everyone to survive and function without starving them of time, sleep, work hours, money, brainpower, the brain self-confidence chemical serotonin (boostable with 5-HTP), etc..  Unnecessary illegal extreme beam weapon political persecution tactics could unnecessarily and unhappily drain everyone, and would probably fail and produce too much resentment in the long term.  Major political reform efforts will hopefully occur in the future, but there is a lot more consciousness raising work and eventually political organizing to be done first..  Also, if and when you are zapped by mind control beam weapon technology, you're probably better off learning how to cope with it until you can dodge it.
    In 2015, I think Jay's beam weapon network and its primarily target Ed and its secondary targets are all better off if we can persuade Jay to cool it and not occasionally go into a presumably meth-fueled or crystal meth/ICE-fueled berserk attack mode with his beam weapon attacks against his victims.  Instead, I think we should take it easy, fix up our lives, have as easy a 2015 as possible [while also avoiding female agent setups and/or other setups], and be in better personal and/or financial shape to survive in 2016 and later.
     FYI, Jay/B2/Jay's coworker jammed my computer between 8:20pm-8:24pm 5/25/15 before I posted this data.

  Illegal and unconstitutional covert beam weapon mind control attacks by FBI SID criminal perp and methamphetamine speed drug addict Jay Pendelton, etc. against Ed continue to disable Ed.  On 5/22/15, allegedly heavily pressured by his boss alias Hitler #3, who was allegedly high on meth, Jay launched a severe round of blatantly ILLEGAL disabling and mildly painful mind control beam weapon zap attacks that have temporarily severely disrupted Ed's life and cost Ed  unnecessary loss of time, unnecessary hassle, unnecessary loss of sleep, and  unnecessary pain on 5/22/15-5/23/15.  Jay claimed some others were also zapped, and Ed believes that they usually tried to duck out of the weird illegal beam weapon disablement problem.  Ed is hoping Jay will cease and desist all severe mind control beam weapon zap attacks against Ed and others immediately or ASAP.
    In response to Jay's ILLEGAL beam weapon zap attacks, allegedly against multiple people, Jay claimed at 9:41pm 5/22/15 that a cop claimed that Jay is under arrest.  While I doubt that the cop will follow through with his claim, his claim spooked Jay and made Jay temporarily afraid of being arrested.  Jay then claimed at 9:42pm  5/22/15 that "Jay is not control of Jay's actions" .  At 9:44pm 5/22/15 Jay claimed "He [the cop] might want to lock Jay up in mental hospital instead [of jail], thinks Pendelton."  Jay claimed a preference for going to a mental hospital instead of  being arrested and sent to jail.

[Revised 9/26/13.]   Illegal and unconstitutional covert beam weapon mind control attacks by FBI SID criminal perp and methamphetamine speed drug addict Jay Pendelton against Ed continue to disable Ed.
     Ed spent May-June 2013 doing an in-house move and adjusting to reduced in-house storage space.  Ed spent July settling in to Ed's new room.  Ed improved Ed's anti-beam weapon EMF shielding in August, primarily by better shielding Ed's cheeks using a combination of EMF magnet shielding and velostat pressed tightly around Ed's cheeks and by better sealing any loose space under Ed's EMF shielding helmet with folded layers of velostat.  Ed spent Aug. and Sept. focused on improved personal organization.  Ed used quality software to log a growing todo list and Ed used grindstone time management software to monitor Ed's daily time management.  As of Sept. 25, 2013, Ed has many todo list goals and a positive vision of rebulding Ed's life BUT Jay is systematically disabling Ed with covert beam weapons that are steallng hours of valuable todo list chore time from Ed each day.  Jay's electronic harassment of Ed is also stealing privacy, some sleep time, some evening time, and some additional income potential from Ed.  So many goals, but too much illegal electronic harassment from Jay, so little beam weapon disabled brainpower, so little beam weapon disabled productivity, and so few productive hours of solid accomplishment, and a limited budget.  It's going to be a loooong psywar siege.
6/5/13.  Ed signs a new lease on May 15, 2013.   Ed makes an in-house move.  A FBI SID spring psywar offensive and squeeze play by Jay Pendelton and Jay's coworkers that began around Easter, March 31, 2013, is continuing, and is keeping Ed too busy moving, moving and reorganizing Ed's gear, and settling in, and way too electronically harassed by Jay Pendelton.  Ed is hoping for an easy summer and an easy 2013, without any unnecessary unpaid extra work, without a lot of unnecessary zapping, unnecessary drama and unnecessary electronic harassment from Jay, Jay's coworkers including B2 and Bret, and Jay's bosses, and complaints from Jay's irritated zap victims.
      Jay's salary is allegedly down from $25 an hour to $16 an hour, but Jay, who is allegedly a projected estimated $15,000 in new 2012 tax debt to the IRS, is continuing Jay's irrational semi kamikazeish overreach, including using methamphetamine speed, zapping Ed awake in the middle of the night, allegedly zapping cops, and zapping and/or pretending to zap other victims on a somewhat whimsical basis.  Jay is also allegedly living in Jay's alleged Arlington, Virginia office 24-7-365 after allegedly losing Jay's expensive apartment allegedly in Arlington, Virginia.  If Jay were to take a saner, less drug-fueled, less confrontational, and more mellowly observant attitude towards zapping and mind-reading Ed and Jay's drafted borg mind reading network, many of Jay's mind-reading victims would probably find Jay's zapping them a lot easier to cope with.
     There are also rumors of money shortages in Jay's psywar network.  Unfortunately, Jay's psywar network is allegedly not gracefully downsizing, and quasi-drafted unpaid/underpaid psywar labor and money shortages might end up creating additional major tension and a financial drain on some individuals and organizations.

5/9/13.  Increased illegal hi-tech FBI SID electronic harassment from unarrested criminal perp and drug addict Jay Pendelton and his coworkers, illegal FBI SID methamphetamine speed, alleged FBI SID budget cuts and funding problems, and a rumored additional 25K-200K FBI contract create enough illegal electronic harassment pressure to threaten to dislodge Ed.  Ed is time-crunched downsizing in an attempt to get a new lease ASAP before May 30.  Ed might be looking for a low-cost room to move into in Maryland near DC before July 1 if Ed cannot get a new lease at Ed's current location.

10/15/11.  Between 7/2/11-10/15/11, the FBI SID took advantage of Ed's overstretched position to illegally zap harass Ed (and also other targets) with impunity.
     Unrestrained FBI SID black ops workers acted with such reckless irresponsibility that Ed and Jay both suspect that Jay might have caused a $200-$300 million dollar extremely rare 1:51pm 8/23/11 5.8 earthquake with an epicenter that was less than 3 1/2 miles from Twin Oaks Intentional Community in Virginia.  Jay was acting very recklessly at the time, and Jay claimed Jay was experimenting with direct satellite to ground beam weapon attacks instead of satellite to tactical/local beam weapon to target electronic transmissions and Jay claimed Jay was zapping at up to 200-275 decibels.  Unfortunately, Jay might not have successfully shut down a zap beam to Twin Oaks before 8/23/11, and it is very possible that an up to 200-275 decibel direct satellite to ground beam weapon attack might have accidentally caused a $200-$300 million major rare 1:51pm 8/23/11 5.8 earthquake with an epicenter within 3 1/2 miles of Twin Oaks.
[Revised and improved later.]  Was the 1:51pm 8/23/11 5.8 earthquake near Twin Oaks Intentional Community and Mineral, VA caused by a covert ELF (extremely low frequency) ground or satellite-based beam weapon electronic harassment/psywar accident?  Maybe, maybe not.  Here are my initial research conclusions:
     1.  This strong east coast earthquake was extremely rare.  Thus, it might have been triggered by some unusual external earth-shaking event.
     2.  ELF beam weapons, including HAARP, are alleged by some researches to be capable of triggering earthquakes by vibrating/shaking the earth in a manner similar to a loud base speaker vibrating a room.  The video Weather Warfare documents this.  (Earthquakes also cause their own earth-shaking seismic waves).
     3.  Internet speculation already points to HAARP as a possible cause of the earthquake.  I personally suspect a U.S. government covert black ops electronic harassment psywar beam weapon system zapping at an extremely high power level.
     4.  The 1:51pm 8/23/11 5.8 earthquake  (where is it estimated that rock plates around 3-10 miles long around 3.7 miles or 6 km underground shifted) was either directly underneath or within 3 1/2 miles of both Twin Oaks Intentional Community and Acorn Intentional Community.  The epicenter of the earthquake was closer to Twin Oaks Intentional Community than Mineral, VA.
     5.  Unfortunately, Twin Oaks (and maybe Acorn) are probably within U.S. black ops electronic harassment beam weapon target zones.  Jay Pendelton claimed that Twin Oaks has been beamed with covert psywar electronic harassment beam weapons by U.S. black ops (i.e., U.S. government covert/secret operations).
     6. Of all of the DC-area covert beam weapons targets, Twin Oaks (and Acorn) are the only targets that I am aware of that are within an earthquake fault zone (the Central Virginia Seismic Zone).  Thus, very strong beam weapon zaps that do not cause earthquakes in the DC area might cause earthquakes at Twin Oaks.
     7.  The earthquake was a shallow earthquake, only around 3.7 miles or 6 km underground, not a deep earthquake.  This seems consistent with the ELF beam weapon theory of earthshaking energy beginning near the earth's surface instead of originating from deep underground.
     8. If a beam weapon zap triggered the earthquake, it might be difficult or impossible to find and/or prove precisely how it happened.  There are an estimated 25 covert beam weapon remote operator teams near DC, and an estimated 300-400 covert beam weapon remote operator teams in America.  Any beam weapon operator team could have generated the beam weapon electronic signal, and anyone with the knowledge and/or equipment could have beamed it (and maybe even amped up the decibel strength) at/near Twin Oaks/Acorn.  Also, the high-power long-range ELF transmitter HAARP or even some other similar device around the world could have covertly beamed Twin Oaks.
     9. Jay admits to beaming Twin Oaks recently and Jay claimed Jay is not 100% sure the covert Twin Oaks beam was successfully shut down before 8/23/11.  Jay claims Jay was zapping in the DC area at the extremely high strength of up to 200-275 decibels on 8/23/11, and Jay claimed before the earthquake that Jay was coping with a cop trying to bust Jay.  Jay also claimed Jay tried experimenting the day before the 8/23/11 earthquake with direct satellite to ground beam weapon attacks instead of satellite to tactical/local beam weapon to target transmissions.  Immediately after the 1:51pm 8/23/11 earthquake, Ed and Jay both suspected that Jay and/or Jay's black ops might have caused it.  Jay was allegedly going berserk with his beam weapon zapping soon before the 8/23/11 earthquake.
     Jay claimed at 11:30am 8/24/11 "To tell you the truth, we rarely beam Twin Oaks and we didn't know it was in an earthquake zone."..."We beamed it [Twin Oaks] a few days ago."  "We thought we shut it [a Twin Oaks beam] off but it doesn't always shut off quickly" claimed Jay at 11:34am 8/24/11.
     10. Jay's black ops are suspected of causing a minor DC area earthquake a year ago.  I wrote on 7/24/10, "...Believe it or not, the 5:04am 7/16/10 rare 3.6 earthquake in Washington, DC might have been caused by Jay Pendelton's black ops playing around with planetary ELF (extremely low frequency) weapons like HAARP that can allegedly produce earthquakes by vibrating the ground..." That earthquake occurred while Ed was posting Internet data that Jay probably did not want posted.
Ed's review of the earthquake aftershock data found 7 0.1km depth (only 100 meters depth) 2.0-2.8 aftershocks at approx. 37.9 N 77.9 W (at locations near the major 8/23/11 6 km depth earthquake) during 5 days between 8/23/11-8/27/11, followed by 23 days with only 1 aftershock epicenter anywhere near the earth's surface.  There is a small chance that this data might reflect repeated excessively and destructively strong high-decibel satellite/ground based beam weapon zaps at and/or near the same sensitive earthquake-prone surface of the earth.
     12. Beam weapons have already been publicly accused of causing earthquakes by at least one world leader.  In Jan. 2010 Have claimed to a skeptical world that he believed HAARP was a tectonic weapon that caused the terrible Jan. 12, 2010 Haitian earthquake tragedy.  (However HAARP is only one of a number of ELF transmitters around the world that might have been technically capable of accidentally or deliberating triggering the tragic earthquake in Haiti.)

7/2/11.  Ed's new lease begins on 6/30/11 after Ed successfully finished Ed's main moving work, despite criminal perp and drug addict Jay Pendelton and Jay's FBI SID coworkers using illegal and unnecessary time-stealing, threatening, abusive, disabling, and time-delaying electronic harassment tactics against Ed.  Ed's goal is to settle in in July by completing additional moving in work.  Ed also hopes to minimize illegal FBI SID persecution of Ed in July.  Ed also received a written permanent exemption from jury duty after spending a lot of time to write a very detailed note to the jury selection office requesting a personal hardship exemption from jury duty.
12:10am 6/15/11. 
Jay claims that Jay zapped Ed with a 5 hour 25 decibel heart attack zap and Ed survived.
     Ed signed a lease on May 19 to move into a cheaper but smaller and less finished room (and extra house and yard space) by July 1.  However, Ed's attempt to balance Ed's budget by reducing Ed's rent is costing Ed moving prep time and extra room and house improvement expenses.  Basically, Ed trying to stretch Ed's budget is forcing Ed to stretch Ed's time and money in what should be an eventually money-saving move.
     Jay and B2 and their coworkers decided to take advantage of Ed's being busy by zapping Ed disabled and harassing Ed with electronic harassment (and probably also setting Ed up for jury duty).  Jay and B2's electronic psywar persecution of Ed is starting to create some heated psywar conflict as Ed demands that Jay and B2 not steal critical time from Ed when Ed is in a scheduled moving time-crunch.  Ed is still making progress, but it is slow progress and it is much closer to Ed's July 1 deadline than it should be.  Ed projects being busy moving in June and getting settled in in July.
7:45am 6/14/11.  FBI SID beam weapon electronic warfare attacks against Ed escalate into potentially lethal chest pain/heart attack zaps.  Ed shields Ed's heart with magnet shielding and tightens Ed's magnet shielding in response.  B2 claims at 6:27am 6/14/11 "You are about to have a heart attack you moron."  Jay Pendelton claims at 6:27am 6/14/11 "We are pissing off Hitler now because he said to kill you."  Last night between 4:07am-6:02am 6/13/11 during a FBI SID electronic warfare attack sleep deprivation zap attack or EWA SDZA the FBI SID repeatedly made death threats against Ed.  Earlier the FBI SID probably set Ed up for a jury duty set up in July in what appeared to probably be an improperly (and maybe even illegally) deliberately targeted, not random, jury duty summons for July.  Ed is extremely busy preparing to move into a new room for a lower rent of $400/month + 1/5 utilities in order to meet a July 1 move-in deadline.
This webmaster is currently trying to renegotiate a new month-to-month lease after receiving a written notice to move by June, 30, 2011 by Ed's current landlord.  Ed can barely afford $656/month (with utilities included), and the landlord is currently now requesting an unaffordable $775/month after charging $650/month most of the time for more than 3 years.  Ed believes that illegal FBI SID/COINTELPRO/black ops electronic political persecution is the reason Ed received a written notice to move in the first place.  (This webmaster is also open to moving to a good house in the College Park, Takoma Park, Silver Spring, and/or nearby areas in Maryland.)
     Ed has focused on building Ed's small business,, that is now visited by around 100 shoppers/day according to google analytics.  However, Jay severely reduced Ed's productivity by continuing to zap Ed disabled, despite Ed's improved EMF magnet shielding, with strong zaps of up to 65 decibels or more at close range.  Ed also added detailed info to on EMF shielding using magnet shielding and stealth carbon shielding to partially shield against beam weapons.
     Paid and unarrested criminal perp and drug addict Jay Pendelton has continued to electronically harass Ed.  Jay claims Jay has beamed various people, mostly FBI SID/COINTELPRO coworkers, targeted cops, judges, and first responders.  However, Jay claims that many of the people Jay zapped did not want to be zapped, and if Jay's claims of zapping cops, etc. are true, then Jay has unintentionally beamed the message "" to cops and others who often don't want to be beamed/zapped at all, and Jay claims that some people have decided to quit working with Jay after hearing about and/or Ed's other websites.
     Jay Pendelton claimed that Jay's building (allegedly the FBI SID Ballston metro building, that might/might not be the Ballston metro center building, 901 N Stuart St. in Arlington, VA) was intermittently raided for drugs.  (Jay even broadcast at least 2 of the alleged drug raids live.)  Jay also claimed that alias Hitler got busted for "intent to distribute" drugs.  Jay has routinely previously claimed that the drugs were stored in room 614 in his building.
     Jay's claims are unconfirmed.  However, Jay's claims of beaming people are technologically possible, and Ed believes that at least some of Jay's claims are true.  Ed's 1/6/11 blog entry describes Jay Pendelton's illegal misbehavior in much more detail.
Paid and unarrested hardened criminal and methamphetamine speed drug addict Jay Pendelton continued to illegally persecute Ed during the fall and winter of 2010.  Speed freak, hardened criminal, and obnoxious bully Jay Pendelton maintained his drug-fueled overconfidence and continued to illegally electronically harass Ed.  Jay Pendelton also allegedly obnoxiously communicated with, harassed and sometimes intimidated/bullied other people.  Jay Pendelton claimed that Jay Pendelton remotely electronically beamed [and mind-read and presumably harassed] policemen, at least one judge in Maryland, out-of-state judges, at least 3 black ops female coworkers, President Obama, probably at least one political activist, at least one top political reformer, at least one media worker, a female pop-star musician, a millionaire athlete, and at least one elected politician using secret anti-brain beam weapons.  (Ed has not tried to independently confirm, verify, or disprove any of Jay's claims that Jay used beam weapon technology to communicate with various people.)  After Jay recently impulsively did some entirely optional obnoxious zapping, beaming and harassing of additional targets, Ed recently joked that Jay is trying to recruit members for a new "we hate Jay Pendelton" club.
     In contrast, Ed tried to keep a very safe stay-at-home low profile and build up Ed's websites and safely earn money at home by selling goods at instead of posting more of Jay's latest idiotic misbehavior at this website.  Ed is also trying to minimize illegal FBI SID persecution of Ed during the rest of the winter in early 2011.
     However, since Jay is almost always high on illegal methamphetamine speed, since Jay believes it is Jay's paid job to electronically psychologically torture Ed, and since Jay's bosses either back up or do not overrule Jay's illegal persecution of Ed, trying to prevent Jay Pendelton from illegally misbehaving is about as impossible as trying to get a irresponsible hyperactive juvenile delinquent kid on stimulants to behave. Also, Jay and B2 usually spend an amazing 24 hours a day at their alleged FBI SID Ballston metro building office, and they amazingly choose to work up to 8 unpaid hours every day after they work their maximum paid workday of 16 hours/day everyday.
Jay and B2's extremely hi-tech illegal MKULTRA mind-control style of persecution of Ed has included illegally zapping Ed's brain disabled, illegal verbal and electronic harassment broadcast by targeted LRAD sound beams, long-term partial sleep deprivation from illegal electronic harassment, routine illegal sleep deprivation zap attacks, illegally scripted dreams almost every night, illegal subliminal messages that include illegal harassment and/or illegally broadcast dumb subliminal suggestions, illegal and unconstitutional privacy-violating mind-reading, illegal anti-brain zaps, illegal brain-disabling and/or illegal mood setting zaps, including the routine illegal zapping of Ed's brain into one of many low productivity low brainpower partially disabled brain states that steals Ed's time, brainpower and productivity, beam weapon wireless and/or internet-based illegal computer hacking attacks and illegal remote control of Ed's computer, including wireless "beaming in" attacks against Ed's computer(s), illegal anti-loudspeaker and illegal anti-brain zaps that screw up Ed's music-listening enjoyment, and an illegal psywar sound-track added to Ed's TV loudspeakers, intermittent illegal death threats from the FBI SID, illegal intermittent false arrest threats from the FBI SID, illegal intermittent lockup threats from the FBI SID, and illegal intermittent claims (some probably true, some probably false) that the FBI SID is using its extensive beam weapon BORG-style communication devices and its at least sometimes illegal intermittent broadcast of maybe legal or maybe not legal bribe offers to persecute Ed.
     Ed also has serious legal gripes with the FBI SID/black ops zapping police and/or other "first responders" with covert/semi-covert
beam weapons and Jay Pendelton or other FBI SID/black ops workers then sometimes offering the police/first responders bribes in a covert/semi-covert beam weapon broadcast to try to get them to do Jay's/the FBI SID's/the black ops'/COINTELPRO's dirty work for them.  Here are Ed's gripes:
1. Covert and/or semi-covert
mind control technology (including covert mind-reading technology) is allegedly being used against some policemen and some other "first responders" against their will by U.S. black ops and/or the FBI SID.  This is illegal (For example, once in 2010 Jay Pendelton allegedly beamed/zapped a subliminal message broadcast to one vehicle driver very near Ed's house and subliminally ordered the driver to shoot Ed.  Jay claimed the driver was a cop.  Jay Pendelton's covert plausibly deniable completely hands-off murder attempt failed.)
2. Much of what is broadcast by
LRAD sound beam communication by the FBI SID/black ops is probably false disinformation.  Do not mistake it for a real 911-call requiring immediate police assistance.  Also do not mistake it for 100% accurate electronic broadcast of a voluntary verbal non-private discussion.
3. Do not count on any psywar fantasy payoff/payment/bribe offer you might hear broadcast to you by a covert
LRAD broadcast.  You probably won't get paid, you shouldn't do their dirty work for them, and you shouldn't work for them anyway.  Legit police forces don't need to anonymously hide behind LRAD sound beams and covert beam weapons.
4. Mind-reading technology is
illegal and unconstitutional.  It should not be used by the police without the full written informed consent of the person whose mind is being read.  Also, the police should not use what they believe is illegally obtained mind-read evidence.  For example, almost all of Jay Pendelton's and other investigators' knowledge about and electronic LRAD broadcasts and/or reports about Ed is based on illegally obtained mind-read data.  Also, some of Jay's fake/sham evidence on Ed is blatantly false and could be labeled disinformation, libel, and/or slander.
5. The FBI SID or COINTELPRO is very different from the FBI proper.  COINTELPRO illegally persecutes people.  See, the rest of this website,, and
6. County, city/town, and state police should be legally, fairly, and impartially working to enforce the law within their jurisdiction.  They should not become the paid-off tools of an illegal federal repressive secret police force that doesn't even have a website, a public point-of-contact, and might not even properly and legally issue W-2 forms for legal contract labor at the end of the year.  Also, uniformed and/or undercover cops should not be assigned to provide free labor for FBI SID political persecution work at the expense of local crime solving work that is paid for by local tax dollars being undone. 
(One potential problem is that the FBI SID might make anti-targeted individual or anti TI paid black ops gangstalking support work or "skit work" or "hit work" or set-up work with/without additional FBI SID payoffs easy cake work for undercover cops compared with the real crime solving work of investigating and solving real reported crimes and/or trying to investigate real crime gangs.  Also please bear in mind that FBI SID-paid or managed undercover or even uniformed cops almost always ignore illegal covert beam weapon harassment in their sham investigations, and they probably instead often blame the primary target of illegal beam weapon harassment.)  In other words, cops and paid undercover cops should be productively assigned to investigate real reported crimes or real criminal gangs, not unproductively and unfairly assigned to spend person months or person-years sham investigating a law-abiding TI or targeted individual target.
7. Moonlighting is sometimes regulated by police departments.  Also, police rules for double-billing the same hour of police work might be very stringent and might prevent a cop from simultaneously billing his police force and the FBI SID for the same hours of work.  Also moonlighting by other "first responders" might be regulated.
8. Black ops/COINTELPRO/FBI SID persecution work is often illegal.  Harassment is a crime.  Therefore, electronic harassment, paid in-person harassment work, paid gangstalking harassment, and paid harassment and persecution work is illegal.  Alleged psywar hit verbal contracts for COINTELPRO contract workers, allegedly paying someone approx. $25 to even up to $5,000 or more to illegally harass or even to conspire to or even actually attempt to falsely imprison someone, are probably blatantly illegal.  Harassment is a crime.  Mobile harassment, or stalking, is under certain circumstances in some jurisdictions a felony crime.  Conspiracy to commit a crime (for example conspiring to illegally harass, illegally stalk, illegally falsely arrest, or illegally falsely imprison) is also a crime.
9. As a matter of fact, Ed is content with Jay's failure to provoke local police into harassing Ed.  However, Jay is violating Ed's legal rights every day and Jay claims Jay is often scheming to get Ed into trouble using Jay's black ops workers, black ops
beam weapons, and black ops money.  Also, most black ops workers are skillfully looking out for number 1 and they are skillfully trying to avoid any major problems.  Because of months of Jay's repeated threats and repeated attempts to get Ed in trouble, Ed decided to post Ed's latest complaints about Jay Pendelton's illegal FBI SID persecution of Ed at this website.
10. While Ed is trying to keep a very low profile to avoid trouble, Ed is planning to sue
Jay Pendelton and the FBI SID for victim restitution for years of illegal persecution.  Please be aware that if someone takes a bribe/payoff from Jay's organization to illegally persecute Ed and/or to conspire to harass and/or falsely imprison Ed and gets caught now or later by Ed, that person might eventually be sued.  Ed is trying to make sure that FBI SID illegal harassment crime against Ed simply does not pay enough to be worth the potential hassle, the potential future loss of anonymity and the potential future bad reputation, the small legal risk of being busted, and the legal risks of being sued in the long run.  In particular, please beware of the legal dangers of illegal psywar hit contract work that might cause serious harm to any targeted individual.  Anyone doing very harmful illegal persecution work might get sued later.  I believe that legitimate concerns about the future risks of being sued, named, shamed, and/or even busted for illegal persecution work should provide a healthy deterrent to illegal black ops persecution work in America today.
Jay Pendelton's amazing 21st century hi-tech anti-brain beam weapon technology is carefully documented by Ed at  Hi-tech anti-brain beam weapon technology probably has to be experienced and/or extensively studied in order to fully believe and understand it.  Some of this mind control technology, for example LRAD sound beams, is commercially available and unclassified (i.e., not top secret) technology.  Other technology, for example the audeo brainwaves-to-synthesized voice artificial electronic larynx or voice-box, is commercially available mind-reading technology that is very primitive compared to the much more elaborate and expensive still mostly secret anti-brain beam weapon technology.

Previous Warning Prior to 1/6/11:
This website was temporarily hacked by the FBI SID around Jan. 7-10, 2009, around Jan. 31, 2009, around July 28, 2009, and around Sept. 26, 2009.
  If you see any software prompting you to download anti-virus software, immediately disconnect from the Internet and immediately shut off the power to your computer.  I also recommend reinstalling your web browser ASAP.  This website was hacked by the FBI SID with software that google discovered on 1/8/09 could automatically load spyware onto your computer.  The website that the FBI SID's hacking redirected people to is, owned by alias Valensia M Dobbson, who owns more than 30 domain names (including other fake antivirus domain names).  Jay claimed at 12:51am 1/20/09 that alias Valensia M Dobbson " one of our [black ops] hackers, and he keeps up with the latest hack technology...".
1/6/11 Anti-computer hacking update: The firefox security add-in no-script and the html tracing and logging firefox add-in httpwatch enabled this webmaster to improve website security and catch any iframe or invisible frame hacking attacks before Ed or google noticed a live computer hacking attack from the URL that the iframe or invisible frame computer hacking attack pointed the website viewer to.

12:30am 8/1/10.
Illegal FBI SID computer hacker criminals Jay and B2 extensively hacked the links in Ed's 5:30am 7/31/10 webposting and they also tried to hack this webposting too.  Ed tried to quickly fix the link errors.  Jay Pendelton admitted at 11:03pm 7/31/10 that "The complaints about the NSL [National Security Letter issue] were completely hacked [by FBI SID illegal computer hackers Jay and B2]."
5:30am 7/31/10.
  At approx. 3:33pm on Sunday, 7/25/10, approx 18 1/2 hours after Ed posted Ed's detailed website posting at 9pm on Saturday 7/24/10, a storm with unusually high winds of 60 mph or more that cut off electrical power to approx. 400,000 people in the Washinton, DC area shut off Ed's electrical power until it was restored around 1pm on 7/26/10.  Believe it or not, the high winds in this rain storm that cut off electrical power to approx. 400,000 people in the Washinton, DC area on 7/25/10 might have been caused by the covert use of HAARP or other ELF (extremely low frequency) planetary weapons by U.S. (or maybe even foreign) black ops.
     Here's the evidence that this storm might have been caused by covert U.S. (or maybe even foreign) black ops covertly manipulating Washington DC's weather using HAARP or some other ELF (electremely low frequency) electronic transmitter and ionospheric heater.
1. According to the history channel's July 2009 documentary video
Weather Warfare, HAARP and other ionospheric heaters can change the weather, including changing wind patterns. 
(In fact, the fascinating documentary video Weather Warfare even claims that ionospheric heaters can even cause drought, steer or repel hurricanes, and even trigger earthquakes.)
2. Jay Pendelton more than once claimed FBI SID responsibility for causing the very recent "minor" 5:04am 7/16/10 rare 3.6 earthquake in the Washington, DC area only 9 days before the abnormally strong and destructive 7/25/10 rain storm with abnormally high windsJay Pendelton claimed (in reference to the 5:04am 7/16/10 rare 3.6 earthquake) that Jay wanted something large enough for people to notice and remember but small enough to escape the media's attention.
3. On April 16, 2007, the day DC mayor Fenty scheduled a very well endorsed DC Voting Rights March, freakishly bad weather (very strong wind and intermittent light rain) in Washington, DC canceled part 2 of the rally more effectively than any agent provocateurs could have.  (Also, the terrible Virginia Tech tragedy also occured on the morning of the same day, April 16, 2007, and replaced the partially cancelled DC voting rights march as the main news story that day.)
4. Jay Pendelton first claimed on 7/25/10 that a local FBI SID [covert] beam weapon beamed [or zapped] out the power to Ed's house at 3:33pm 7/25/10.  He later amended that within 24 hours to add that the storm might also have cut off the power.
5. Ed had some rare thoughts that the power might go out probably less than 1 minute before the power went out.  (So Ed suspects that the FBI SID might have sent Ed a subliminal message warning Ed just before the power was cut off.)
FBI SID workers took credit (truly/falsely) for knocking out the electrical power at Ed's house from 3:30pm 2/10/08-2:54am 2/11/08, the day before Obama spoke at the University of Maryland on 2/11/08.  (The FBI SID has probably also zapped out Ed's power repeatedly before, including documented power outages on 12/2/07 and 12/3/09.)
7. Jay Pendelton has previously claimed that Jay has the technological ability to make it rain [by using covert technology].  Ed noticed a freakishly rare very light rain while Ed was vending at a SOAW protest a few years ago and Ed believes that Jay's zapping the sky probably caused the extremely light rain.  Jay has also repeatedly believably claimed after that rally to be able to zap the sky to make it rain, and Ed has coped with a freakishly light and temporary rain that interfered with Ed's intermittent outdoor moped parting out work while Jay claimed Jay could cause it to rain.  Jay has also claimed that with more lead time and more zap power Jay could produce a more powerful rainstorm.  (Jay has also at least hinted that covert weather control technology could sometimes even produce weather as bad as a hailstorm).
     After Ed's power was restored on 7/26/10, Ed added the history channel's July 2009 documentary video Weather Warfare to on 7/26/10.  This dismayed the FBI SID and they soon decided to stop their 7/24/10-7/27/10 blocking of Ed's listing products for sale at  Ed listed products for sale from 7/27/10-7/28/10.  However, the FBI SID continued to hack Ed's computer even after Ed ran process monitor to monitor internet traffic, and Ed spent from early morning 7/28/10-7/30/10 very unproductively trying to improve Ed's ability to resist FBI SID computer hacking attacks.
     Ed finessed temporarily improved behavior from sociallly deviant FBI SID national office drug addict crooks and covert beam weapon operators
Jay Pendelton and alias B2, etc. by reminding them that Ed could post any FBI SID misconduct to the Internet in Ed's soon-to-posted Internet posting, but Ed's finessing ability wore off as Ed stretched out the FBI SID better conduct time by delaying Ed's webposting to get more work done while not being heavily electonically and verbally harassed.  However, FBI ISD computer hacking continued, Jay continued his annoying intermittent pain zap light torture allegedly ordered by alias Hitler (that Ed wants Jay to stop!), the FBI SID made more death threats, and the FBI SID continued to offend Ed by using the extremely evil and very offensive word rape.
     FBI SID workers also intermittently burned out on
psywar.  For example, Jay Pendelton said to one FBI SID boss at 12:29pm 7/25/10 "Fuck you.  I can't do this [psywar] shit.  He's got [Ed has] better arguments for the cops than we do."  B2 noted as 12:35pm 7/25/10 that "...Jay is guilty as hell."  At 1:59pm 7/25/10 Jay Pendelton claimed "Jay looks like a moron."  Jay then claimed "Jay is a moron..."
     In the meantime,
the Washington Post does report on 7/29/10 an anonymous claim from a White House employee that the FBI might benefit from a White House plan to increase FBI power in the future by trying to authorize the FBI to covertly and secretly demand secretly demand secretly demand using more national security letters more electronic data from Internet companies about Americans for "intelligence" purposes [i.e., without the FBI even investigating a real crime].
     Here are some of my complaints about this news:
1. News about FBI SID or U.S. federal government black ops
illegal misconduct is not being reported.  Freedom from Covert Surveillance and Harassment now has hundreds of members.  (While the Washington Post did take an excellent first step towards reform by spending at least 4 person years to build a quasi-public database on Top Secret America, with the exception of a few articles like Thought Wars (also titled "Mind Games", by Sharon Weinberger, published Jan. 14, 2007 in the Washington Post, FBI SID/black ops crimes are still not being reported, and I think that should eventually change as more reporters gradually become aware of this problem.)  Jay Pendelton claims that the FBI currently funds the FBI SID with $200 million/year. 
(If Jay's claim is true, this funding probably occurs with little or no real honest legal oversight that would prevent the illegal persecution of innocent, legal, moral, and ethical American citizens by the FBI SID/black ops.)
2. The source for the news leak designed to show that the President Obama's White House is trying to promise the FBI more power is anonymous, i.e., covert, hidden, and unaccountable to the American public.
National security letters allow the FBI and now even other federal government agencies to use secret police-state tactics to covertly demand information and demand that the recipient of their letter keep the request secret.  These letters do not even require a search warrant.  According to the Washington Post article, 192,500 national security letters were issued by the FBI and/or Justice Department from 2003-2006.   According to Wikipedia, "The USA PATRIOT Act reauthorization statutes passed during the 109th Congress added specific penalties for non-compliance or disclosure."
4. If the FBI does gain additional power to secretly demand more electronic data from Internet companies, that will violate the privacy rights of the people or targets that the FBI intends to collect more data compensation
5. If the FBI does get the extra secret/covert data collection power, the FBI will be able to covertly demand more information for "intelligence" purposes, i.e., without even investigating a real crime, and with the legal but probably
unconstitutional demand that their data collection request remains secret.
Instead of increasing FBI power, the White House should reform the FBI, end FBI/FBI SID misconduct, completely shut down the FBI SID, and set up a large victim restitution fund to compensate victims of up to 29 or more years of FBI SID illegal misconduct.  If the U.S. government can relatively quickly pay $7 billion to the Sept. 11 Victim Compensation Fund to compensate up to 1,600 9/11/01 victims (or their surviving wife/husband and kids or next of kin), if New York City can agree to eventually pay up to $712.5 million to an estimated 10,000 emergency workers who were at ground zero on 9/11/01, and if the U.S. government can eventually pay $1.6 billion in compensation to an estimated 110,000 Japanese WWII internment camp victims, and also pay $1.4 billion to compensate an estimated 500,000 Native Americans in a trust fund and pay another $2 billion to buy up small scattered land parcels from prior Native American land ownership claims, the U.S. government should certainly pay restitution to often disabled American victims of illegal U.S. government electronic psychological torture and very abusive, often disabling, and irresponsibly overfunded illegal and unconstitutional government persecution
(that often includes electronic harassment, gangstalking, libel and slander, other illegal harassment, and even death threats.)
     The U.S. government should
shut down the FBI SID and thoroughly investigate FBI SID and/or black ops illegal misconduct in America from 1982/earlier--now.  This investigation should probably start out like the Congressional Church committee hearings in 1975 and eventually grow into a completely honest and well-funded truth commission to fully investigate and document the complete story of FBI SID and U.S. black ops illegal misconduct in America.  (In some cases, limited congressional granting of immunity from prosecution might be necessry to get the complete real story.)

9pm 7/24/10.  Ed's previous strategy of minimizing conflict with the FBI SID by focusing on listing products at to earn some essential extra income and increase the odds of Ed's surviving and avoiding extra trouble temporarily fails when FBI SID/black ops criminal and speed freak Jay Pendelton, unrestrained by a lack of Ed's complaining on the Internet, goes drug-crazed psywar berserk after Jay's team is overstaffed, overworked up to 24 paid/unpaid hours per day, and resupplied with illegal methamphetamine speed after Ed starts very slowly upgrading in 2 late night postings at approx. 3:20am and 5:10am 7/16/10.  (Believe it or not, the 5:04am 7/16/10 rare 3.6 earthquake in Washington, DC might have been caused by Jay Pendelton's black ops playing around with planetary ELF (extremely low frequency ) weapons like HAARP that can allegedly produce earthquakes by vibrating the ground.  Jay claimed that Jay caused the earthquake by issuing a few hours before the 5:04am 7/16/10 earthquake a black ops request to alias Hitler for a minor earthquake zap.)
     Ed is now trying to gradually upgrade Ed's documentation of FBI SID/black ops psywar in order to pressure FBI SID/black ops criminal Jay Pendelton and Jay's bosses to reduce (and ideally halt or stop) Jay's and the FBI SID's illegal methamphetamine speed drug-fueled misbehavior and Jay's illegal electronic harassment of Ed, Jay's illegal electronic covert beam weapon disablement of Ed, illegal FBI SID hacking of Ed's computer, and illegal FBI SID electronic psychological torture of Ed, illegal FBI SID death threats against Ed, and the repeated use of the evil word "rape" by FBI SID/black ops workers.
2 consecutive FBI SID/black ops computer hacking attacks and 1 covert beam weapon zap attack against Ed's trying to accurately list Ed's Puch moped parts for sale at continued to shut down Ed's internet sales work.  The illegal computer hacking attacks by Jay Pendelton and/or Jay's coworkers occurred from 6:20pm-6:46pm 7/23/10 and at 8:22am 7/24/10, and severe a severe anti-brain beam weapon zap attack disabled Ed's product listing review work from 1:59pm-2:12pm.  FBI SID/black ops death threats against Ed became so severe that a would-be FBI SID/black ops assassin or killer (who one person alleged was alias Hitler #2) said at 2:20pm 7/24/10 "Kill him [Ed] now and put him out of his misery."  Ed vehemently objected (even while Ed was zapped disabled) and B2 also objected.  However, an overworked, stressed out, and bustable Jay Pendelton at 2:25pm 7/24/10 sarcastically said "You want to kill him [to kill Ed]?  Go right ahead."  In response to some severely twisted and weird FBI SID psywar devilshit, Ed's best response line at 7:44am 7/24/10 was "[FBI whistleblower] Colleen [Rowley, but Ed accidentally thought Whalen] was a good person?  Why aren't you?"  At least one FBI SID female worker showed signs of severe burnout after Ed's comment (with comments like "I hate this [FBI SID] job" at 7:44am and 7:51am 7/24/10 and "What's the point [of psywar]!?" at 8:04am 7/24/10.)  Burned out and directionless FBI SID/black ops workers zapped Ed asleep early at approx. 11:24pm 7/23/10 and again at approx. 2:42pm 7/24/10.
     FBI SID toxic psywar devilshit included chest pain/heart attack zaps, computer hacking claims and threats, anti 911-operator comments, death threats, a FBI SID female claiming she rapes [or electronically violates] Ed, a totally sham marriage proposal from a FBI SID female, an anonymous 10:38pm 7/27/10 FBI SID male's "gang rape" comment, a 10:57pm 7/23/10 "gang rape" comment by Jay Pendelton, and a 8:22am 7/24/10 comment by Jay Pendelton that "COINTELPRO rapes!" [while Jay hacked Ed's computer].  At 11:12pm 7/23/10 the FBI SID rehearsed shooting Ed.
     At 11:08pm 7/23/10, B2/Jay and then Jay said "This is a heart attack zap" [with a zapped sensation of a large/wide area full-scale possibly paralyzing pain zap to the heart].  This is a pain zap [with the sensation of a pain zap to the chest].  Feel the difference."  (Later, at 5:11pm 7/24/10 Jay claimed "They are both heart attack zaps, you moron.")  At 11:12pm 7/24/10 Jay Pendelton. sarcastically said "Thank you, gun [for ending Jay's misery as a torturer by killing Jay's victim]", while a FBI SID/black ops murder-prompter rehearsed killing Ed by saying "Boom!".  Ed responded by noting that "You're evil people.  You'll burn in Hell [on judgment day]."

     If psywar work-crazed and illegal methamphetamine speed drug-crazed FBI SID/black ops workers had let Ed work at listing Ed's products for sale at, Ed would not have had much time to document daily illegal FBI SID psywar misconduct.  However, since the FBI SID is blocking Ed's documenting/listing products for sale, Ed is switching to documenting FBI SID or black ops illegal and sometimes severely twisted misconduct.  Ed also plans to sue the FBI SID in the future for at least 36 million dollars for more than 18 years of illegal FBI SID/black ops persecution of Ed.

4pm 7/23/10.  A severe 29-minute FBI SID illegal computer hacking attack targeting Ed's work quota goal of listing 60 products at today shut down Ed's work and prompted this webposting.  Illegal FBI SID misconduct earlier from 5/14/10-7/23/10 has been terrible and included multiple death threats, multiple lockup threats, and disabling anti-brain beam weapon zaps, but Ed has been too busy to document anything near the totally illegal drug-fueled idiocy of Jay Pendelton's continued illegal misconduct and his high on illegal methamphetamine speed bullshit ranting and hi-tech zapping of his victim Ed.  (FYI, the FBI SID even tried to sabotage this brief note with computer hacking.)
1:30am 5/14/10.  An illegal FBI SID computer hacking attack beginning around 2:02am 5/13/10 steals one more day from Ed.  FBI SID workers Jay Pendelton and presumably B2 hacked Ed's computer and Jay made some idiotic psywar comments.  [For example, at 9:37pm 5/13/10 Jay broadcast on the FBI SID probably LRAD subliminal channel the FBI SID death threat "I will kill you", and at 9:50pm 5/13/10 FBI SID criminal perp Jay Pendelton, presumably in a berserk computer hacking mood, said "COINTELPRO rapes!  COINTELPRO rapes!".]  Jay Pendelton apparently believes that Jay's FBI SID job is to get high on illegal methamphetamine speed and illegally electronically zap, cripple, hack, harass, threaten, and abuse Ed, and to keep stealing time, attention, brainpower, productivity, privacy, and sleep from Ed.
     Ed is trying to get back to upgrading without the FBI SID stealing more time, more brainpower, and more essential extra income from Ed's life.

4/27/10.  Covert FBI SID black ops psywar temporarily heats up between 4/22/10-4/27/10 into an electronic flashpoint confrontation.  First, the FBI SID, with their MKULTRA mind control mentality of trying to dominate their victims, continues to launch repeated beam weapon sleep deprivation zap attacks against Ed before and after the national Earth Day rally on 4/25/10.  Second, Ed, in response to FBI SID hi-tech crimes and human rights violations against Ed, retaliates by emailing a documented complaint to the DEA on 4/24/10 and then a documented complaint to the Virginia State Police on 4/26/10.  Ed's email complaints prompted Jay Pendelton to spend hours storytelling about FBI SID criminal perp and speed freak drug addict Jay Pendelton's real and/or made up trouble with zapping police and/or police cars with covert LRADs and/or anti-brain beam weapons).  When the FBI SID again refuses to let Ed sleep in the morning of 4/27/10, a fed up and zapped angry psywar victim, Ed, irately silently and legally complains to Jay and Ed makes one initially unmet demand that the FBI SID let Ed sleep.  Then an enraged Jay Pendelton at the FBI SID building finally loses Jay's mind and Jay confesses to some of Jay's crimes from 5:17am-5:27am 4/27/10.  Then Jay, presumably deeply ashamed and very guilty, lets Ed sleep.
     Ed is still trying to 1) reduce illegal FBI SID persecution and 2) sleep at night without being zapped awake.  In addition, Ed is trying to de-escalate the conflict and get better organized and earn some essential extra income by building without the FBI SID stealing Ed's time, productivity, brainpower, sleep, and health by disabling beam weapon zaps, bullshit verbal harassment, and repeated sleep deprivation zap attacks, including routinely repeatedly zapping Ed awake at night and electronically harassing Ed in the middle of the night, probably to increase the pay of FBI SID beam weapon gunners Jay Pendelton and B2.  Ed believes Jay Pendelton should be arrested, but Ed doesn't have unlimited time to email detailed well documented complaints to various police departments.  (Since hi-tech covert beam weapon technology is unknown to most cops and most people, Ed tries to document it very carefully.)
     FBI SID workers between 4/23/10-4/27/10 uttered some sickeningly evil psywar devilshit, including multiple death threats against Ed.  Feel free to skip the direct quotes of FBI SID psywar devilshit if you find the direct quotes too repulsive. 
Here are some direct quotes of FBI SID psywar devilshit broadcast from the FBI SID building by LRAD sound beam from 4/23/10-4/27/10: At 7:50pm 4/23/10 Jay said "Jay wants a cop to shoot you, you moron."  [Ed is peaceful, legal, very careful and cautious, usually silent, unarmed, nonviolent, and Ed usually stays at home  to avoid FBI SID gangstalking and to greatly reduce Ed's risk of being targeted and injured/framed and locked up/killed.]  At 8:04pm 4/23/10 Jay claimed "The head of the CIA project ordered you dead long ago.  You were supposed to be poisoned..."  At 8:06pm 4/23/10 Jay claimed "Jay is enjoying lying, you moron."  At 3:10am 4/24/10 Jay admitted "Jay has too many drugs."  At 4:29am 4/24/10 Jay claimed "I'd rather be dead.  Why?  This [FBI SID] life sucks."  At midnight 4/24/10 a live/synthesized female voice from the FBI SID office, maybe Ditsy2, said "I'll kill you.  I'll tear out your eyes."  At 1:56am 4/25/10 B2 claimed "They're [the FBI SID is] doing a K-R [kill] routine [against Ed]."  At 2:26am 4/25/10 a FBI SID male rapist or presumed rapist or a synthesized FBI SID electronic male voice made an evil psywar devilshit comment advocating his raping a woman.  (B2 confirmed that the FBI SID worker made this appalling evil quote and Jay Pendelton claimed Jay did not make that statement and then Ed silently reminded the FBI SID rapist moron that rape is a felony crime.)  At 4:26am 4/25/10 B2 said "He just said to keep doing the [FBI SID] death hit [against Ed] you moron."  At 7:16am 4/25/10 B2 said "They fucking kidnap you and call it 'preventive detention'. "  At 7:36am 4/25/10 B2 claimed "You're dead."  At 7:42am 4/25/10 a FBI SID male, maybe Brent, advertised his cocaine for a loose woman by saying "toot sweet".  At 3:37pm 4/25/10 when the FBI SID had zombie zapped Ed disabled and passive, B2 at 3:37pm 4/25/10 claimed Ed's brain was zapped disabled in a "theta 2, theta 4" [brainwave speed] zap at the disabling brainwave speeds of "About 5.5 [hertz] and about 5.2 [hertz] you moron."  At 6:26am 4/26/10 Jay Pendelton admitted "Jay is working on [electronically] torturing Ed" during a FBI SID sleep deprivation zap attack.  Jay also once again death-threated Ed at 4:26am 4/27/10 by claiming "He will beam you to death".  Then Jay escalated Jay's anger by beginning to broadcast an LRAD sound beam into Ed's neighborhood and Jay claimed Jay would sound harass the entire neighborhood. 
     Jay Pendelton made the following angry confessions by LRAD sound beam broadcast from 5:17am-5:27am 4/27/10.  Jay Pendelton angrily confessed at 5:17am 4/27/10 "I raped a woman in San Francisco...".  Jay Pendelton confessed at 5:19am 4/27/10 "That's [alias] Hitler's boss, and he killed a lot of people..."  [This presumably includes his workers electronically torturing and/or zapping their victims to death.]  Jay Pendelton confessed at 5:20am 4/27/10 "Jay raped Ditsy2 you moron and Jay is pissed off about that, you moron."  Jay Pendelton confessed "I gave Ditsy[1] Aids by pumping sperm in her mouth, and she was dumb enough to swallow it herself...".  Jay Pendelton confessed at 5:22am 4/27/10 "Jay [physically] raped his [female] murder victim in San Francisco and Jay is sorry about that for the rest of Jay's life."  At 5:27am 4/27/10 Jay Pendelton complained "This [FBI SID] job sucks!  My boss just fired me, and that is how tired he is of listening to me yell all night."  [Jay has been sham "fired" on multiple occasions, but Jay continues to work non-stop at the FBI SID.]  See for more info about why Jay Pendelton should be arrested.

4/22/10Here's Ed's latest news:
     1. Paid and unarrested FBI SID criminal perp, speed freak drug addict, and abusive criminal psychopath Jay Pendelton and the FBI SID are escalating their semi-covert electronic psywar offensive on Earth Day, April 22, 2010, temporarily psychologically torturing Ed and draining and crippling Ed electronically in order to try to prevent Ed from attending the national Earth Day rally on 4/25/10 (when weather forecasts predict it will rain).  Jay claims FBI SID boss alias Hitler1, who is also the alleged main FBI SID drug dealer, ordered the increased electronic psywar persecution.  In response, Ed started wearing more EMF shielding and magshielding, took 5-HTP, wore earplugs most of the time, and posted this website notice.
     Illegal FBI SID persecution this spring included disabling anti-brain beam weapon zaps, 24-7-365 abusive semi-covert LRAD (or MRAD) sound beam harassment, computer hacking, sleep deprivation zaps, electronic remote control dream manipulation, and FBI SID fake/pirate media hi-tech beam weapon broadcasts wirelessly remotely controlling all of Ed's electromagnetic speakers (including Ed's stereo, TV, and computers' speakers), FBI SID fake/pirate media broadcasts from other electronic loudspeakers, and recently FBI SID outside electronic and/or verbal psywar harassment.  It also included FBI SID death threats, FBI SID lockup threats, FBI SID mostly fake drama stories, FBI SID fake emergency stories, and even some FBI SID fake death reports, and a lot of FBI SID verbal and subliminal psywar bullshit including some MKULTRA-style attempted brainwashing and even some FBI SID psywar devilshit (extremely degenerate and offensive trash talking by paid FBI SID electronic psywar harassment workers), and limited FBI SID electronic mood settings torture and very limited electronic pain torture.  Jay Pendelton, usually high on illegal methamphetamine speed, did most of the illegal verbal harassment, leaving a jaded and cynical alias B2 (whose current real name might/might not be Larry Smith) to do some illegal subliminal harassment broadcasting and some illegal computer hacking.
     2. In response to eBay price hikes for eBay stores, Ed shifted Ed's eBay inventory to a new eBay website,  Ed also revised  Ed then began adding inventory to in Ed's attempt to earn extra money to increase Ed's odds of surviving heavy illegal FBI SID persecution.  Because Jay has been electronically harassing and disabling Ed, this work sometimes slowed to a snails pace.
     3. Ed suspects that some FBI SID illegal hacker ip addresses might be in the range of, hosted by Akamai Technologies.  (Coincidentally, the cofounder of Akamai Technologies, Daniel M. Lewin, died in the 9/11 tragedy.)  If you're concerned about possible FBI SID hacking, you can set up a monitoring and/or blocking rule in your firewall for this range of addresses.  Also, besides a good software firewall like Norton Internet Security 2010 and a good hardware firewall, you can also try noscript for firefox and threatfire security software.
     4. Freedom from Covert Harassment and Surveillance issued a press release and held a national press conference in Louisville, Kentucky on April 16, 2010.
     5. Ed is trying to stop extra illegal FBI SID electronic persecution.  Ed could spend time getting a lot more specific about FBI SID criminal misconduct, but Ed is hoping that Jay Pendelton and his FBI SID coworkers will cool it and cease and desist their excessive illegal electronic harassment.  If they don't, Ed reserves the right to take the time to describe FBI SID criminal misconduct in much more detail and/or email more complaints about FBI SID criminal misconduct, primarily the obviously bustable or arrestable blatantly illegal blatantly open illegal drug sales, possession, and use at the alleged FBI SID Ballston metro building, to the appropriate legal authorities.

2/16/10.  FBI SID criminal perp Jay Pendelton launched a major electronic harassment attack against Ed on Valentine's Day, 2/14/10, including disablement zaps that stole Ed's time during the day and then a major rant attack in the evening that included death threats against Ed.  At 11:02pm 2/14/10 Jay said "Basically, Jay is trying to kill you, you moron."  At 11:28pm 2/14/10 Jay claimed "Washington DC is overrun by black ops, you moron."  At 11:34pm 2/14/10 Jay ranted "Jay thinks Jay has to kill you [kill Ed]".  At 11:36pm 2/16/10 speed freak and drug addict Jay Pendelton admitted "Jay is down to 200-300 speed pills" after Ditsy2 allegedly brought Jay's reserve speed pill stash from Jay's rarely used expensive apartment to Jay's FBI SID allegedly Ballston metro office.  Ed repeatedly objected to FBI SID use of the evil word "rape".  FBI SID worker Jay Pendelton also claimed, truly or falsely, that as of 2/13/09-2/15/09 active FBI SID psywar mindreading hits are being run against Ralph Nader, Jesse Jackson, and Michelle Obama.  Jay's claim is only FBI SID rumor, not a confirmed fact.
2/9/10.  FBI SID criminal perp, illegal speed freak drug addict, and paid hi-tech electronic harassment/psywar worker Jay Pendelton went drug-crazed berserk today, forcing Ed to post this web posting note in protest of Jay's rude, offensive, threatening, illegal, and time-consuming misbehavior.  Ed hopes this embarrassing data will help shame FBI SID management and/or workers into stopping and ending or at least slowing down the hi-tech FBI SID electronic psychological warfare or psywar hit against Ed.  (This data is also more evidence for a future lawsuit against and/or a future investigation against the FBI SID.)  Ed also hopes reduced FBI SID electronic persecution will allow Ed to be more productive in February.
     Paid and unarrested FBI SID criminal perp and illegal speed freak Jay Pendelton, who claims that he is high on $2,000 worth of illegal methamphetamine speed, cocaine, and non-prescription prozac that Jay claims he bought from [alleged FBI SID illegal drug distributor alias] Hitler on credit, and claims that he won't pay for his $2,000 illegal drug supply, launches electronic zap disablement, verbal and electronic harassment, and even some techno-rant attacks against Ed.  Jay zapped, bullshitted and ranted, and told more false alarmist lies and stories that Ed has the time and space to list here.  Ed firmly demanded that Jay leave Ed alone, but Jay ignored Ed's demand.
     The illegal drug-crazed psywar misbehavior of FBI SID electronic harassment/psywar worker and criminal perp Jay Pendelton on 2/9/10 was obnoxiously repulsive, starting at approx. 10:05am 2/9/10 with a FBI SID zapped porn dream of a man pelvicly thrusting into a kneeling female's blow job, then a declined invitation from Jay to use the code word "tango" to try get sex [with female adult consent] from 2 alleged FBI SID females Jay had been pestering Ed about, an approx. 1 hour FBI SID sleep deprivation zap attack, threats by Jay of specific BS persecution from a cop and from an alleged FBI SID female, and FBI SID death threats.  At 5:48pm 2/9/10 Jay made a death threat against Ed by very briefly ranting "Jay will murder, Jay will murder...".  At 5:52pm 2/9/10 Jay said "sleeping in the rape [instead of 'rain']", and Jay has repeatedly used the word "rape" to harass Ed and Jay has repeatedly admitted that Jay rapes.  At 6:15pm 2/9/10 Jay's FBI SID coworker B2 commented to Ed that "Jay is trying to kill you".  At 7:17pm 2/9/10 Jay broadcast on the FBI SID subliminal channel "We will kill you.  We will kill you....Says Jay Pendelton."  At 7:59pm 2/9/10 a FBI SID manager, in response to Jay's death threats against Ed, said "Do it [kill Ed]", but Jay said Jay didn't want to.  At 9:31pm 2/9/10 a FBI SID worker/manager said "Jay is supposed to fuck up your life."  Jay also claimed that the FBI SID might shut down their psywar hit against Ed after Jay claimed that multiple FBI SID workers bailed out of managing the psywar hit, but Ed doubts Jay's story.

2/5/10.  Illegal drug-fueled FBI SID hi-tech electronic persecution of Ed using covert beam weapon technology has escalated to the point that Ed is forced to complain in another webposting, after already complaining to the DEA on 1/14/10, the ATF on 1/28/10, the FBI on 2/1/10, and at this website on the Internet on 1/30/10.  FBI SID criminal perp Jay Pendelton is harassing, disabling, and has very recently made death threats (including angry death threats) to kill Ed by zapping Ed to death with a heart attack zap.  Some incredibly obnoxious and repulsive very brief 2/5/10 persecution by a FBI SID harassment worker, whom B2 (probably falsely) alleges is named Wolf and whom B2 (probably falsely) alleges is FBI SID badge 637, also pushed Ed to complain about illegal FBI SID persecution and then post this website release.
      Illegal FBI SID persecution of Ed by FBI SID criminal perps Jay Pendelton and B2 is electronically disabling and crippling Ed by consuming too many hours/day of Ed's limited time by zap disabling Ed and distracting Ed with FBI SID psywar bullshit and even some FBI SID psywar devilshit.  FBI SID illegal persecution of Ed now includes open FBI SID death threats, including verbal and/or implied threats by Jay Pendelton to murder Ed in Ed's sleep with a heart attack zap, a few very brief and very sudden chest pain/heart attack zaps by the FBI SID (that are presumably mostly zapped by Jay instead of B2), nightly 1:50am loud fake media/pirate media FBI SID electronic harassment, some presumed FBI SID in-house verbal harassment, sometimes all-night long sleep deprivation zap attacks, and disabling anti-brain zaps including passivity zaps.
     Sometimes the FBI SID psywar devilshit seems to be some sort of very offensive and repulsive MKULTRA delta attempted brainwashing program, and it includes the FBI SID audibly, subliminally, and/or semi-subliminally broadcasting very abusive, evil, offensive, and toxic words including the words "rape" and "kill".  Ed built the website in response to FBI SID death threats and the FBI SID's evil and threatening use of the word "kill" (broadcast either audibly, subliminally, and/or semi-subliminally by the FBI SID).

     The ever-quotable obnoxious FBI SID criminal speed freak and electronic harassment worker Jay Pendelton, who was probably sleep deprived and high on at least illegal methamphetamine speed at the time he said each 2/1/10-2/5/10 quote, said at 1:19am 2/1/10, "No, [a certain alleged FBI SID worker] is fucking suggestible to being mind controlled to poison you to death."  Between 5:15am-5:20am Jay described an alleged FBI SID gang-bang rape he took part in (before allegedly electronically torturing the female San Francisco human rights activist rape victim to death).  At 9:23am 2/1/10 Jay said "[Jay's last female coworker helped herself to] "22 grams of coke [cocaine]."  At 1:21pm 2/1/10 Jay said "...We ran out of cocaine, but Ditsy [3] swiped all of it..."  At 5:31pm 2/1/10 B2 said "You will have a heart attack very soon if you complain to the FBI."  At 10:09pm 2/1/09 Jay said "Ditsy3 took all of the coke [cocaine] and Jay already needs free drugs."  At 12:12am 2/2/10 Jay said "We could probably launch it [a nuclear weapon] by beam command, doofus."  Jay said at 1:54am 2/2/10 "Every cop we know is a speed addict."  At 3:31am 2/2/10 Jay said "You are being raped" on the subliminal channel while very briefly electronically raping Ed using the FBI SID's new "juicy fruit" electronic oral sex rape zap.  At 4:23pm 2/2/10 Jay bragged "We conned them [FBI SID management] into [giving us] free drugs, free drugs."  At 6:25pm 2/2/10 Jay admitted "Jay is a killer."  At 9:33pm 2/2/10 Jay said "Jay hates niggers.  Because they are mean and cruel to him."  At 9:19pm 2/2/10 a FBI SID male voice yelled "You die!"  At 9:43pm 2/2/10 a FBI SID male, maybe Brett, complained "Hitler screwed everything up.  This place [the FBI SID building] was OK until [19]92.  Then it [the FBI SID building] got very mean."  At 1:17am 2/3/10 Jay said "I can't control myself, you moron.  Jay will try to kill you for one half hour [with a heart-attack zap] until you are dead."  At 1:26am 2/3/10 Jay said "Quit your craziness and let us zap you to death, Mr. Pendelton's opponent."  At 1:27am 2/3/10 a FBI SID worker/manager, probably alias Hitler, said "You can suck my cock [to avoid being killed]."
     At 11:13pm 2/3/10, Jay said "1981, 1981...Jay got pissed because Jay was supposed to turn you into a Manchurian candidate overnight.  You were supposed to assassinate Reagan."  [In fact, Ed is legal, moral, ethical, good, and nonviolent and Ed built in 2009.]  At 1:32am 2/4/10 Jay claimed (presumable falsely) "He [a DC area FBI SID worker] demanded a rape of her [a public DC professional] in her office."  At 3:48am, 3:49am, and 3:50am 2/4/10, Jay admitted "Jay is trying to kill you."  At 3:57am 2/4/10 Jay identified himself as a murderer by saying "Me me me!".  At 10:37am 2/4/10 Jay said "No, he [a FBI SID worker] expects Jay to murder Ed [probably with a lethal beam weapon zap]."  At 1:15pm 2/4/10 Jay said "Glory hole?  She had to do that in a dream.   And they [FBI SID black ops, and Jay confessed moments later that it was Jay in 1991 in this instance] are very thorough about raping...[her] in a [FBI SID zapped psychological torture] dream."  At 8:13am 2/5/10 Jay said "Jay is trying to kill you".  At 1:15pm 2/5/09 Jay said "[This agency] needed a Manchurian candidate [in 1981].  That was Jay's assignment."  [FYI, Ed built in 2009.]

1/31/10.  EBay is canceling their Stores Inventory Format and their cheap Internet storefront listing services (only $15.95/month + 3 cents/storefront listing for products under $25) effective 3/23/10.  Unless eBay continues to provide this cheap useful storefront listing service, will close its eBay store, EdsSurplus, and sell from EdsSurplus at and/or  Also, if eBay cancels its cheap storefront listing service, you will need to start searching google (and google product search) in addition to eBay when you're searching for a large selection of cheap new/used products instead of counting on eBay as a one-stop shop.  I think eBay management is making a big mistake in cancelling their Stores Inventory Format, and I hope they change their mind very soon, before they start losing more sellers, sales, and market share(If for some reason eBay can't afford the overhead and bandwidth for 3 cent listings, they should try cutting their extra bandwidth display of extra data and minimizing extra expenses instead of cutting out their 3 cent listings.)  The technical details of eBay's price changes are more complicated than my simplified description of them, but the bottom line is that a seller trying to maintain 3 cent storefront listings at eBay is coping with a price hike from $15.95 for 3 cent listings to $49.95 for 5-cents listings.  If a seller's sales and profit are already very marginal, eBay's $34 + 2 cents extra/listing price hike is unaffordable.
4:10am 1/30/10.  Intense illegal electronic harassment and sleep deprivation attacks by paid and unarrested FBI SID criminal perp and illegal drug addict Jay Pendelton prompt Ed to complain to the DEA on 1/14/10 and send an email to the ATF on 1/28/10.  From Jan. 9-15, 2010 FBI SID criminal perp Jay Pendelton launched powerful disabling electronic warfare attacks against Ed that disabled Ed's eBay listing work and Jay often made daily electronically broadcast threats to invade Ed's house and lock Ed up.  FBI SID hacking crashed Ed's Net PC on 1/17/10, forcing Ed to spend many hours restoring a backed up PC software configuration and backing up data.  The FBI SID hacked this website using an iframe hidden frame hacking attack on 1/28/10, and Ed fixed this problem around 1:55am 1/30/10.  Ed suspects 2 prominent deaths on 1/27/10, the deaths of Howard Zinn and J.D. Salinger on the same day as Obama's State of the Union speech, might have been covert political assassinations using covert anti-brain beam weapons, but Jay launches a disabling electronic warfare attack for longer than 11 hours that includes multiple FBI SID death threats against Ed that prevents Ed from making more than a few updates to  (Also, J.D. Salinger's 1951 book Catcher in the Rye has been linked to multiple assassins.)  Also, Jay repeatedly earlier claimed that his boss, alias Ditsy2, was busted in mid-January and jailed part-time for up to 65 days in Arlington, VA, but this is only repeated unconfirmed FBI SID rumor.  At around 1am 1/30/10 Jay claimed Jay was trying to hire a hitman to kill Ed for "1,000 dollars".  The FBI SID repeatedly broadcast the message "I will kill you" to Ed on 1/29/10 and 1/30/10 as a subliminal message broadcast and the FBI SID 1/29/10-1/30/10 electronic warfare assault included electronic psychological torture.  At 12:23am on 1/30/10, FBI SID criminal perp and illegal drug addict Jay Pendelton admitted "Yeah, Jay is trying to kill you, Mr. Harding."  At 4:08am Jay glanced at Jay's emails at Eds prompt and noticed "Jay is fired again [temporarily]".
5:49am-8:06am 12/15/09: Ed adjusts Ed's magshielding to cover Ed's chest and heart and continues to list eBay products during a 2:17 FBI SID SDZA (sleep deprivation zap attack) that included light pain torture zaps, potentially lethal heart attack/chest pains zaps, and FBI SID death threats.  Hitler #2 was allegedly involved in starting the hit, Jay Pendelton claimed Jay was high on drugs, and Ed and even FBI SID worker B2 wanted to sleep.  Jay again claims [truely/falsely] at 3:21pm 12/15/09 that "...Jay got an email from Ditsy3 last night to do a lethal hit."  At 5:47am 12/15/09 a FBI SID male voice announced "You're dead".  At 5:59am 12/15/09 a FBI SID male ordered his men to "rape [electronically attack Ed]".  At 6:18am an FBI SID male, allegedly Hitler #2, failed when he and then Jay tried to order Ed to "suck a cock".  At 6:34am 12/15/09 B2 explained that "He's [B2's boss] is asking us if we want to kill you" after his boss asked "[Kill Ed]?" at 6:34am 12/15/09.  At approx. 7:20am 12/15/09 the FBI SID falsely threatened that 2 cops [allegedly zapped by FBI SID brain manipulating beam weapons] will arrive at Ed's house "in 5 minutes".  Ed focused on Ed's eBay listing work and after 2 hours and 17 minutes FBI SID quasi-homicidal behavior, allegedly fueled by illegal drugs, ended.  "Jay had too much coke [cocaine] and speed", Jay Pendelton admitted at 3:48pm 12/15/09.
7:45pm 12/13/09: FBI SID hits Ed with a longer than 9 hour SDZA or sleep deprivation zap attack allegedly ordered by alias Hitler #2, whose standard tactics includes SDZAs.  It starts at 1:50am with the FBI SID's nightly loud fake media broadcast that usually runs up to 30-90 minutes and continues until some FBI SID manager claims around 11am that Ed can sleep.  Ed got approx. 4:47 total sleep.
7:30am 12/7/09:  Ed's second computer is reliably working now after the FBI SID repeatedly claimed responsibility for it malfunctioning between around 11/24/-09-12/2/09, so Ed no longer needs to post a note every 4 days as a safety precaution.  While dishonest, irresponsible, obnoxious, and illegal FBI SID persecution of Ed by Jay Pendelton and other FBI SID criminal perp drug addicts continues (including the ridiculously overused FBI SID psywar harassment word "rape"), Ed has been able to focus on income-producing motorcycle engine part-out work for eBay sales at eBay and  Ed is focusing on replenishing Ed's money by parting out, listing, and trying to sell more items at eBay and after paying taxes, paying extra bills for the extra cost of coping with illegal FBI SID persecution, and bargain hunting on Black Friday (Nov. 27, 2009).  Ed hopes illegal FBI SID persecution will be kept to the absolute minimum during the Christmas holiday season.
4:17am 12/3/09
FBI SID presumably zaps out Ed's power at 4:04am-4:05am 12/3/09 for 1 minute precisely when Ed is trying to back up Ed's 3:40am posting.  Jay Pendelton explains at 4:07am 12/3/09 that "[Alias] Hitler said don't let Ed post it".
3:40am 12/3/09: 
Ed eventually got Ed's home (non-internet) PC to work again after installing a new Antec PFC power supply that can handle any electrical current between 100-240 volts and reinstalling the old Intel CPU instead of the new almost identical OEM CPU that didn't work right in this configuration.  However, Ed needs to finish reinstalling the drivers for a reinstalled old PCI card that Ed pulled to simplify getting his home computer to work again.  However, very soon after this occured, Ed suspects FBI SID beam weapon zaps were behind some extremely rare very brief power outages at 12:46am, 12:49am, 12:57am, 1:19am, and 1:21am 12/3/09.  The 12:57am power outage only hit Ed's home PC and its UPS power supply.  Jay from the FBI SID took credit for at some of the power outages, but the FBI SID takes credit for almost every malfunction whether or not they caused it.  The last significant power outage occured from 3:30pm 2/10/08-2:54am 2/11/08 the day before Obama spoke at the University of Maryland on 2/11/08.
     FBI SID criminal perp Jay Pendelton continued to stay high on drugs most of the time and intermittently zap and/or harass Ed, sometimes stooping to broadcasting psywar devilshit at Ed.  (Psywar devilshit is verbal crap that is shocking, offensive and vile.)  Jay also took the opportunity to reflect on the FBI SID.  Jay claimed at 3:18am 11/30/09 that "Crime does pay if you're a cop...."  Jay claimed at 12:57pm 11/30/09 that "We [the FBI SID] zap torture everyone these days.  We [the FBI SID] don't give a shit about the law."  Jay admitted at 9:17pm 11/30/09 that "Jay is too addicted to drugs [to retire]."  On 11/30/09 Jay changed his mind and refused to take a drug piss test allegedly ordered by Ditsy2, and B2 claimed one tactic to pass the test is to water down the piss in the cup.  Then at 1:59am 12/1/09 B2 claimed "No, we bribed [the] 911 [operator], you moron."  Then Jay launched into a round of outrageous psywar devilshit before reflecting at 3:44am 12/1/09 that "I hate this job.  The FBI SID doesn't have the time to torture people these days."
     Here's how you can test to see if you're being hit with electronically beamed subliminal messages.  Push the front mini-flap of both ears against the middle of both ears using both index fingers.  If you hear anything, its a subliminal message being beamed at you.  Very few people are probably being zapped at any one time, but everyone should know one way to quickly check to see if they are being zapped.
     Ed will post again within 4 days if Ed still has Internet access with Ed's Internet PC.  Despite significant disabling illegal FBI SID crimes against Ed in the past 4 days, Ed hopes to switch to less disabled less illegally harassed income producing mode in Dec. 2009 to replenish Ed's depleted funds.  But first Ed needs to maintain Ed's computing power.  If you'd like to speed up Ed's progress, please make a donation.
2am 11/29/09:  The FBI SID continues to electronically harass, zap and disable Ed daily.  The FBI SID routinely zapped Ed's home PC to repeatedly shut if off.  Jay claimed that his boss [alias] Hitler sent 200 FBI SID gangstalkers after Ed on Black Friday 12/27/09.  Mobile FBI SID pirate radio broadcasting and/or electronic loudspeaker hijacking was routinely used by the FBI SID against Ed on Black Friday 11/27/09.
      Jay Pendelton and the FBI SID continued to electronically hit Ed with psywar devilshit.  Basically, FBI SID electronic psychological torturers get high on illegal methamphetamine speed and whatever else they can get their hands on and act like techno devils and use LRAD sound beams and anti-brain beam weapons to electronically pump toxic psywar devilshit into Ed's brain subliminally and sometimes audibly.  Ed has logged more than 5,200 pages of this FBI SID electronic harassment, trying to be careful to always disavow in writing particularly toxic FBI SID devilshit concerning rape and murder.  Rape and murder are both very evil and very illegal, yet the FBI SID makes repeated death threats against Ed, the FBI SID has electronically raped Ed before, the FBI SID has talked up rape before (for example, Jay Pendelton repeatedly said "Gang rape!" around midnight on 11/27/09), the FBI SID has electronically pain tortured Ed before, and Jay Pendelton has admitted to being a rapist.  Although Ed is a good moral straight celibate person and Ed has been celibate for years, the FBI SID routinely threatens to set up Ed for false rape charges in the future.  And although Ed spends Ed's time peacefully at home to avoid heavy FBI SID gangstalking, the FBI SID routinely electronically threatens Ed with various made-up threats including death threats, lock-up threats, and made-up libel and slander.  The FBI SID labels their illegal persecution of Ed "psywar", and FBI SID criminal workers earn too much money, take too many illegal drugs (speed, nonprescripton prozac, and/or cocaine), and are too afraid of being electronically tortured themselves to give a damn about what normal people think of them.
     Criminal perp Jay Pendelton, FBI SID agent, said at 3:19am 11/25/09, "I hate to tell you this, but we are the government, and we don't have to follow the laws, because no one will arrest us."  At 4:32am 11/25/09 Jay admitted "[Alias] Hitler gave Jay too many drugs last night."  At 4:52am 11/25/09 Jay Pendeton offended Ed by saying "I love your face.  I want to ram my cock in it..."  At 6:02pm 11/28/09 Jay Pendelton offended Ed by saying "I did rape [a certain woman] in my heart".  At 6:23pm 11/28/09 the FBI SID was caught broadcasting the evil subliminal message "I like the Nazi party".  At 8:43pm 11/28/09 Jay said "A [FBI SID] death warrant [against Ed] just went out."  The FBI SID also made other death threats.  At 10pm 11/28/09 Jay said to his boss, "Burn in Hell, Mr. FBI SID bossman, Jay doesn't feel like being a universal torturer and that's all there is to it."  B2 and Jay both claimed on 11/28/09 that they were zapping Ed's home PC with a 5 volt zap [that shut it off].  (B2 and Jay also made various claims of zapping Ed's home PC with a 5 volt zap with a decibel strength of between 10-25 decibels.) 
     Ed was able to accomplish a great deal during a very long day on Black Friday, 11/27/09, including getting a very useful 15-page shredder for $40 after rebate from Staples.  However, Ed's bargain hunting has overstretched and depleted Ed's budget.
     Ed will post again within 4 days if Ed still has Internet access with Ed's Internet PC.     

2:44am 11/25/09: Illegal blatant FBI SID electronic warfare zapping continues to zap out Ed's home PC.  Problem still unsolved.
9:43pm 11/24/09:
Jay (and B2) repeatedly zap down Ed's home PC and Jay admits it during a routine Intel CPU chip replacement.  Ed will post again within 4 days if Ed still has internet access with Ed's Internet PC.  The FBI SID has commited too many crimes against Ed, including routine illegal zapping and computer hacking, since 9/27/09 to quickly list.  The FBI SID also openly admits to routine computer hacking and sometimes even zapping off one of Ed's computers and the FBI SID has openly electronically sabotaged Ed's prior computer upgrades.  This webposting was delayed for more than 45 minutes, but Jay did not keep Jay's 8:27pm 11/24/09 initial promise to let Ed use Ed's home PC in exchange for avoiding a webposting.  Instead, Jay and the FBI SID kept using Ed's home PC for target practice and hacking practice, and Jay admitted that at 9:11pm 11/24/09.
4:30am 9/27/09.  Electronic warfare heats up in 3 flashpoint conflict locations. 
In Honduras, ex-President Zelaya (exiled at gunpoint by a military coup around 6/28/09) claims he is being hit in the Brazilian embassy in Honduras with poisen gas [remember WWI] and radiation [remember the radiation attacks against the US embassy reported by Jack Anderson in 1972].  Zelaya also claims he is being hit with with "mind-altering" radiation [ie, advanced mind control beam weapon technology].  While UPI ran the straight story, apparently some U.S. reporters are having problems believing the advanced technological truth of the full technological power of covert anti-brain beam weapons.  [Here's one example of a disbelieving news report.]  Zelaya is also being death-threated, a standard illegal anti-brain intimidation tactic used by the FBI SID/black ops and other people wielding covert anti-brain beam weapons.  (Zelaya alleges that Israeli mercenaries are operating the radiation/microwave/beam weapons.  Israel is heavily funded by the U.S. government.  The Israeli mercenaries might be CIA hands-off proxies or allies.  The highly advanced anti-brain beam weapons technology is probably US DoD or CIA-supplied and might even be designed to utilitize U.S. satellites.)
     Meanwhile In Pittsburgh, PA, Mayor Luke Ravenstahl has declared a state of emergency and unleashed up to 4,000 police to unconstitutionally repress G20 protesters' First Amendment freedom of assembly rights.  The temporarily up to 4,000-strong Pittsburgh police force is very prominently deploying their new LRAD sound beam machine mounted on a truck and protesters are just beginning to understand the technological power that police are starting to acquire.  Police will be able to buy new Laser Dazer handheld beam weapons in the very near future, starting in 2010, and some large police departments might buy and deploy the Pentagon's Active Denial System heat and pain ray weapon system within 10 years.  At this point most protesters are still unaware of the covert anti-brain beam weapon technology wielded by FBI SID black ops and illegal FBI SID/black ops counterinsurgency tactics of targeting and eliminating one targeted individual or TI at a time.  Knowledgable protesters also started using more of the electromagnetic spectrum by monitoring police radio with a police scanner and sharing the info with the G20 protesters in Pittsburgh.
     Protester use of a police scanner at the Pittsburgh protest opens up many new possiblities for political activists monitoring the electromagnetic spectrum or even law enforcement officers monitoring and arresting illegal FBI SID/black ops gangstalkers.  (Stalking is felony crime in some states in the U.S.)  FYI, a good radio scanner can also reveal a great deal about who is using your local electromagnetic spectrum.  FYI, some illegal FBI SID/black ops gangstalker verbal communication might be broadcast in an airband radio frequency or frequencies.  (One possible logical explanation for this possibility might be that some helicopter pilots might sometimes be hired to do harassment overflights of some targeted individuals.)  FBI SID/black ops gangstalker dialog is very distinctive, and includes a psywar code word for nuts and a psywar code word for a target who they expect to quickly or eventually die and FBI SID/black ops work involves hunting down and illegally stalking and harassing targets.  (Caution: strict privacy laws might govern the non-media and non-police audio recording of radio scanner data.  Note-taking is probably legal.)  Most FBI SID/black ops gangstalking communication is done by cellphone.  FBI SID/black ops gangstalkers are much more likely to be talking on a cell phone or be holding a cell phone ready to use or have a cell phone attached to their right ear than the general public at large.  Also, if you want to start to try to figure out what electromagnetic frequencies are being used by suspected FBI SID/black ops beam weapons, one possible starting point is to get a frequency counter to try to determine the frequency of a suspected invisible electromagnetic field or suspected invisible laser beam from a suspected usually covertly hidden beam weapon.  (Tim Rifat, for example, claims he has begun trying to investigate suspected beam weapon frequencies in England.)
     Near Washington DC, the FBI SID has stepped up its mostly electronic harassment of Ed, hoping that stealing extra hours from Ed's life would deprive Ed of the time required to post this detailed info.
     From 8/17/09-9/26/09, Ed continued Ed's survival mode strategy and an EMF shielding and PC repair for productivity strategy.  Ed is trying to reduce illegal FBI SID persecution and persecution heat, shield against disabling FBI SID anti-brain and anti-computer zap attacks and FBI SID anti-website hacking, fix Ed's Net PC problems, increase personal productivity that FBI SID zapping and sound harassment has severely reduced, and rebuild Ed's life.  Ed might have managed to lower Ed's FBI SID target profile a little, since the FBI SID's Jay Pendelton recently claimed that the Obama administration is now a higher level FBI SID target than Ed.
     The FBI SID has been busy illegally harassing Ed between 8/17/09-9/26/09 with more illegal electronic harassment that Ed has the time and energy to immediately recall.  Jay and B2 are now sometimes joined by Brent (who B2 claims on 9/27/09 is also alias Hitler 3).  Ed discovered Ed's stationary moped had a flat tire and damaged inner tube and that a used Intel CPU probably pre-sabotaged with a little thermal grease on some connecting pins was overheating and freezing too frequently.  Jay claimes that the FBI SID directly beams Ed's CPU, and a huge top-quality socket 478 Vantec VAF-1225 Aeroflow FX-120 heatsink (top-rated at didn't solve the problem but instead caused EMF interference with 1 of 4 RAM chips.  (Ed will also be trying the Vantec Aeroflow FX-92 VAF-9225 heatsink soon.)  Ed has methodically responded to FBI SID sabotage by trying to fix Eds Internet PC, by buying more inner tubes and a top-quality tire for Ed's moped, and tooling up a little more for possible future motorcycle or even car engine part-out work for Eds eBay sales.  The time and money cost of trying to totally fix key parts of Ed's life (computing, transportation, income producing part-out work, and as much EMF shielding as Ed can afford) has kept Ed too busy and set Ed back a little too much financially.  Ed has chosen a maintenance strategy instead of a draining high-conflict strategy of protesting and trying to immediately break free of FBI SID persecution in Sept. 2009.  Ed has also chosen a lower-profile safety-first strategy by dodging FBI SID gangstalking by avoiding and/or totally minimizing any driving.  (When Ed simply dropped off a letter in the mailbox on 9/6/09, the FBI SID claimed 30 gangstalkers were deployed in what was the overfunded FBI SID's first recent opportunity to gangstalk Ed in a mobile environment.)
     The FBI SID also hacked again and google flagged as hacked between approx. 8/26/09-9/9/09.  In response, Ed signed up with even more free website monitoring services that between them automatically monitor all of Ed's websites from multiple services. in particular is an excellent anti-hacking resource, since it will automatically detect and log any changes in a webpage, including any non-temporary changes made by hackers.
     Ed's increased EMF shielding strategy produced one notable victory within the past 3 months when Ed discovered how to cheaply partially shield a PC from FBI SID beam weapon zap hacking attacks.  You can cheaply partially shield your PC using a microwave absorbing carbon sheet from by using multiple very small pieces of carbon shielding to form layers of computer exterior and at least one layer of computer interior shielding for the PC's rear i/o ports (including the mouse, keyboard, video, audio, network, and USB 2.0 ports).  (Ed also totally blocked with carbon shielding and disabled the serial and parallel i/o ports, and Ed would do the same for any unused firewire i/o ports, ideally disabling the unneeded i/o ports in the WinXP device drivers and then probably also disabling them in the BIOS too.)  Ed also carbon-shielded the front USB 2.0 ports and used the rest of the 1 foot of the microwave absorbing carbon sheet from wrapped around the motherboard side of the PC and looped in a U-shape around the back of the PC in order to both shield the rear PC i/o ports and allow critical PC and CPU temperature-reducing air ventilation space in back of the PC.  Ed discovered this made FBI SID beam weapon zap hack attacks much more difficult.  However, Jay and the FBI SID simply increased their beam weapon strength by too many decibels until they again successfully beamed Ed's Internet PC, even though Jay claimed they increased their beam decible strength past, above, and beyond their computer-zapping safety margins and they now regularly risk frying Ed's motherboards and CPUs and possibly other computer components also in Ed's computers.
     Ironically, Ed's strategy of trying to reduce the strength (or the intensity of the "heat") of FBI SID illegal persecution and FBI SID illegal beam weapon zap attacks against Ed and Ed's computers even included initially unsuccessfully trying to use a better heatsink ( a socket 478 Vantec VAF-1225 Aeroflow FX-120) to lower the temperature of Ed's Internet PC's CPU.  It turns out Ed's CPU in Ed's Internet PC is chronically overheating, a far too-frequent computer problem today, and Ed's current inability to solve this problem is probably a direct result of FBI SID beam weapons hitting Ed's computer and overheating Ed's CPU in a manner similar to the way FBI SID beam weapons are used to try to overzap, disable, and maybe even fry a human target's brain.  If the FBI SID is beaming in electromagnetic CPU signals from a probably high temperature dual-core processor, and Jay claims they are, that might account for some of the extra CPU heat.  It is possible that the FBI SID might be systematically frying any Pentium 4 or other low heat-tolerance CPU that it zaps by overheating it.  It is also possible that some anti-brain beam weapon zapping might fry the target's brain.  For example, Ted Kennedy, a very high profile possible covert anti-brain beam weapons/possible hi-tech covert attempted techno mind-control victim, recently died of rare brain cancer that might have been caused by technically possible overzapping of his brain.  FYI, a free temperature CPU and PC monitoring software program like motherboard monitor 5 can monitor possible PC CPU overheating, and there are even better free software programs for at least the new Intel dual-core and quad-core CPUs.  You can also read info on EMF shielding for info on protecting your brain from beam weapons and/or electromagnetic pollution if you ever discover you need to shield your brain from being zapped or suspect that EMF shielding from possible electromagnetic pollution might increase your functional brainpower.

8/17/09.  Google recertifies this website virus-free around 8/13/09 or 8/14/09 after a 7/28/09 FBI SID hacking attack and the FBI SID, expecting a web posting, creates a new mini-crisis for Ed to report.
Jay continues Jay's illegal electronic warfare assault against Ed.  Jay electronically assaults, harasses, disables, and sleep deprives Ed.  Jay routinely admits to using cocaine and trying to trade cocaine for blow jobs at his [allegedly FBI SID Ballston metro] office.  Jay routinely zaps Ed awake at night so Jay can get paid for 24 hours of "work" per day.  Ed tries to increase Ed's EMF shielding for Ed's brain and computer, but Jay increases the zap power of FBI SID beam weapons.  Ed is trying to rebuild Ed's life, but progress is very slow.
     At 9am 8/15/09 Jay admitted "Jay thought Jay could get away with it [cheating on Jay's taxes by illegally claiming a big invalid home office deduction in prior years]".  At 9:04am 8/15/09 Jay admitted "Psywar sucks.  Jay is ruined."  At 5:59pm 8/16/09 Jay twice claimed "[Alias] Hitler order a K-R [kill routine], alright."  At 3:28am 8/17/09, the FBI SID made another death threat against Ed by subliminally broadcasting the message "You will die very soon" to Ed.  At 9:19am 8/17/09 FBI SID torturer, drug addict, speed freak, and extreme workaholic Jay Pendelton admitted "...Jay tried to die of drug overdose [earlier], you moron."  At 9:36am 8/17/09 Jay Pendelton admitted "Yes we're trying to kill you."  Jay's AIDs and drug addictions are still untreated, but Jay claims he received a valid replacement drivers license to replace Jay's expired drivers license.
     This website was hacked around 7/28/09. The first version of this webposting was hacked and deleted by Jay at 10:33am 8/17/09.  At 11:12am 8/17/09 the FBI SID began a blatant electronic warfare slow kill murder attempt against Ed that will fail.  At 12:28pm 8/17/09 the FBI SID tried to bribe Ed to not post this webposting.
Jay zaps Ed with a 6 hour sleep deprivation attack (SDA) from 2:42am-8:35am 7/24/09 after a 2 1/2 hour earlier SDA from 6:18am-8:50am 7/23/09.  Jay eventually allows Ed to sleep during the day on 7/23/09 and 7/24/09.
     Jay admits at 12:32am 7/24/09 that "My [Jay's] body craves 4 drugs: speed, cocaine, heroin, and prozac."  Within the past 2 weeks, Jay has admitted that Jay has cocaine and that Jay uses cocaine (and like to trade it for sex).  Jay's drug addictions and AIDs are both untreated.
  FBI SID criminal perp Jay Pendelton continues his criminally irresponsible behavior, including illegal drug abuse, electronic harassment, blatant computer hacking, and occasional death threats, but FBI SID persecution decreased between 7/18/09-7/22/09.  Jay let Ed sleep more than a few hours a night, and Jay and B2 electronically partially unjammed Ed's USB devices.  Ed added some extra beam weapon documentation to  In early July, Ed upgraded his defenses against being illegally covertly attacked with top-secret FBI SID beam weapons.  Ed bought more EMF shielding, better shielded USB 2.0 cables, and new USB 2.0 secure digital card readers and new secure digital cards.  Ed is quickly running into financial and time limitations, so Ed's limited esponse to FBI SID persecution focused on the fundamentals of better EMF shielding and better documentation.  In response to Ed's better EMF shielding, Jay increased and probably retargeted Jay's beam and zap power.
     After being a long-time victim of FBI SID illegal black ops persecution, Ed has reached the sad conclusion that FBI SID and/or similar black ops activity might be behind some of the bad news and tragedies reported in the media in June and July.

  Unarrested FBI SID criminal perp and illegal drug addict, speed freak, and cocaine user Jay Pendelton zaps Ed awake at 6:30am 7/18/09 after only 1:55 sleep in Jay's 6th day of illegal sleep deprivation zap attacks against Ed.  Jay's illegal sleep deprivation zap attacks against Ed began at 2am on 7/13/09.  Jay claims at 8:05am and 8:35am 7/18/09 that the FBI SID is now trying to kill Ed.

  Honduran military coup in Honduras overthrows the democratically elected Honduran President Manuen Zelaya.  Chavez blames CIASOAW notes the history of Honduran military covert dirty war death squad activity in Honduras. notes the current state of U.S. secret police or black ops nonlethal covert dirty war or "psywar" in America today.  SOAW sent this webmaster an email opposing the military coup in Honduras.  (FYI, FBI SID covert dirty psywar beam weapons jamming my USB 2.0 ports slowed this webposting by blocking my backup of my new webposting data.)
6/3/09.  Ed posted on May 12.  FBI SID black ops illegal electronic psychological warfare persecution and LRAD sound beam and other harassment including blatant computer hacking continued to slow down and disable Ed in May 2009.  Both sides tried to safely amp up their power in May, but managed to avoid any major flashpoint confrontation.  Ed is trying to recover from 4 years of illegal FBI SID overt electronic warfare persecution and the FBI SID is probably very concerned about minimizing any extra political pressure for the Obama adminstration to investigate, defund, or shut down the FBI SID.  Ed skipped webpostings over most conflicts in May and tried to minimize conflict and get more done.  Ed continued to stay home for almost the entire month of May to safely dodge illegal FBI SID gangstalking.  Ed sought to restock his depleted EdsSurplus eBay store and is trying to increase his eBay productivity by using new tools like turbo lister 2 and an ebay photo factory software program.  However, Ed was repeatedly slowed by Jay Pendelton and B2's zapping, electronic disablement, sound harassing, and computer hacking, and Ed did not reach Ed's goals in May.
     Meanwhile, at the FBI SID, a key FBI SID manager and alleged drug dealer, alias Hitler, allegedly dropped his illegal methamphetamine speed drug prices for Jay and B2 in May to $ 3 and then $5-$6 a hit, but demanded COD or cash on delivery payment.  (Apparently Jay and B2 weren't paying their drug bills and assumed that free methamphetamine speed was an unoffical job perk for FBI SID allegedly Ballston metro national office electronic harassment workers who believe it is their job to illegally obnoxiously and abusively disrupt and attempt to intimidate, dominate, and subliminally influence or "mind control" their target, Ed.)  Once speed prices dropped, methamphetamine speed drug addict Jay Pendelton lost no time in gettting high and has been self-confidently shamelessly illegally electronically abusing Ed the entire month while high on illegal drugs.  Jay's persecution also included repeated sleep disruption, hi-tech dream zapping, and blatant computer hacking.  Ed was given 30 days notice to move a few days before June 1 but Ed quickly renegotiated staying at his current house after Ed volunteered to cut the lawn (presumably for free) this summer.  The FBI SID made death threats, some lockup threats, and a few days of eviction threats in May.  In response to FBI SID worker caution and burnout (after listening to illegal obnoxiously abusive FBI SID LRAD sound beam broadcasts all the time), intermittent additional pressure was also applied by FBI SID national office management to get FBI SID workers in and near Ed's house to step up their illegal harassment and persecution of Ed, and it did result in a brief retracted eviction notice.
     Ed logged many very obnoxious FBI SID quotes in May 2009.  Here are the a few quick very obnoxious FBI SID quotes:  FBI SID criminal psychopath and rapist Jay Pendelton said at 8:28am 5/21/09 "Ditsy swallowed Jay's cum and Ditsy has AIDS."  Then Jay said at 8:30am 5/21/09 "I [Jay] killed her [Ditsy1]" [meaning Jay realized that Jay infected Ditsy1 with HIV AIDS, a sexually contageous disease that is fatal if untreated].  At 7:04pm 5/30/09 B2 admitted "That's how many times he [Jay} did try to kill Ed Harding."  At 9:09pm 5/30/09 B2 observed that "...B2 is used to [FBI SID] hell.."  At approx. 3:07am 5/31/09 Jay stressed that "Ditsy killed her" [the female San Francisco human rights advocate allegedly tortured, gang-raped, and tortured and maybe zapped to death between 2003-2005 by Jay, B2, and Ditsy.]  At 4:25pm 6/1/09 rapist Jay Pendelton claimed "She [a female coworker] is very used to people being raped at the FBI SID building."  While high on drugs, Jay Pendelton at 6:55pm on 6/3/09 half-joked that "Jay would throw the book [in court] at Jay Pendelton."  An FBI SID female, maybe Ditsy3, promptly claimed she would throw the book at Jay Pendelton, and B2 then made the same claim.  In response to this posting, Jay panicked at 9:53pm 6/3/09 and exclaimed "I'm busted!  I'm busted!  This [FBI SID] job sucks."  Jay then noted at 10:06pm 6/3/09 "No.  My [FBI SID] boss doesn't even want to touch multiple [crime] allegations."
     Ed intends to focus on eBay listings and income and personal chores in June 2009, and with the probable exception of a June 6 rally Ed plans to avoid any flashpoint confrontations beyond incessant illegal FBI SID LRAD sound beam broadcasts and Ed's electromagnetic shielding against disabling anti-brain beam weapons.
.  President Obama mistakenly chooses to make a symbolic visit to suspected U.S. secret police turf in Arlington, VA. reports that President Obama and Vice President Biden and reporters all visited a small business in Arlington, VA identified to Post reporter Philip Rucker as "Ray's Hell burgers" at 1713 Wilson Blvd. in Arlington, VA.  This is only 2.3 miles from the alleged U.S. secret police headquarters that is allegedly at the FBI SID Ballston metro building in Arlington, VA.  FBI SID workers, often/usually high on illegal methamphetamine speed, using covert "ray" or beam weapons (both covert anti-brain weapons and unclassified LRAD sound beam weapons) routinely create a Hell on Earth for their covert electronic warfare torture victims and themselves.  How can Obama, President of the United States, honestly claim to be against corruption and torture if, instead of zero funding the FBI SID and establishing a truth commission to investigate its crimes, he instead decides to have lunch at a business that uses the words "Ray's" and "Hell" that is less than 2 1/2 miles from the alleged Hell on Earth U.S. secret police zap-torture psywar FBI SID Ballston metro building?
     Meanwhile, paid and unarrested U.S. secret police FBI SID criminal perp and illegal methamphetamine speed freak Jay Pendelton and his criminal coworkers continued a hellish electronic warfare assault against Ed using covert anti-brain beam weapons, LRAD sound beam weapons, and computer hacking/jamming beam weapons (similar to TEMPEST technology).  At 11:57am 5/5/09 Jay's FBI SID coworker B2 said "No.  They kill people [in Trinidad].  We [at the FBI SID] only torture people half to death."  Later B2 used the word "rape" at 3:05pm 5/5/09, "sodomize" at 3:07pm 5/5/09, and the hellish phrase "suck cock in hell" at 3:07pm 5/5/09.  At 3:12pm 5/5/09 B2 admitted "This [FBI SID] job sucks."  At 8:27pm 5/5/09 Jay said "Death warrant", and at 8:28pm 5/5/09 Jay/B2 claimed "Our [FBI SID] boss gave us a death warrant to kill you [Ed], you son of a bitch."  (An anonymous FBI SID male promptly disputed their death warrant claim at 8:29pm.)  At 10:43pm 5/5/09 Jay claimed Jay was "ordered to torture you [Ed]" by "Jay's devil's conscience."  From 4:55pm-after 10:53pm 5/5/09 FBI SID electronic warfare attacks disabled, crippled and psychologically tortured Ed, reducing Ed's ability to earn more money to increase Ed's odds of surviving a more than 4 year overt U.S. secret police/black ops/FBI SID/COINTELPRO psywar electronic warfare attack against Ed.  Also, disabling anti-brain, anti-thinking and passivity electronic warfare zaps from the FBI SID are routine and are reducing the quantity and quality of Ed's work.  Multiple FBI SID death threats were again made against Ed.
  Ed restores regular Internet access after repeated daily illegal FBI SID computer hacking attacks and Ed's time-consuming attempts to stop and prevent illegal FBI SID wireless and also internet-based computer hacking attacks eventually cripple Ed's Net PC on 4/18/09.  Jay continued blatant mostly wireless illegal computer hacking attacks and even some blatant electronic computer jamming attacks and also some anti-brain beam weapon zaps throughout the data backup and data restore process.  Jay also zapped Ed awake from 1:05am-11:45am 4/20/09 after Ed got only 1 hour's sleep.
     Here are a few quotes from the paid and unarrested loudmouth criminal perp and FBI SID speed freak Jay Pendelton.  6:30am 4/18/09: "Jay's orders are to take down your network communications."  4:52pm 4/19/09: "We're jamming everything."  5:59pm 4/19/09: "Yeah, fuck you, we're trying to run your program [Norton Ghost] by remote control and it's taking forever here too."  11:25pm 4/19/09  "And god damn you Jay usually rapes in the woman's apartment, anyway."  6:29pm 4/20/09: "I hate this [FBI SID electronic beam zapping setup], because we just hit [beamed] it [Ed's PC] so hard, it should have broke the computer."  7:09pm 4/20/09: "We [FBI SID hackers] are supposed to [beam and] swipe one of them [the i/o keyboard or mouse devices].  And you have them all [magnetically] shielded."  7:38pm 4/20/09 "That was our key Trojan horse [on Ed's PC that Norton Internet Security 2009 deleted].  For some reason our [remote control hacking] software program doesn't run."  8:12pm 4/20/09: "The question is, how much of their [FBI SID] rootkit even works [on Ed's Net PC]."  9:48am 4/21/09: "That's how fucking quickly Jay has found a [female coworker] hooker at this [FBI SID] enterprise."  12:11pm 4/21/09: "No, Jay has been a drug addict for 22 years."  12:45pm 4/21/09: "We [the FBI SID] can't do a goddam thing unless we [the FBI SID] fucking kill somebody.  6:27pm 4/21/09: "Old pal B2.  B2 is going to testify against me in court, your honor."
4pm 4/14/09. 
FBI SID allows Ed to sleep for 6 hours.
5am 4/14/09.
 FBI SID intensifies political persecution of Ed.  FBI SID is presumably behind 2 police roadblocks (one blocking a major road and 1 on the side of a road) and 1 police car passing Ed that Ed encountered during his first short local trip in April to go the bank and also very briefly shop.  Then the FBI SID launches a more than 3 1/2 hour SDA or sleep deprivation attack from 1:22am-after 5am 4/14/09 and makes death threats against Ed.  At 4:14am 4/14/09 FBI SID criminal perp Jay Pendelton claimed "...He [FBI SID boss alias Hitler] plays judge, jury, and executioner."  At 4:44am 4/14/09 FBI SID criminal perp Jay Pendelton started ranting obscene devilshit.
Paid and unarrested FBI SID criminal perp Jay Pendelton repeatedly goes berserk in zapping Ed and Ed's computer between 4/2/09-4/10/09.  Jay's sidekick B2 and some other FBI SID criminal perps also harassed Ed.  Jay hit Ed with a severe zap harassment electronic warfare attack on 4/2/09, routine blatantly obnoxious and illegal computer hacking, a major FBI SID vista rootkit install around 4/6/09, and K-R or kill routine zap attack harassment on 4/10/09.  Despite Jay's claim at 1:58pm 4/10/09 that "Our [FBI SID] people get very interested in torturing one or two people to death", multiple FBI SID death threats, and daily sleep deprivation zap attacks, Ed expects to survive FBI SID electromagnetic beam weapon psychological torture and disablement and computer hacking attacks.  However, increased illegal FBI SID perecution has severely crippled Ed's productivity.  In response to this webposting, Jay said at 4:50pm 4/10/09 "I don't even give a shit.  You don't have time to describe what a psychopath [FBI SID criminal perp] Jay Pendelton is."  Jay and/or B2 repeatedly tried to hack this webposting starting at 5:19pm 4/10/09 and failed.
7am 4/2/09.
  Paid and unarrested FBI SID criminal perps including Jay and B2 who are high on illegal methamphetamine speed resumed around the clock illegal electronic warfare psychological torture of Ed at 7:57pm 4/1/09 in an FBI SID electronic warfare hit that Jay claimed at 1:52am 4/2/09 was ordered by [alias] Hitler.  FBI SID criminal perps only let Ed sleep for 3 hours last night before resuming their electronic psychological torture.  FBI SID criminal perps made multiple death threats and repeatedly used the word rape.  At 12:43am 4/2/09 Jay admitted "Jay raped her [Ditsy 3, an FBI SID worker] to terrorize her...".  Before last night Ed spent days trying to regain full computer functionality and improved computer security after an illegal 3/20/09 FBI SID computer hacking attack.  Criminal perp Jay Pendelton forced Ed to focus on FBI SID electronic warfare attacks for more than the past week.  Jay crippled Ed's ability to do anything except cope with illegal FBI SID persecution.  After 3 full days of working on a website update, Ed posted a 3/27/09 update to
  On March 21, 2009, Ed vended left-green buttons and bumperstickers and displayed some and info at the March on the Pentagon.  Since Ed was vending, Ed missed most of the march, but Ed rejoined it in Crystal City, VA.  News coverage of the march was extensive but brief.  Since the FBI SID/COINTELPRO probably mobilized its workers to harass a large national rally of thousands, and since probably only less than 2,000 people marched after President Obama earlier announced his peace plans for Iraq, COINTELPRO agents probably made up a surprisingly large percentage of protesters at this national march in Washington, DC.  (I guess this might be a common DC scenario after a movement's energy ebbs.  Rally attendance drops but paid COINTELPRO harassment energy increases.)
     While most activists and reporters have probably learned to tune out whatever COINTELPRO/FBI SID/psywar BS they hear at a national rally, and properly focus on the rally's issues, as a targeted individual or TI Ed found himself very aware of the level of FBI SID psywar harassment done at this national rally.  First, the FBI SID used 21st century hi-tech LRAD sound beams usually aimed at the sky for sound harassment.  Second, FBI SID agent provocateurs semi-covertly harassed their assigned targets, including this anti-COINTELPRO activist.  Third, psywar workers jumbled and screwed up protest chants and mini speeches or added an openly psywar/COINTELPRO angle to them.  Fourth, even some speakers at the stage added psywar or COINTELPRO comments.  Fifth, the FBI SID presumably used covert beam weapons (probably both LRAD/sound beam and anti-brain beam weapons) aimed at the stage (and probably also aimed at a mobile march sound truck).  Sixth, march chants included at least one psywar chant.  And there were probably other agent provocateur actions during the peace march itself.
     Any reporter viewing the rally would see a normal left-wing peace march.  However, a knowledgeable peace activist or targeted individual who carefully listened to the speakers could detect COINTELPRO/FBI SID psywar harassment of the peace march.  The harassment probably got annoying when COINTELPRO speakers and/or chanters got off-topic and focused on COINTELPRO/psywar instead of peace.  DC Indymedia managed to point out 2 suspected agent provocateurs in a March 21, 2009 article.
     On March 20, 2009 Jay zapped Ed with a major sleep deprivation attack.  On March 21, 2009, at the peace rally site, Jay zapped Ed with stomach pain zaps and need to shit zaps.  (Ed suspects the FBI SID also beamed the stage with anti-brain weapons that would have affected at least anyone there long enough to get electromagnetically hot enough from being beamed.)  The FBI SID also electronically harassed the March on the Pentagon with at least LRAD/sound beams.  On March 21, 2009 Ed yelled "!" and "!" at a few appropriate times during the peace rally and probably during the peace march.  After the peace march ended in Crystal City, VA, Jay was actually worried that some of the massed Virginia state police in full riot gear might try to enforce the drug laws at the [alleged] FBI SID Ballston metro building (where illegal methamphetamine speed is widely used as illegal electronic psywar brain fuel), since the FBI SID broadcast Ed's complaints (swiped from Ed using hi-tech remote neural monitoring or mind-reading) using LRAD sound beam technology.  Ed focused on at the end of the rally.  On March 22, 2009, Jay zapped Ed disabled.  On March 23, 2009 a paid (middle-aged black female) FBI SID gangstalker at Ed's bank used the word "death squad" and then repeated a FBI SID psywar word for death.  On March 24, 2009 Ed repaired his Internet PC's software configuration that was damaged by a FBI SID computer hacking attack on March 20, 2009.  Ed also backed up his Internet PC.  Using a filefind program from powderdesk, Ed learned that Jay was hacking Norton Internet Security 2009 on March 20, 2009, so Ed completely removed and reinstalled Norton Internet Security 2009 and all Symantec software on his Internet computer.    
3/20/09Paid and unarrested FBI SID criminal perp Jay Pendelton escalates illegal FBI SID electronic warfare attacks against Ed into sleep deprivation attacks, very hi-tech psychological torture using electronic anti-brain beam weapons and LRADs, an FBI SID attempt to severely deprive Ed of sleep before the 3/21/09 peace rally, and a probable FBI SID attempt to block Ed from attending and vending left-wing buttons and bumperstickers at the 3/21/09 peace rally Ed has been carefully preparing for.  Apparently blocking Ed from displaying and info and vending at the 3/21/09 peace rally and/or temporarily severely disabling Ed from sleep deprivation is a critical goal for Jay.  FBI SID criminal perp alias B2 said at 3:47pm 3/20/09 "Jay is trying to kill you as a matter of fact, you moron."  FBI SID partially disables Ed's Internet PC with repeated computer hacking attacks while Ed prepares to post this data to the Internet.
.  Ed posts a detailed initial draft version of
  FBI SID hits Ed with some weird psywar harassment on Saturday, lets Ed briefly nap, then gets interested in Ed's research, then lets Ed get an interrupted rare good night's sleep.
7am 3/14/09.
  Daily FBI SID sleep deprivation attacks resume when the FBI SID zaps Ed awake at 5:37am 3/14/09 after only 1:32 total sleep.  FBI SID death threats against Ed continue.  At 11:44pm 3/13/09 an FBI SID female criminal perp, possibly Ditsy 3, said "[Kill Ed with a FBI SID] death squad."  At 12:59am 1/14/09 Jay Pendelton claimed "They won't have time to figure out who you are if you are killed.  They will take your ID."  Then at 6:09am 3/14/09 an FBI SID criminal perp manager, possibly alias Hitler #3, told Jay "Let me kill him [kill Ed]."  His next words were "Let me kill him [kill Ed] now."
  FBI SID illegal extremely hi-tech anti-brain and anti-computer covert electronic harassment and crippling of Ed continues and includes daily SDAs or sleep deprivation attacks, disabling anti-brain beam weapon zaps, both audible and subliminal beam weapon electronic harassment probably from LRADs (or long range acoustic devices), occasional pain zaps, and too many FBI SID death threats against Ed.  Computer hacking attacks against blocked access to it and 2 other websites in Jan. and Feb., but these websites are up and running now.  FBI SID criminal perp and illegal methamphetamine speed freak Jay Pendelton is the primary criminal perp behind FBI SID persecution of Ed.
     Ed responded to electronic anti-brain, anti-computer, and anti-website electronic harassment by first struggling to improve website, computer, and internet viewing security.  Ed is also trying to minimize FBI SID electronic harassment, but the FBI SID criminal perps harassing Ed are fueled by illegal methamphetamine speed and a corrupt secret police/black ops cult mentality that reinforces their belief that their overpaid and illegally managed government job is to electronically cripple and persecute Ed 24/7/365.  Ed believes the entire FBI SID is blatantly illegal and corrupt should be defunded and shut down.
     Ed hoped to list many more items for sale at in Jan. and Feb., but FBI SID electronic harassment pre-empted this plan.  Ed is trying to minimize illegal disabling FBI SID electronic harassment and to maximize his personal productivity in coping with financially and personally draining illegal FBI SID electronic harassment and persecution.  Ed is first trying to improve his finances and personal organization.  Ed hopes to qualify for Social Security disability payments later this year.  Ed also hopes the Obama administration will end FBI SID illegal harassment of Ed and ideally shut down the FBI SID.  However, with a high level of 24/7/365 FBI SID hi-tech persecution, Ed is focusing on survival, security, finances, reorganization, and documentation instead of high-intensity political struggle.  (Ironically, while hard times are forcing Ed to focus, FBI SID criminal perp Jay Pendelton's behavior is degenerating into drug-fueled obnoxious criminal psywar idiocy.)
     With additional funding, Ed could research, document, and complain a lot more about the critical issue of surviving illegal hi-tech political persecution, but Ed's first priority is personal and financial survival.  Eventually Ed hopes the FBI SID will cease its illegal electronic harassment of Ed and Ed hopes to obtain a full multi-million dollar victim restitution settlement of $30 million or more with the FBI SID, the FBI, the Justice Department, and/or the Department of Homeland Security.
Sleep-deprived FBI SID workers let Ed sleep.  Then FBI SID computer hackers, allegedly Jay and/or Joe, hacked Ed's Internet PC to break the Symantec firewall, antivirus, and system maintenance software.  FBI SID persecution, poverty caused by heavy FBI SID persecution, and a PC almost overloaded with anti-hacking software delay Ed's fixing his PC for many sleepless hours.  At 3:22am 2/13/09 Jay Pendelton said "The head of the [FBI SID] hacking department ordered me to shut you down for life."  At 7:31am 2/13/09 B2 confessed "Yes, we've murdered people with [i.e.., by using] electronic warfare weapons, and that's the problem."  Multiple FBI SID deaths threats were again almost routinely made against Ed.
Burned out FBI SID torturer, computer hacker, methamphetamine speed freak and criminal perp Jay Pendelton has zapped Ed with 4 days of sleep deprivation attacks and disabling zaps from 2/9/09-2/12/09.  Ed only got approx. 50 minutes of sleep from approx. 8:30pm-9:20pm on 2/10/09, then spent all night and all day cleaning out, fixing, reviewing the contents of, and refilling his portable shed that partially collapsed.  FBI SID vandalism of Ed's shed is suspected.  Before that Jay routinely hacked Ed's computers for days while Ed researched increased Internet security, including free website monitoring services like,,,, and, and website monitoring software like dnswatcher, siteup, and outposted, dns viewing software like DNSdataview, and increased extra PC security, including AVG anti-virus, threatfire, and ccleaner.  Ed also got an idea of how vulnerable computers are to illegal hacking by downloading a free version of of axence nettools 3.2.  At 4:09am 2/12/09 Jay explained "We're always hacking your computer, shithead."  Ed also logged onto and changed the password for the 2 routers with hardware firewalls between Ed's Internet PC and the Internet.  Ed also tightened up Intranet security.  Ed has also discovered that keeping USB devices in his PC's USB adapter slots might prevent FBI SID wireless hacking into Ed's PC using USB/USB 2.0.  (You can also disable firewire, etc. in your BIOS and/or WinXP/Vista device manager to minimize your vulnerability to high-tech high speed FBI SID wireless beam hacking.)  Ed also sped up his PC boot time by using msconfig to disable unecessary programs from PC startup or bootup.
FBI SID allows Ed to get plenty of sleep after Ed's previous web post.
FBI SID criminal perp Jay Pendelton claims "We're doing a kill routine" at 4:47am 2/3/09 in the middle of a sleep deprivation zap attack or SDA while Jay is allegedly very high on illegal high-potency meth ampthetamine speed allegedly supplied by alias Hitler.  Ed's new and unhacked free AVG anti-virus scanner caught Jay and the FBI SID hacking Firefox and trying to run a "Exploit Rogue Spyware Scanner" program from a hacked website URL and hacked web browser auto redirected to at 9:08pm 2/2/09 to try to further hack Ed's PC, probably in a very similar hack attack to FBI SID hacking of in Jan. 2009.  Alias Hitler is monitoring the FBI SID hit.  Ed could only sleep from 1:30am-3:30am 2/3/09.
FBI SID criminal perps launch multiperson electronic warfare attack against Ed, using beam weapons to increase their electromagnetic psychological torture of Ed.  FBI SID criminal perps make multiple death threats against Ed.
Ed complains to the DEA and the Virginia State Police about illegal methamphetamine speed at the FBI SID building in response to Jay's electronic sleep deprivation attack (or SDA).  FBI SID rehacks this website on 1/31/09 according to google's website monitoring after Jay claimed he sent a message to the FBI SID's computer hacking department.
FBI SID criminal perps Jay and B2 zap Ed with an illegal electronic wafare attack that cripples Ed and includes computer hacking and light psychological zap torture and a FBI SID psywar devilshit ranting attack.
Illegal FBI SID persecution of Ed continued.  Around Jan. 8 it peaked, and the FBI SID hacked, temporarily zapped Ed even more disabled, and managed to get a well-behaved cop to very briefly show up at Ed's house under the pretext of making sure a housemate was OK.  That housemate, a suspected COINTELPRO worker, abruptly chose to leave and left town the next day.  Google flagged as dangerously hacked at midnight 1/8/09.  Ed managed to hand out some cards at the Jan. 11 Close Guantamano rally, but ran into heavy COINTELPRO rally and street harassment at the 200-person human rights rally.
FBI SID criminal perp Jay Pendelton launches repeated SDAs (sleep deprivation attacks) and alternately zaps Ed asleep during the day to block Ed from accomplishing 1 key errand.  Jay launches a more than 3 1/2 hour SDA (sleep deprivation attack) from 3am-after 6:50am 12/23/08 to prevent Ed from accomplishing Ed's key errand.  Jay claimed at 5:41am 12/23/08 "My [FBI SID] bosses are not nuts.  This is how they kill people...".  At 5:45am 12/23/08 an FBI SID boss [Jay claimed it was alias Hitler] threatened to dose Ed with LSD, a covert CIA mind disorientation and mind control drug developed by the CIA's project MKULTRA.  At 8:16am 12/20/08 Jay claimed "Jay is attempting to use mind control."  Jay then claimed "Jay is trying to brainwash you..."  At 2:25pm 12/20/08 Jay labelled FBI SID gangstalking "a successful crime syndicate" after admitting it is "wrong".  Jay and the FBI SID also made repeated death threats and attempted to manipulate Ed's behavior with some very blatant FBI SID zapped dreams.
12/13/08-12/20/08.  FBI SID criminal perp Jay Pendelton continues to illegally electronically cripple and harass Ed and deprive Ed of sleep, repeatedly delaying Ed's progress in key chores.  FBI SID workers made death threats against Ed.  Ed spent most of Saturday 12/13/08 coping with FBI SID zapping and computer hacking.  B2's real badge number might be 632.  At 6:10pm 12/13/08 B2 refered to a possible future "murder contract [on Ed]". At 3:01am 12/14/08 B2 claimed "No, the whole fucking [FBI SID] department is on [methamphetamine] speed, admits B2."  At 3:54am 12/14/08 Jay claimed "I'll rape anyone I want to, Mr. Pendelton says."  At 10:46pm 12/17/08, in the middle of Ed viewing Thunderheart, an FBI SID fake/pirate media worker complained "...we're trying to run a [U.S. secret police] death squad here."  At 1:39am 12/18/08 Jay said "Jay wants to hire a hit man, hit man, hit man [to kill Ed[."  At 3:26am 12/18/08 an FBI SID worker/manager said "We need a [FBI SID] death squad" and then Jay said "We need a death squad right away."  At 7:15pm 12/19/08 Jay said "Jay said he will kill you..." to Ed.  At 6:32am 12/20/08 Jay said "Jay brought his gun in [to the FBI SID building] last night."
Paid and unarrested FBI SID criminal perp, illegal methamphetamine drug addict, and evil criminal psychopath Jay Pendelton continues illegal very hi-tech electronic persecution of Ed.  Jay and B2's worst illegal FBI SID electronic warfare attacks include routinely electronically disabling Ed's brain and routinely electronically depriving Ed of sleep, routine computer hacking, FBI SID death threats, routine FBI SID bullshit and devilshit broadcast by FBI SID sound beams, routinely screwing up Ed's electronic stereo and TV speakers' audio output with ocassional FBI SID bullshit/devilshit, and even occasional pain/torture zaps.  Jay even jammed Comcast TV channel 17 on 12/12/08.  Jay's previous partner in crime, Ditsy, has left this FBI SID hit, and the FBI SID electronic warfare hit squad is down to 2 people, Jay and B2.  FBI SID gangstalking of Ed is still routine.  FBI SID speculation is that Obama's new administration is now a higher priority FBI SID target.  B2's real name might be Larry Smith.  Jay recalls [at 10:12am on 12/13/08] claiming [on 11/21/08] that Hitler [the nickname for an FBI SID drug-dealing boss, who was allegedly high on speed at the time] was behind the alleged electronic warfare assault that allegedly caused U.S. Attorney General Mukasey's public "fainting spell" on 11/20/08.  (Jay speculated that the second person taken to a hospital was an FBI SID worker.)  At 8:47pm on 11/21/08 an FBI SID worker, allegedly Hitler, claimed that Mukasey was zapped [by the FBI SID].  On 12/6/08, Jay tried to kill Ed with electronic heart attack zaps.  At 4:19am on 12/8/08, B2 said "[Jay has tried to kill Ed] a couple thousand [times]", and then Jay said "Jay has tried to kill you [Ed] for years" before Jay took the 5th Amendement at 4:21am on 12/8/08.  On 12/10/08, Ed updated in response to the previous less than 4 hours of sleep allowed FBI SID sleep deprivation attack.
Around 2-5 FBI SID criminal perps including Jay and B2 escalate illegal electronic harassment in a 3am-1:50pm 11/18/08 round of severe and disabling electronic harassment, including multiple death threats and FBI SID sometimes obscene devilshit.  One of Ed's housemates was injured and he claims he was injured in a 2am 11/15/08 bike accident and was found unconcious around 3:30am.  Ed was also subjected to electronic and FBI SID set up street harassment during routine work and errands recently.  At 5:10am 11/18/08 Jay said "Because Jay has to torture you to get money to buy his drugs...".  At 5:52am 11/18/08 Jay said "...We are going to fucking destroy you, Mr. Harding."  At 7:58am 11/18/08 B2 said "Well, fuck you, so what if we [Jay, B2, and the FBI SID] are a disgrace to America."  At 8:13am 11/18/08 B2 said "He [B2 and Jay's boss] just admitted he [once] killed somebody..." At 8:54am an FBI SID male electronic torturer said "180 hours of this shit [electronic warfare torture] is what it takes to kill the average victim."  Jay has also disrupted Ed's normal sleep pattens by routinely zapping Ed awake at night with sleep deprivation attacks.  In response Ed updated on 11/15/08.
U.S. FBI SID secret police criminal perp Jay Pendelton responds to Ed's considering going to the SOAW human rights protest by beginning to severely electronically persecute and cripple Ed.  Ed believes Jay's illegal hi-tech persecution will probably prevent Ed from finding a cheap, safe, and reliable ride to the SOAW protests at Fort Benning, GA, this year for Ed and Ed's political button vending gear.  Ed hopes to earn some essential extra income at instead.  Ed has also recently updated his human rights info at
     Jay's illegal hi-tech persecution included fear zaps, depression zaps, cold zaps, verbal harassment, verbal psywar bullshit/devilshit, electronic subliminal suggestion thought disruption, loud electronic background noise, and disabling anti-brain zaps.  At 7:05pm 11/11/08 Jay rehearsed electronically killing Ed with a very weak electronic murder attempt.  At 7:12pm 11/11/08 FBI SID criminal perp and speed freak Jay Pendelton said "Bloody hell.  Bloody hell.  Our boss [Jay] doesn't give a fuck who he tortures to death, Mr. Harding."  Jay resorted to computer hacking, death threats, and brief light ear pain zaps while Ed prepared to post this note.
Obama wins election.  Ed updates and and gets plenty of sleep.
4:50am 11/3/08. 
Unarrested FBI SID criminal perp Jay Pendelton zaps Ed awake after only 1 hours' sleep at 3:10am.  FBI SID criminal perp B2 does terrible demonic ranting from 3:54am-4am.  FBI SID criminal perp Jay Pendelton does terrible demonic ranting from 4:07am-after 4:50am.
  Ed got plenty of sleep recently and posted an updated version of
9:30pm 10/31/08. 
Ed posts an updated website in response to an FBI SID sleep deprivation electronic zap attack that keeps Ed awake after 7am after Ed tries to go back to sleep after only getting 2 hours of sleep.
1am 10/30/08. 
Ed builds a new website,  Ed got 5 1/2 hours of sleep today.
6am 10/29/08. 
FBI SID criminal perps zap Ed awake all night.  At 5:41am 10/29/08 FBI SID criminal perp Jay Pendelton said "Jay is trying to kill you because Jay is ordered to kill you.  It's a K-R [FBI SID kill routine]."  Ed got 5 hours sleep yesterday.
6:45am 10/28/08. 
FBI SID criminal perps zap Ed awake all night starting at 2:05am after Ed only sleeps for 45 minutes.  At 3:57am FBI SID criminal perp Jay Pendelton said  "Jay is trying to kill you.  Jay is the only one trying to kill you.  And Jay is tired of this [FBI SID electronic warfare] hit."  [The third sentence is a recollected quote.]
4:45pm 10/27/08. 
Illegal and disabling FBI SID electronic warfare assault against Ed continues under the active involvement of a probably new FBI SID criminal perp manager.
3am 10/27/08. 
FBI SID all-day illegal electronic harrasment, psychological torture, death threats, and computer hacking attacks continue and cripple Ed's productivity while Jay's alleged $10,000 illegal speed and prozac drug stash allegedly purchased from Hitler #2 on Friday afternoon, 10/24/08, allegedly shrinks to an estimated $3K-$4K worth of illegal drugs left.  At 11:11pm 10/26/08 Jay said "Jay thinks several people stole his drugs."  At 11:29pm 10/26/08 Jay said "Yes I'm worried that someone is going to bust my ass for the rest of my life and that's the problem."
FBI SID criminal perp and illegal drug addict Jay Pendelton repeats his 10/18/08 crime pattern or MO by buying and immediately getting more high on illegal methamphetamine speed and escalating FBI SID illegal electronic persecution of Ed into a 3:45am-after 5am electronic SDA (sleep deprivation attack).  FBI SID criminal perps, including a new psychological torturer nicknamed Jackpot Faust, made repeated death threats, often in the form of playing gunshot sounds plainly threatening that the FBI SID would shoot Ed.  Jay even very briefly broadcast "Kill him! [meaning kill Ed]" into Ed's neighborhood at 8:07pm on 10/24/08 during a time when some FBI SID workers near Ed might be irrationally or even dangerously high on recently purchased methamphetamine speed (and maybe also illegal nonprescription prozac).
10/18/08.  FBI SID criminal perp Jay Pendelton repeats his 10/14/08 crime pattern or MO (method of operation), allegedly buying the same illegal drugs (methamphetamine speed and nonprescription prozac) from alias Hitler #2, blatantly hacking Ed's computer work (in this case Ed's eBay work), and launching an all-day illegal electronic warfare psywar attack.
FBI SID criminal perp Jay Pendelton, allegedly resupplied with illegal methamphetamine speed and illegal nonprescription prozac from FBI SID boss alias Hitler #2, launches all-day FBI SID illegal psywar electronic warfare and blatant computer hacking attacks against Ed, slowing down Ed's work at Ed's EdSurplus eBay store.  Ed strongly suspects the FBI SID ran at least one scam craiglist ad, attempting to lure Ed to a scam low-price craigslist sale at Ayers Drive, in Alexandria, VA where Ed would have been vulnerable to FBI SID secret police gangstalking in the FBI SID home turf of Virginia.  (Ed's previously quickly emailed offer to pay an extra $10-$70 above the $100 advertised probably scam sale price for an honest delivery of a useful product to Maryland was totally ignored.)  FBI SID continues to make death threats against Ed.  (Here's another suspected FBI SID craigslist ad mentioning the alleged FBI SID home base area near the Virginia Ballston metro.  The FBI SID likes the word "strong", having given up on the virtues of being legal, drug-free, ethical, moral, honest, decent, polite, non-violent, or constitutional.)
FBI SID criminal perp Jay Pendelton stops going ballistic after an all-day round of electronic beam weapon psychological torture on 9/24/08.  Jay continues to be illegal, obnoxious, wierd, and disabling, but ceases his very extreme criminal antics.  Ed focuses on some necessary personal tasks.
12:45pm 9/24/08. 
Jay Pendelton, high on illegal methamphetamine speed, electronically disables and psychologically tortures Ed.  (Ed did get approx. 7:05 sleep last night.)  At 12:31pm 9/24/08, Jay/Jay's boss made a death threat and said "You're dead!".
1:30pm 9/23/08. 
Ed got approx. 6:44 sleep after 9pm last night.
9pm 9/22/08. 
Ed got 1:25 sleep and some rest after alias Hitler burned out and allegedly took his extra speed pills with him.
10:22am-10:29am 9/22/08:
Brief SEVERE electronic torture zap attack and other zap attacks.
All-night FBI SID SDA (sleep deprivation attack) and intermittent pain and/or pain torture zaps from Jay and B2.  Ed's self-defense logbook from 9/21/08-9/22/08 and from 9/11/08-9/14/08 is now posted.  (This webposting was repeatedly hacked.)
1:29am 9/22/08. 
Electronic pain torture zap attack by FBI SID criminal perp Jay Pendelton against Ed has been underway (with breaks) since midnight.  Jay Pendelton only permitted Ed to get an estimated 4-5 total hours of repeatedly interrupted sleep last night.
FBI SID kill routine resumes.  Ed is hit with all-night FBI SID electronic sleep deprivation attacks and only gets 1:30 of sleep.  Jay resumes intermittent pain zap torture.  Ed needs sleep.
FBI SID agent and criminal perp Jay Pendelton permits Ed to sleep for 7 hours after an FBI SID "kill routine" after Ed threatens to continue to complain to the proper authorities about the illegal methamphetamine speed epidemic at the FBI SID building and FBI SID misconduct.  Jay claimed he will stop electronic pain torture zaps but then quickly changed his mind twice.
Very sleep-deprived FBI SID workers Jay and B2, allegedly fueled by FBI SID boss alias Hitler's illegal $5/hit speed pills, continue FBI SID "kill routine".  Ed gets very little sleep and needs sleep.  Jay resumes intermittent pain torture zaps to try to torture Ed into submission.  Ed needs the FBI SID to stop electronically torturing Ed using covert high-tech electronic beam weapons.
Paid and unarrested FBI SID criminal perp and speed freak Jay Pendelton (see starts electronic beam weapon electronic pain torture of Ed after a heavy psychological torture session from 11pm 9/15/08- 1am 9/16/08.  At 2:49pm 9/16/08 FBI SID criminal perp Jay Pendelton complained "This world sucks!, Mr. Harding.  They won't let me yell at you so I'm torturing you."  On 9/16/08 Jay stopped torturing Ed to avoid this Internet posting but then resumed electronic pain torture.  Meanwhile, B2 claims Ditsy is spending time at home and is trying or has tried to kick her expensive illegal methamphetamine speed addiction.  Ed continues to list more products at
Jay's latest FBI SID boss at 1:37am 9/6/08 orders Jay and B2 to kill Ed.  At 2:58am 9/6/08 Jay said "That's right.  He [Jay's boss} ordered us to do a K-R [FBI SID 'kill routine']."  B2 admitted at 1:40am 9/6/08 that "...our [FBI SID] boss just revealed himself as a murderer."  Between 2:12am-after 5am 9/6/08, the FBI SID hit Ed with 4 electronic sleep deprivation zap attacks.  FBI SID workers claim that the cop car prominently parked in front of the local grocery store around 6pm-8pm 9/5/08 is part of the FBI SID "hit".  At 4:55am 9/6/08 Jay admits "This whole fucking [FBI SID MKULTRA-style mind control] project is illegal."
FBI SID speed freak and criminal perp Jay Pendelton, fueled with cheap $5/hit speed allegedly supplied by FBI SID boss alias Hitler, increases electronic harassment of Ed before, during the after the Democratic National Convention.  Jay and another FBI SID worker claimed the FBI SID was zapping the Democratic National Convention, but Ed was unable to verify this FBI SID claim.  At 7:28am 8/29/08 Jay said "Jay is trying to fucking torture you to death, shithead".  Jay and other FBI SID workers made death threats against Ed.  Jay at least initially fails to frame up or lock up Ed, despite repeated electronic psychological torture and ridiculously stupid/evil frame-up subliminal comments/suggestions (aka attempted MKULTRA-style electronic subliminal mind control).  Jay crippled Ed's brain with anti-brain zaps, sleep deprivation and electronic harassment.  Jay stayed high on cheap $5/hit methamphetamine speed to try to severely electronically harass Ed.  Ed's first priority income-producing work at EdsSurplus eBay store was crippled by Jay but not stopped.  Here's the raw FBI SID electronic harassment data from Ed's self-defense logbook from 8/25/08-8/26/08 and 8/29/08, reviewed and commented on but not thoroughly proofread due to time limitations.

8/21/08.  New 11/1/08 eBay rule blacklists Ed's EdsSurplus eBay store despite Ed's
100% customer satisfaction rating and a good eBay seller dashboard summary. 
Ed has more than 110 items listed for sale at eBay, including more than 45 listed in the past week, an excellent eBay store and 100% positive customer feedback.  However, an anonymous "customer satisfaction" DSR survey that now allows people to anonymously low-rate, smear, blackball, and/or blacklist is now being used by eBay as of 11/1/08 to block eBay listings of anonymously poorly rated/blacklisted sellersEbay estimates this new eBay policy will blacklist up to 4% of its sellers as of 11/1/08 without even taking non-anonymous customer satisfication ratings, even 100% positive ratings, into account.  Ed was counting on eBay sales income to help pay Ed's bills.  Now any eBay customer, even one named jackboot26 or dictator-skittles, can anonymously blacklist any seller for the price of one small eBay purchase.
     Ed hopes eBay will totally cancel their new eBay blacklist policy. Instead of blacklisting a seller, why not just prominently inform a potential buyer that the seller has a DSR of less than 4.3 in one or more categories if eBay thinks this notification is even necessary?  Let's keep the free market free and avoid any 1950's McCarthyism-style blacklisting.
Paid and unarrested FBI SID criminal perp Jay Pendelton, of notoriety, escalates his illegal electronic warfare attacks against Ed, loudly illegally broadcasting using FBI SID sound beams into Ed's current neighborhood on 8/11/08 (and/or using loud very targeted sound beams against Ed only) and Jay's electronic harassment is keeping Ed up late at night after Jay's electronic harassment kept Ed up from 12:20am-approx. 9am Friday Aug. 8.  Jay is threatening to "knock out" Ed and bent on escalating his illegal methamphetamine speed-drug fueled electronic harassment.  Jay's zaps and harassment from 7/27/08-8/12/08 have partially disabled Ed and have slowed Ed's progress on Ed's chores.  Jay shut down Ed's Internet access at 1:30pm 7/28/08.  In response, Ed installed and upgraded a backup software config, but suspects that missing new backups of it might have been stolen by the FBI SID.  Jay has also been routinely brazenly sabotaging and/or blocking Ed's email and is blatantly hacking Ed's PCs.  At 1:59am 8/12/08 Jay made a death threat against Ed when Jay said "Yes Jay is threatening to kill you.  Jay is very pissed off."  Ed was finally allowed to sleep from 6:30am-12:30pm 8/12/08.
FBI SID worker [who Jay alleged was "the dealer"] said "I'll kill him [kill Ed]" at 7:34pm 7/26/08.  Jay, high on illegal drugs as usual, escalates illegal computer hacking attacks on 7/27/08, and continues to often block Ed's email.  Jay also blatantly hacks both computers, one at a time, costing Ed time.  Ditsy [or Jay forging Ditsy's voice] complained that she is ordered to forge one email per day.  Jay complained when one of his hacking software installs ddn't work.
Ed builds in response to some strong FBI SID gangstalking and electronic harassment.  Jay and B2 did some computer hacking attacks against Ed's revisions to Ed's new website.
Ed went to Ron Paul's libertarian RevolutionMarch July 12, 2008 in DC.  Ed got his message out, and the freedom-oriented crowd initially yelled at some (non FBI SID) cops complaining about psywar harassment, but COINTELPRO was there in force, screwing up some of the initial gathering rally chants with BS FBI SID chants, and disrupting the Ron Paul rally at the capital with a little onstage and some offstage psywar harassment.  The FBI SID didn't zap the rally loudspeakers as hard as they could have this time.  FBI SID psywar harassment apparently hit the Native American Longest Walk gathering in DC also.  For the first time, Ed distributed Stop COINTELPRO business card-sized leaflets at both events and prominently held a quality 2-sided sign at Ron Paul's rally.  Someone was impressed enough to try the political dirty trick of trying to steal Ed's identify online.  (Here's the imposter's link.  Ed suspects he's FBI SID.)  Jay started seriously illegally interfering with Ed's email (including temporarily blocking email and possibly sabotaging or stealing email) after the 7/12/08 rally.
Ed has finished his June 2008 crunch period of moving and is still settling in to his new house.  Ed expects to be busy focusing on personal reorganization chores and trying to raise money to make some critical debt repayment of debt incurred while surviving 3 years of overt hi-tech FBI SID electronic warfare harassment and FBI SID gangstalking harassment.  Also, see a new 6/8/08 -6/10/08 entry for info about Ed's attending the ACLU convention in Washington DC from June 8-10, 2008.
7/1/08.  Revised and updated info.  Ed discovered $400 worth of debit card fraud charged against his bank account.  On 6/19/08, some criminal fraudulently used Ed's debit card data 4 times to buy 4 $100 Apple Itunes gift cards, and Apple charged Ed's bank account the $400 on 6/23/08.  This crime was reported to Apple, Ed's bank, and the county police on 7/1/08.  Ed presumes the crime was committed by the FBI SID, who routinely steal (and sometimes even illegally broadcast using heterodyne soundbeam technology) Ed's private data, including debit card numbers.  Prior to the total of $400 fraudulently charged against Ed on 6/19/08, a prior $34.99 fraudulent charge was placed at against Ed's bank account on 5/19/08, but it was automatically cancelled and refunded.
     While the first 7/1/08 web posting was being prepared, Ed received a second prank phone call for a "Tyrone Prince" and a loud FBI SID fake media broadcast, occasionally interactive, started in a radio to the west of here and lasted from around 12:16pm-after 1:32pm.  A very routine FBI SID psywar death threat was made by Jay/B2 at 12:36pm 7/1/08.  Ed also declined an in-person presumably FBI SID agent's offer to give Ed a weapon, a buck knife, at 11:08am 7/1/08.  Ed explained that "As a follower of nonviolence, I try to avoid weapons."  FBI SID phone harassment while Ed was on the phone, a standard part of overt illegal FBI SID electronic harassment or psywar, included an FBI SID agent loudly stating "We'll need a [FBI SID paid/allied] policeman [to handle Ed's crime report]" in addition to other blatant psywar harassment.  It turned out the county cop who took the report by phone politely declined to log Ed's comments about COINTELPRO-style political harassment and instructed Ed to call the investigator instead.
One FBI SID manager, allegedly alias Hitler, confesses at 3:02am 6/29/08 to electronically triggering Cho's tragic April 16, 2007 Virginia Tech massacre [presumably by using anti-brain electronic beam weapons to turn Cho into a demented mind-controlled Manchurian candidate using MKULTRA-style top secret technology].  [Ed believes the confession is probably true, but FBI SID electronic warfare worker criminal perps are notorious liars.]  The Virginia Tech massacre tragedy occurred between 7:15am-9:51am 4/16/08, only hours before a Washington, DC Voting Rights people power march that was cut short due to extremely unusual very strong winds and bad weather.  To Ed's knowledge, the FBI's official Operation Prevail investigation into Cho's tragic Virginia tech mass murder has not looked into the possibility that Cho, who was at least once described as being demonically possessed, might in fact have been the victim of hi-tech top-secret MKULTRA-style electronic warfare mind control weapons, allegedly wielded by top-secret U.S. government black ops workers identifying themselves as FBI SID.
     Meanwhile, Ed is almost finished with a local move, FBI SID criminal perp and methamphetamine speed freak Jay Pendelton, assisted by another FBI SID criminal speed freak, alias B2, is still busy zapping and harassing Ed, and Ed spent more than 1 month trying to reduce or stop FBI SID remote control of Ed's computers.  Ed discovered that Microsoft has a large number of programs and software files built into the WinXP operating system that are designed to allow a technically skilled and knowledgeable person, aka a computer hacker, to run a Microsoft Windows XP computer by remote control.  Microsoft's main and most powerful WinXP remote control program is Terminal Services.  Terminal Services uses Microsoft's RDP Remote Desktop Protocol and is called by csrss.exe when WinXP starts.  Ed has so far been unable to totally remove Terminal Services from the WinXP operating system.  FBI SID worker alias Ditsy allegedly shifts to $45/hour only 40 hours/week plus overtime contract work and now is focusing specifically on illegal computer hacking work after Ed spent more than a month focusing on blocking illegal FBI SID computer hacking remote control of his computers.  At one point, alias Hitler was allegedly charging Jay and B2 around $10/hit for speed pills in one alleged 10K drug deal.
     Ed is aware that he might be killed by the FBI SID in retaliation for posting this data.  An FBI SID worker, possibly alias Hitler, said "Let's storm his {Ed's] home" at 3:57am 6/29/08. This web posting was blocked by FBI SID computer hacking from 4:28am-:5:09am 6/29/08, and links and revisions were added after 5:29am 6/29/08
Posted 7/9/08, after Ed's vulnerable crunch moving period.  Ed managed to attend day 1 and 3 of the ACLU convention in Washington, DC, but a sudden rare flat tire (that Ed suspects was probably caused by FBI SID covert vehicle sabotage) followed by FBI SID gangstalking and Ed's very tight budget prevented Ed from attending day 2 of the convention.  The FBI SID, aka COINTELPRO, did heavily sound-beam zap and presumably infiltrate the ACLU conference (including probably zapping at least 1 6/8/08 speaker and infiltrating the registration tables), but the ACLU did not choose to stand up to COINTELPRO this year.  An ACLU speaker did respond to FBI SID electronic harassment by stating on the afternoon of day 3 of the ACLU conference, 6/10/08, "We're not COINTELPRO, correct?"  On June 10, 2008, Ed lobbied with the ACLU, and managed to hand a Stop COINTELPRO card to Senator Ben Cardin and to very quickly distribute Stop COINTELPRO cards to a couple of dozen Senators' offices.  Jay Pendelton and the FBI SID did sound-beam the Senate Office building from approx. 3:15pm-5:30pm 6/10/08, and did zap 2 of more TV sets in Senators' offices, and one ACLU employee surprisingly also openly identified herself as a member of COINTELPRO in a congressional office.  Ironically, a DC Convention Center security guard, citing building anti-leafleting regulations, stopped Ed from exercising his First Amendment right to freely leaflet at the ACLU convention on June 10, 2008, and Ed never had the time to correct this violation of Ed's First Amendment rights on 6/10/08.  Ed is now a member of both Freedom from Covert Harassment and Surveillance and the ACLU.
Paid and unarrested FBI SID criminal perp Jay Pendelton starts illegal continuing 4 day illegal methamphetamine speed drug-fueled electronic warfare crime spree on May Day.  It began at approx 7:25pm May 1st just after Jay was worried about possible sexual harassment claims when Jay ranted to allegedly electronically sound harass May Day street protesters while also harassing Ed at home.  It included major daily sleep deprivation zap attacks, ranting sound harassment, electronic anti-brain zapping, computer hacking (opposed by anti-hacking work by Ed), and threats to dose Ed with LSD (a CIA mind control drug), death threats, and eviction threats.  Jay and B2, high on the illegal drug speed allegedly supplied on Friday 5/2/08 to Jay by FBI SID manager alias Hitler (who is alleged to be badge 614), and allegedly temporarily partially confiscated on Saturday by a different manager, went ballistic in a major electronic warfare rant attack on Friday, May 2, 2008.  At 8:29pm on Sunday, Ed recovered a day's worth of financial recordkeeping data that Jay trashed between Friday night and Sunday.  Ditsy allegedly intermittently walked off her illegal FBI SID job.  B2 complained about Jay's extreme behavior but kept working.  Ed's May plans have been slowed and temporarily pre-empted by Jay's extreme electronic harassment.
     Ed continued to use Process Explorer to try to understand and cripple FBI SID computer hacking programs by removing WinXP software components that are specifically essential to FBI SID hacking software.  Ed removed HKCU:Software:Resplendence Sprig Bookmarks from Ed's WinXP registry when it looked like it was assigning external Windows Server 2003 values to many definitions in the registry.  Ed also tried disabling one more WinXP service, distributed link tracking client, trkwks.exe, that looked like it might be essential to running a program that has components running on multiple PCs.  (Ed also became frustrated that rpct4.dll is not removable.)  Judging from FBI SID hacker chatter, these changes seemed to at least temporarily reduce FBI SID computer hacking power.  On Friday night, Ed removed suspected FBI SID spyware from one PC's c:\Documents and Settings\Ed\Local Settings\Temp directory.  These files included IMTA.xsl, IMT9.xsl, and IMT2.xsl.  If also included 1c.tmp, 16,384 bytes, that, according to the data displayed on Ed's Internet PC's screen, is probably 2[1].exe, described at
  Paid and unarrested criminal perps and FBI SID agents Jay Pendelton and B2, routinely high on FBI SID management supplied illegal methamphetamine speed, use illegal hi-tech electronic warfare attacks against Ed to deprive him of enough sleep for 3 days in a row, make death threats against Ed, and use hi-tech electronic anti-brain and anti-computer zapping and audible and subliminal sound harassment to interfere with, reduce, and slow down Ed's brainpower and computer processing power.  Ed is currently focusing on repairing his finances and life, including eBaying more assets at
  Ed's progress is dramatically slowed by routine FBI SID brain-disabling electronic warfare zaps and routine ranting or BS verbal harassment by FBI SID workers Jay and B2, almost always pumped up on illegal methamphetamine speed illegally sold to them by FBI SID management.  FBI SID death threats are routine.  (FBI SID workers even zapped Ed during his tax preparation work.)
     Ed managed to begin to partially cripple the FBI SID software/spyware crippling his computer using a 3 step process.  1. Ed used the free program Process Explorer to trace what FBI SID spyware is doing to his computer processes (viewing each process using the show lower pane view option and the lower pane view handles option).  2. Ed tried stripping RDP or remote data processing entries (like RDP_MOU and RDP_KBD) from the WinXP registry.  3. Ed tried deleting all rdp*.dll and all rdp*.sys files from WinXP.  Ed also made it a point to delete terminal services registry entries and dll and sys files.
     If you ever deal with hi-tech FBI SID-style hacking and remote-controlling of your computer, in addition to the standard precautions (hardware firewall, software firewall, antivirus software, anti-spyware and/or anti-rootkit software, etc.), you will also want to disable many automatic WinXP services, like secondary logon, fast-user switching, etc.  WinXP is designed to automatically allow authorized remote control acess to your PC in an office environment.  WinXP is not designed to provide maximum security for political dissidents targeted by repressive governments.
9:56am 3/31/08. 
FTP Internet access is restored after Ed loses 10 hours from 5:30pm 3/30/08-3:30am 3/31/08 first coping with FBI SID computer hacking attacks against his computer and then coping with what the FBI SID claims is an FBI SID denial of service attack against Ed's FTP Internet access.  Conflict starts over Jay's trying to block Ed's posting of ebay sales pictures to and escalates into a presumed FBI SID denial of service attack against Ed's FTP access to both and, where most of 1 page was knocked off the Internet from 12:27am-9:46am 3/31/08.  FBI SID workers again routinely allegedly resupplied with methamphetamine speed on Saturday 3/29/08.  FBI SID also started daily sleep deprivation zap attacks on 3/27/08 usually limiting Ed to only 5 hours of sleep.
FBI SID criminal perp Jay Pendelton, wasted on illegal methamphetamine speed pills resupplied to him on Sat. 3/22/08, launches Easter psywar harassment electronic warfare attack with B2, including a major sleep deprivation attack, anti- TV zaps, a claimed attempt by Jay to lock Ed up under some BS "preventive detention" rule, a false FBI SID claim that Hitler was fired for Easter, FBI SID readmissions of guilt for prior FBI SID crimes of torture, rape, and murder, and claims that 2 FBI  sham "oversight" workers walked off their jobs, 1 on Saturday night and 1 on Sunday, routine FBI SID fake/pirate media sound harassment of Ed's Easter TV viewing of Godspell and Kings of Kings and John Adams, FBI SID computer hacking, and Jay's claim that the FBI SID fake/pirate media dept. no longer wants to work with Jay's psywar team.  3/23/08 logfile notes are now posted.
All-day FBI SID electronic warfare and/or gangstalking harassment ends in a heavy zap and gangstalking FBI SID "knockout attempt" against Ed around midnight at a grocery store.
3/16/08-3/18/08 and continuing.
  FBI SID, specifically Jay and B2, launches pre-rally preemptive electronic warfare strike to cripple Ed during his rally prep time and during the Take Back America conference in DC.  FBI SID electronic warfare harassment becomes severe starting on Monday 3/17/08 and includes a major sleep deprivation attack on Monday night, a zapped nightmare, FBI SID death threats, a threat against a family member, a lockup at Guantanamo Bay threat, a FBI SID theft claim, an eviction threat, FBI SID dosing with LSD threats, an overt order from Jay at 2:04am 3/18/08 to dose Ed with LSD, and very light zapped electronic pain torture.  The FBI SID (specifically Jay and B2) also sarcastically mentioned the words "Satan", "devil" and "Lucifer" and B2 did an extremely brief mock Satanic invocation.  B2 claims Ditsy walked off the job at the FBI SID building after Jay did a (very brief) fantasy rape of her at 9:27pm 3/17/08 at their office.  Paid and unarrested FBI SID agents Jay Pendelton and B2, obviously high on FBI SID-supplied illegal methamphetamine speed, are the main criminal perps.  Also, Jay and B2 both earlier claimed that they raped Mooch, a female FBI SID boss, allegedly on 3/11/08.  (Both Jay and Mooch previously claimed they are HIV-positive.)

2/26/08.  FBI SID gets bored and decreases persecution levels while Ed makes slow progress at midwinter chores.  FBI SID death threats continue.  At 11pm Saturday night, 2/23/08, at their FBI SID office, Jay, B2, and Ditsy allegedly illegally buy $5,000 worth of methamphetamine speed at an estimated $5/hit from their boss, alias Hitler #2.  Ed gets a lot of FBI SID pressure to not note that a FBI SID manager nicknamed Hitler #2 is an alleged major FBI SID methamphetamine speed drug dealer.  (Ditsy allegedly swipes a lot of Jay's speed drug stash and it is soon allegedly swiped back.)  Ed decreases logging FBI SID electronic harassment to increase his productivity that is limited by FBI SID electronic harassment and zapping.
2/12/08-2/14/08.  Very heavy FBI SID methamphetamine speed illegal drug-fueled electronic warfare psywar harassment continues, but Ed manages to get some sleep and get some chores done.  FBI SID death threats and lock-up threats continue.
FBI SID escalates to heavy "kill routine" electronic warfare attack level with a major sleep deprivation attack, disabling and mean zaps and a ton of almost nonstop FBI SID psywar crap.  FBI SID workers took credit (truly/falsely) for knocking out the electrical power at Ed's house from 3:30pm 2/10/08-2:54am 2/11/08.  Jay and B2 both made explicit death threats against Ed.  2/11/08 logfile notes are now posted.
  FBI SID paid and unarrested electronic warfare psywar psychological torturers and illegal drug addicts Jay and B2 resume illegal methamphetamine speed drug-fueled full-scale electronic warfare psywar attack, crippling Ed's productivity.
Blatant FBI SID computer hacking attack from 7:28am-8:17am 2/8/08 by Jay Pendelton, FBI SID speed freak criminal perp, blocks Ed's income-producing work of updating a page at pointing to Ed's ebay auctions at EdsSurplus eBay store.  Jay calls his blatant computer hacking attack "standard Gestapo tactics" at 7:49am 2/8/08.  Jay makes a death threat at 7:20am 2/8/08 and launches a major all-day psywar electronic harassment attack with up to 5 FBI SID harassment workers, including an often strong all-day anger zap and anti-brain focus zaps that slows Ed's progress to a crawl and leaves Ed silently morally and nonviolently furious at Jay's torturing and crippling Ed and slowly strangling the time and money out of Ed's life.
Ed posts an initial draft version of in response to an FBI SID 2:20am-7:50am 2/6/08 electronic warfare harassment sleep deprivation attack and FBI SID death threats.
Jay's FBI SID team launches a major all day 8:54am-4:26pm psywar electronic harassment attack on Ed's birthday.
Ed fails to reduce FBI SID persecution to code orange levels because FBI SID agent Jay Pendelton, high on FBI SID supplied $4 a hit methamphetamine speed as usual, intermittently escalates his shamelessly illegal wide-ranging electronic harassment of Ed and Ed's computers into red alert levels.  FBI SID persecution included sleep deprivation attacks, computer hacking, death threats, a lot of weird FBI SID psywar crap, and heavy in-person FBI SID gangstalking.  Jay admitted at 5:58pm 1/14/08 that he previously tried to kill Ed electronically and Ditsy admitted at 3:15pm 1/13/08 that she previously planned to kill Ed electronically in the past.  Also, the cumulative cost of their methamphetamine speed drug habit drives FBI SID drug addicts Jay, B2, and Ditsy to consider reducing their speed consumption to save money.
1/5/08-1/12/08 and continuing:
FBI SID Threat Level CODE RED.  FBI SID agent Jay Pendelton, continually high on methamphetamine speed after at least 1 alleged huge FBI SID drug deal around noon on Jan. 4, 2008, repeatedly opts to escalate electronic warfare zap attacks against Ed's computers (and Ed), openly turns Ed's PCs into electronic warfare target practice targets, cripples Ed's computing capability, harasses and zaps Ed, and issues multiple death threats.  Ed tries to regain complete control of his PCs but instead only gets a better understanding of superior FBI SID electronic warfare firepower and remote controlled/wireless/beam computer hacking power.  Ed suspects that a covert.code spyware install was one tool the FBI SID used against him.  (Its install files are STCVTG.EXE and KEYGEN.EXE.)  Also, Jay repeatedly admitted he is HIV-positive, provoking a big argument at his FBI SID psywar office.  (Jay admitted this at 9:42pm 1/1/08, 12:57pm 1/2/08, 7:10pm 1/12/08, and other times.)
12/28/07: Ed discovers 8 FBI SID computer rootkit subdirectories D5F, D6F, D7F, dg5, dg6, dg7, dg15, and dg16, and an apparently FBI SID rootkit/spyware/malware file "INFO2" on Ed's 2 main PCs and/or one portable hard drive on 12/26/07-12/27/07.  FBI SID openly tries to destroy as much rootkit evidence as possible on 12/28/07 and Jay, high on methamphetamine speed, brags of obtaining even more powerful FBI hacking software and issues death threats at 4:33am and 12:34pm on 12/28/07.  FBI SID email theft (of mostly spam) is also routine.
     Ed discovered the FBI SID rootkit directories when he was trying to track down approx. 8GB of used but invisible space on one portable hard drive.  Ed used powerdesk pro's file finder *.* function to reveal the hidden directories after powerdesk pro's size manager software failed to spot the hidden data. Apparently, all the FBI SID rootkits hid data in subdirectories of a hidden "\recycled" root directory in addition to sometimes storing a few remaining files elsewhere.  Powerdesk 6.0 freeware could probably spot the data and the Ghost 12.0 recovery disk can also spot and copy or delete the data.  (However, Jay bragged about and demonstrated his ability to hack a Ghost 12.0 recovery disk, probably using spyware on a FBI SID rootkitted main hard drive.)
Ed is spending the winter at his current location.  Ed is focusing on personal chores and reorganization.  FBI SID illegal misconduct continues.
12/3/07: Full-scale FBI SID computer hacking attacks, including a probable FBI SID sabotage attack on a software download after very briefly blocked Internet access, knock out partial functionality on one of Ed's PCs and cost Ed hours in an effort to restore that functionality.
FBI SID claims, then denies, responsibility for 32 minute neighborhood power outage from 8:20pm-8:52pm 12/2/07.  (B2 admitted at 5:45pm 12/3/07 that Jay's zap caused it.)  Jay mentioned on 12/2/07 something about a zap to "fuck up" the power.  Jay/B2 claimed (maybe truthfully) that an FBI SID beam was shut off just before power returned to normal.  (Ed's power supply was also interrupted for a second at 6:13pm 12/3/07 while Ed was writing this.)
Allegedly abundant cheap FBI SID methamphetamine speed (as in 1,000-2,000 hits at $2/hit), allegedly supplied by the FBI SID's boss, nicknamed Hitler, fuels blatantly irresponsible criminal FBI SID electronic warfare/psywar attacks by FBI SID drug addicts Jay and Ditsy.  FBI SID crimes include illegal methamphetamine speed drug use, electronic sound and zap harassment, computer hacking attacks, electronic sleep deprivation attacks, light pain zaps with electronic weapons resumed by Jay, gangstalking, libel/slander, interfering with interstate commerce (repeatedly blocking a "no wait" rebate option), interference with wireless and regular Internet phones, daily assaults with probably medium range electronic beam weapons, and probably area-wide sound harassment with satellite-based sound beams.  Basically, Jay, wasted on speed, is turning Ed, Ed's computers, and Ed's Internet phones into targets for him to zap, sabotage, try to remotely control, slow down, abuse, and experiment on.  Jay's rampant methamphetamine speed consumption seems to have been recently temporarily halted at least twice by some other FBI SID workers/bosses, only to resume again with presumed FBI SID managerial permission.  Based on FBI SID statements, Ed concludes that there is probably a major methamphetamine speed drug use epidemic at the FBI SID.
Vending sales and generous donations at Power Shift 2007 on Nov. 3-4 provide Ed with some essential funding.  Thanks again for your very helpful donations.  Vehicle trouble after very heavy FBI SID weekend harassment prevents Ed from attending the Nov. 5 Power Shift 2007 rally at the U.S. Capitol.  An FBI SID sound beam zapped Ed's vending area intermittently on Sat. 11/3/07 and steadily on Sun. 11/4/07.  FBI SID electronic warfare harassment was so severe that Ed could not sleep at all on Sat. night 11/3/07 and severe zapping by Jay on Sunday 11/4/07 almost electronically forced Ed to puke into a toilet.  The FBI SID hacked Ed's home PC on 11/3/07 and briefly shut down Ed's Internet access on 11/7/07.  Ed slept a lot on 11/6/07.
Repeated continuing FBI SID speed drug fueled electronic warfare attacks during both night and day prevent Ed from making much progress in accomplishing his goals.  Ed will post again within 5 days.  10/29/07-10/31/07 logfile notes are now posted.
One technical correction: Jim Guest, an elected representative who broadcasts at, did mention TIs (targeted individuals) and take 2-3 phone calls from TIs on Oct. 22, 2007, and initially planned a show about TIs on Oct. 29, 2007.  However, the plans changed and a recorded at least 56-person more than 2 hour TI conference call took place on Oct. 29, 2007 instead.  (Thus, an Oct. 29, 2007 TI conference call was held instead of an initially planned TI call-in radio show.)
10/27/07 6:05pm:
Ed restores Internet access after reinstalling a clean Internet PC hard drive software configuration, resetting a router, and changing the router's presumably blocked IP address.  Ed will post again within 5 days.
10/27/07 1:45am: FBI SID Threat Level CODE RED based on Jay's denial of Internet service attack.  This is soon followed by anti-computer zapping, repeated SDAs (sleep deprivation attacks), ranting, psywar crap, and death threats.  Here's the actual FBI SID psywar crap raw data from my 10/27/07 logfile notes.
10/24/07: Ed is focusing on economic survival, tight budgeting, reorganization, and repairs.  Ed finally successfully repaired his moped that broke on 10/4/07 on 10/21/07 by installing a good used replacement engine.  Ed also replaced a probably FBI SID sabotaged broken backup digicam on 10/23/07.
     FBI SID persecution including nonstop electronic harassment and routine paid gangstalking continues unstopped despite FBI SID managers' complaints, repeated attempts to fire Jay, allegedly one FBI oversight manager quitting his assignment to monitor Jay, and increased FBI SID psywar harassment worker frustration.  2 1/2 years of overt psywar conflict is apparently starting to wear people out.  Jay, B2, and Ditsy grow reliant on bulk $2/hit speed pills allegedly supplied by FBI SID's boss, nicknamed Hitler, who is himself an alleged speed addict and drug dealer.
     Sept. 15, 2007 and Sept. 29, 2007 peace rallies in Washington DC include open electronic warfare psywar sound harassment that is openly labeled "psywar" by at least one Sept. 15, 2007 rally speaker.  A new COINTELPRO announces its presence with "Join COINTELPRO" comments on Sept. 15, 2007.
     Due to logistical limitations, primarily extreme FBI SID electronic sound harassment and paid FBI SID gangstalking, Ed might not be at the Oct. 27,2007 and the Nov.16-18, 2007 protests.
     One technical correction: FBI SID probably stands for FBI Special Investigative Division, not FBI Special Investigation Division.  The FBI SID used the term "Investigative" on 5/19/07 and the term "Investigation" after that.  (The 1975-1976 Church Committee Reports include the FBI SID in the FBI's organization chart, but for some reason the word "Investigative" was half-erased more than 30 years ago during a Congressional investigation into government misconduct and corruption.)
9/6/07 2:45pm: Ed settles in after 6 days of moving extra gear to self storage.  FBI SID workers Jay, B2, and Ditsy continue electronic harassment and get very irresponsibly illegally indulgent with sex and drugs. 
     Here are the very weird true details of recent FBI SID irresponsible criminal misbehavior.  At 8:02am 9/4/07 B2 said "B2 and Ditsy did it [had sex] in front of Jay, then Jay raped Ditsy."  (This allegedly occurred after a very strong FBI SID 4:45am 9/4/07 horniness zap.)  At 4:46pm 9/4/07 Ditsy said "Hallelulah!  I got out of the assignment" (allegedly assigned by a new relatively uncorrupt FBI SID manager for Ditsy to honesty document any and all rapes of Ditsy by Jay).  At 12:08pm 9/5/07, Ditsy and then B2 both claimed "Jay bought the speed [1,000 speed pills at $4/hit, according to Jay] from Hitler [the alias/nickname used by the FBI SID's boss]."  FBI SID workers also claimed birth control was not used on 9/4/07.
9/2/07 11:10am:
Ed keeps very busy moving gear to self-storage.  Obnoxious meth amphetamine speed-fueled FBI SID electronic warfare harassment intensifies, and includes oversleeping Ed, obnoxious evil obscenities, anti-neighborhood sound harassment, zapping Ed into incapacitating sleepiness at night, one major hunger zap, etc.  Continued FBI SID use of the evil word rape provokes strong rebukes from Ed.  Ed will post again within 3-4 days.
8/29/07 11:50pm:
Ed is scrambling to move much of his gear to self-storage after landlord overrules written sublease 9 days after it is signed and instructs Ed to remove much of his gear.  Ed will need to reduce gear to prevent excessive combined rent and self-storage costs.  FBI SID harassment, both electronic and in-person, is surprisingly strong.  Ed will post again within 3 days.
8/23/07 8am:
Moving in a hurry underway.  FBI SID persecution continues.. Ed will post again within 3 days.
8/20/07 3am:
Intensive last-minute househunting underway.  FBI SID anti-househunting electronic harassment continues.  Ed will post again with 3 days.
8/17/07 1am:
Ed plans crunch househunting Friday-Sunday and expects continued heavy blatantly obnoxious criminal FBI SID electronic warfare harassment.  Ed scrambles to set up instant Internet access after being told of an immanent Internet service shutdown.  FBI SID electronic warfare harassment intensifies and includes major daily sleep deprivation attacks.  For example, at 10:42am 8/16/07, just after Ed returns from picking up an Internet access self-install kit after only getting 2 hours sleep, a street sweeper suddenly appears and is zapped by an FBI SID sound beam and starts LOUDLY blaring FBI SID psywar harassment as it drives around the neighborhood.
8/14/07 1am:
Jay brings 150 speed pills from his self-admitted large home stash to fuel increased criminal FBI SID psywar harassment, including major daily time-delaying sleep deprivation zap attacks, computer hacking attacks, rant attacks, and a few death threats.  Ed focuses all available time on last-minute househunting for the fall.  Ed will post again with 3 days.
8/11/07 2am:
Ed's fall househunting begins under time-delaying strong FBI SID electronic harassment.  Ed will post again within 3 days.
8/8/07 2am:
Ed fixes broken PC and restores Internet access but loses critical crunch househunting time.  FBI SID speed and money fueled criminals led by Jay continue anti-computer zap attacks and threats and attempt to block safe Internet access and website posting.  Ed will post again within 3 days if possible.
8/7/07 2am:
40 hours into unending criminal anti-computer zap attacks, FBI SID knocks out 1 computer.
8/6/07: FBI SID Threat Level: CODE RED:
FBI SID Electronic Warfare attacks delay Ed's critical time-crunched househunting for the fall that will begin ASAP.  Ed regains computing power 37 hours after major criminal FBI SID anti-computer zap attacks.
July 2007: Jay, consistently abusive and high on speed, escalates his criminal anti-computer zap attacks and zap-hack attacks in his attempt to remotely control Ed's PC, crush Ed, and delay Ed at every opportunity.
7/12/07 4pm-after 7/13/07 2am Jay, high on both speed and prozac, launches reckless all-day criminal hacking and psywar attack, including using the trojan horse svcost.exe in an attempt to install/upgrade an FBI SID rootkit on Ed's PC.  Ed is stuck defending his PC instead of selling assets at eBay.
7/12/07 4pm-after 7/13/07 2am
Jay, high on both speed and prozac, launches reckless all-day criminal hacking and psywar attack, including using the trojan horse svcost.exe in an attempt to install/upgrade an FBI SID rootkit on Ed's PC.  Ed is stuck defending his PC instead of selling assets at eBay.
6/27/07 1:30pm-7/12/07 4pm: Ed is back to personal summer projects, including getting organized, selling assets at eBay, and preparing to look for a new place to live this summer and fall.
6/26/07: ACLU human rights rally report Ed set up his first improvised full-scale anti-psywar/anti-electronic warfare information display with multiple articles and web pages documenting hi-tech electronic harassment.  A few people introduced themselves as electronic harassment victims, and a few people took Ed's small "Stop COINTELPRO 2007" and "Help Keep America Free: Zero-Fund the FBI SID" mini-signs.  Someone dropped off 2 copies of a mini-leaflet calling for an end to electronic harassment, with a link for the full anti-electronic harassment flyer.
     The stage where 6 congressmen later spoke was briefly zapped by COINTELPRO sound beams around 11:35am 6/26/07 and additional psywar sound beam zapping occurred less than 2 blocks north of the U.S. Capitol building during and after the rally. (Psywar harassment was probably lighter due to the presence of 6 congressmen, the ACLU, and the rally's human rights theme.)  There were some impromptu "Stop COINTELPRO!" yells from the human rights crowd, and one loud "Join COINTELPRO!" reply from one obnoxiously vocal secret policeman, presumably an FBI SID worker.  When Dennis Kucinich started his rousing speech, Ed yelled one time "Ban electronic weapons, please!  Please ban electronic weapons!" 
(Ed was referring to Kucinich's Space Preservation Act  of 2001 that attempted to ban all non-lethal mind control and other exotic weapons in space, including "psychotronic", "mind control" and other "exotic" weapons.  Unfortunately, the provision banning electronic weapons was dropped and did not appear in the 2002, 2003, and 2005 versions of The Space Preservation Act.)  After the rally, Ed recognized one person whom he thought he had seen before who was acting like an FBI SID harasser.
     Despite electronic psywar harassment to and from the rally after prior FBI SID sleep deprivation zap attacks and many cars with familiar license plates driving past, including one black SUV that looked just like the one that harassed Ed on the street in Capitol Hill a few years ago, no major incidents that involved Ed took place.
6/25/07 8:09pm-6/27/07 1:30pm: FBI SID Threat Level: CODE RED.  2nd FBI SID SDA (zapped sleep deprivation attack) since Sun. night leaves Ed with only 2 hrs. sleep before Tuesday rally.  (Ed was also only allowed 4:45 sleep between Sun.-1pm Mon.)

6/25/07: In preparation for the ACLU's 6/26/07 human rights rally in DC at the US Capital, here a brief summary of what Ed has learned about hi-tech "top-secret" U.S. government psywar, including his plans to survive FBI SID psywar persecution.  Here is brief info about 2 key points:
1. Ed's plans to survive FBI SID psywar persecution.
2. A brief introduction to psywar info on the Internet.

1. Ed's psywar survival plans.
     While Ed would love to press forward with the critical issue of electronic warfare or psywar soon, he is instead choosing a CYA survival-oriented approach.  His major personal issues include:
1. Getting better organized.
     2. Trying to reduce daily FBI SID psywar persecution. 
The FBI SID's psywar team leader, Jay Pendelton, is a sadistic abusive hard-ass psywar goon who refuses to retire and who sometimes admits to being afraid of being held responsible for his actions in the future.  FBI SID workers alias B2 and alias Ditsy would like to relax at least a little for the summer, but Jay and presumably Jay's bosses believe in constant daily psywar persecution.
     3. Trying to balance his budget with a very limited and overstretched budget. 
Psywar persecution has reduced personal productivity while requiring additional expenses for 5-HTP, moving, security, and moped maintenance.
     4. Waiting around 1 year for an official rejection of social security disability benefits. 
It is taking social security around 1 year to provide their formal paperwork rejecting Ed's comprehensive 50-100 page application for social security disability benefits after initially rejecting much of Ed's naturopathic medicine and psywar victim info evidence and declining to even conduct a routine social security medical examination.  Ed plans to request that social security reconsider their rejection of Ed's social security disability application.
     5. Reducing personal gear to make moving 3 times a year easier.
  This process has been underway since Dec. 2006 whenever Ed has time for it.  Ed is an ex-homeowner who still has more possessions than he can easily haul around from house to house and easily store at any house he moves to.
     6. Trying to simplify moving 3 times a year. 
Ed is trying to streamline the initially stressful and time-consuming process of househunting and moving 3 times a year, while trying to dodge heavy FBI SID psywar zapping, sound harassment, and persecution as cheaply, easily, quickly, and safely as possible.  FBI SID psywar persecution really complicates this process and causes Ed to move every 3-5 months.
     Donations are always welcome, very helpful, and very, very much appreciated.  I'd like to thank everyone who donated money to Ed while he's vending buttons and bumperstickers at social change rallies and I'd also like to thank in advance everyone who is considering making a donation in the future.  Thanks!   You can also donate electronically by donating to at

2. A brief introduction to psywar info on the Internet.
     Electronic warfare, aka psywar, psychotronic warfare, mind control, remote neural monitoring (RNM), non-lethal weapons, and various other names, is an amazing story of U.S. government top secret cold war unconventional sound manipulation and anti-brain weapons research and development gone completely awry and out of control.  The same technological revolution that brought TVs and stereos, computers, the Internet, and satellite TV also brought amazingly still officially "top secret" sound beam and anti-brain weapons routinely aimed and used against a small number of targeted individuals (or TIs) in America and the world, and routinely aimed against the loudspeakers of some large social change rallies.

     There is a wealth of information about anti-brain electronic warfare in America, most of it from survivors' websites.  Hundreds of psywar victims have at least briefly posted their stories on the Internet, but the top secret details about exactly who is zapping victims with precisely what zapping technology are either missing or speculation.  (Ed's psywar harassers routinely describe themselves as FBI SID or COINTELPRO, but apparently most psywar harassers want complete anonymity.)  Here's a quick summary:
     1. FACT SHEET: DRAFT VERSION (Still Under Revision): Non-lethal Electronic Warfare-- Possible Electronic Attacks Against Individuals vs. Personal Privacy and Security in the 21st Century, a draft article by Ed Harding, explains how increasing technology is undermining everyone's privacy.  It also provides a quick introduction to the electromagnetic spectrum.
     2.  The first American national human rights anti-electronic-warfare-persecution and/or torture rally was held on June 17, 2006.  One of the sponsoring groups was Freedom from Covert Harassment and Surveillance at http://www.freedomfchs.comA previous national rally attempt was rained out on Oct. 8, 2005.
     3.  The best most recent article documenting claims of electronic warfare/psywar persecution and/or torture is Thought Wars (also titled "Mind Games", by Sharon Weinberger, published Jan. 14, 2007 in The Washington Post. This article is posted at  Also, a 200dpi 75MB pdf version and a 100dpi 19MB pdf version of Thought Wars are posted at
     4.  An excellent scholarly introduction to psywar and mind control is the Mind Control Information Center at
     5. One of the leading electronic warfare survivors' websites is, by Eleanor White, who lives in Canada.  Note her list of more than 100 documented persecution victims at the bottom of her main website page.
     6.  An excellent academic website on psywar is , previously CAHRA, by Cheryl Welsh.
     7. A list of more than 500 psywar/mind control survivors and their brief stories can be found at 
(Their listing for EdH is not Ed Harding, by the way.)
     8. The well known left-wing news watchdog group Project Censored has begun to address this issue, producing the article US Electromagnetic Weapons and Human Rights in Dec. 2006.  (They sent Ed an email requesting additional info when they wrote their article.)
     9. Journalist Will Thomas investigated U.S. military psywar or electronic psychological warfare in Iraq and wrote Microwaving Iraq and a more detailed for sale report Bad Vibes in Baghdad (ebook for sale for $7.99).  Will Thomas reports in Bad Vibes in Baghdad that Shiite militia leader Sadr was one U.S. army mind control (or at least thinking disorientation) target in Iraq.
     10. A 10/05 article on discussions about the military use of electronic warfare, including U.S. military use of electronic warfare in Iraq.  His Early Warnings article, "Microwaves, Lasers, Retired Generals for Sale" states:
      "The buzz on the floor [at "this week's Association of the United States Army (AUSA) Annual Meeting & Exposition at the Washington Convention Center"] was "directed energy" laser, high-powered microwaves, and acoustic weapons that are getting a boost from the prolonged fighting in Iraq.  Supporters are hoping that these new exotic technologies will help in the battle against improvised explosive devices and in countering snipers and hidden insurgents.
     Directed energy is also the star of this week's Air Force Futures Game 05, being held at Booz Allen Hamilton in Herndon. The game, which posits a major war in the 2025 time frame, has high powered microwave and laser weapons zapping the bad guys."
     11. An alleged NSA psywar mind-control manual using electronic warfare/psywar technology has already been leaked on the Internet. 
Note: the FBI SID's covert dirty psywar program is much meaner and probably much more extensive than NSA's limited psywar program allegedly documented on the Internet.  (Also, the appended Newshawk article does NOT appear to be hard documented evidence.)
     12. Believe it or not, it is now top secret scientific fact that advanced electronic psywar technology includes the ability to extremely precisely zap electronic impulses into the targeted individual's brain and central nervous system, mimicking many CNS (central nervous system) nerve cell to brain messages, presumably some CNS brain to nerve cell messages, and the brain's internal hearing and thinking processes.  This includes the ability to zap thoughts into a person's brain and to remotely electronically order the central nervous system to feel a wide range of sensations (including happiness, stress, fear, and/or depression) and/or electronically issue brain-to-human muscle commands that were previously the exclusive domain of the targeted individual's brain.
     Basically, top secret scientific research cracked the electronic code of the human CNS (central nervous system) and allows brain zappers equipped with state-of-the-art brain zapping technology to remotely zap the target's brain and CNS (central nervous system) in a way similar to an elaborate electronic remote control device zapping and remotely controlling different electronic remotely controlled machines.  It results in dual control (remote control plus control by the targeted individual's or TI's brain) of the TI's CNS.
     13. Believe it or not, it is now top secret scientific fact that a targeted individual's brain waves can be remotely monitored and the targeted individual's previously private thoughts can be swiped be U.S. federal government workers using advanced psywar or mind reading technology.  (Also, this top-secret technology has existed for at least 15-25 years, definitely since 1992 and probably since 1982 or even before 1982.)
     14. Using this technology, remotely conducted brain zapping and subliminal message instructions now make electronic "mind control" a new technological reality.  (FBI SID worker Jay Pendelton, for example, said at 12:44pm on 6/23/07, "...I am a mind controller", and he earns more than $100k/year to electronically whisper abusive/evil/BS subliminal mind control crap into Ed's ear.)
     15. Remote neural monitoring, or RNM, is the technology one psywar/mind control victim claims that NSA has used against him.  FBI SID workers Jay, B2, and Ditsy have claimed more than once that their technology is similar in that they can usually only zap and affect one major sense (for example, touch, taste, or sight) at once.
     16. In addition to Ed Harding, Charles Ansellem and James F. Marino also claim to be victims of FBI SID psywar.  Both Charles Ansellem and James F. Marino have a lot of complaints about FBI psywar persecution.  Most psywar victims have no idea who persecuted them.
     17. NSA psywar victim John St. Clair Akwei managed to file a lawsuit against NSA after being a NSA electronic warfare victim beginning in 10/90.  (The family of deceased psywar victim Frank Olsen, who died after being dosed with LSD by MKULTRA, was eventually provided $750,000 in compensation by Congress decades later.)
     18. Some self-described victims of what they perceived as alien UFO encounters, at "Stop Alien Abductions" or, for example, may well have been victims of U.S. or other government's top secret psywar programs.  The webmaster of describes a "telepathy war" that sounds remarkably like covert U.S. government psywar, and he even describes very primitive velostat carbon-based EMF shielding to protect a "telepathy war" or psywar victim's brain.
     19. According to Spectrum International Intelligence Network, 3 US states, Massachusetts, Maine, and Michigan, have anti-electronic harassment laws.  Other laws on the books could be used against electronic warfare psywar zappers/criminals but almost always are not used at this point in time.
     Also, according to, there is a "2001 Russian law banning electromagnetic weapons".  (But that doesn't guarantee 100% compliance with that law in Russia.)
     20. The Space Preservation Act, initially proposed by Congressman Kucinich in 2001, attempted to ban all non-lethal mind control and other exotic weapons in space, specifically attempting to ban "psychotronic", "mind control" and other "exotic" weapons from space.  The 2002, 2003, and 2005 versions of The Space Preservation Act do not specifically include "mind control" weapons in the list of weapons prohibited in space.
     21. claims that U.S. satellites play an important role in psywar and claims that U.S. satellites beam sound harassment at targeted individuals and locations.  Ed has been targeted with overt sound beam harassment 24/7/365 for more than 2 years and he believes it is very probable that at least some of this sound beam harassment is U.S. satellite-based.
     22. Spectrum International Intelligence Network at is one of the security agencies that deal with electronic harassment (usually for a very hefty fee).
     23. Some TI's (targeted individuals) find plenty of time to think and speculate about electronic warfare self-defense.  For example, see and Protection from Neuro-Electromagnetic Frequency Mind Control Weapons at Project Freedom Human Rights Watch at
     24. offers scientific electromagnetic shielding equipment.  The best EMF brain-shielding Ed has found is a Silvertex deluxe anti EMI Smog Hood Device and the best EMF brain shielding cap is from  (Caution.  Summer sweat will stain the silvertex hood.  You might be able to request a slightly more expensive product made with stain-free fabric.)  Ed likes the Silvertex hood because you can use a hair pin to keep it snugly fitting around the entire brain, including the brainstem where brain-body interaction in managed.  A carbon-x or similar carbon-based firefighter's hood might provide some additional carbon-based EMF shielding.  EMF brain shielding helps reduce, but does not eliminate, the effects of psywar brain-zapping.
     Carbon-based EMF shielding dampens and reduces EMF.  Metal/metal fabric shielding reflects EMF. 
(The $2.2 billion radar-evading US Air Force B-2 Stealth bomber, for example, is produced using carbon-based material instead of metal.)  Thus, carbon-based shielding reduces the radar-style profile of a target, while metal shielding, while partially blocking EMF from zapping the target, increases the radar-style profile of a target (while probably decreasing the electronically readable quality of EMF bounced off of it).  
     Also, EMF electronic waves are shielded by normal EMF shielding, EMF magnetic waves function differently and are only stopped by magnetic shielding.  Apparently, a certain amount of psywar brain zapping probably uses EMF magnetic waves.
     Shielding the human brain from electronic and/or magnetic EMF reduces the effects of EMF zapping and can lead to a targeted individual feeling more focused and less disoriented by psywar zapping.  But please bear in mind that the zappers can simply increase the strength of the zap and/or modify the zap and that total brain and total 100% CNS EMF shielding (including the face, eyes, nose, and mouth, and entire body) is usually impractical.  Partial brain EMF shielding seems practical and helpful for targeted individuals.
     At this point in time Ed is unaware of any EMF shielding guaranteed to block electronic mind-reading.  Any EMF shielding theoretically capable of doing so would have to block electronic and magnetic EMF, and would probably need to cover the entire brain with provisions for breathing, seeing, and at least intermittently eating and drinking.  This EMF shielding might need to cover the complete CNS in the entire body, too.

6/7/07: Ed has moved into his summer home.  Strong FBI SID psywar persecution continues.  (FBI SID psywar persecution seems to peak when Ed moves into a new home, then diminish within 10 days.)
5/28/07 10:40am: Ed is successfully moving.  Jay launches 2:48 sleep deprivation attack after Ed gets 3:50 sleep.  At 9:41am, Jay states "This is Jay's job to torture people to death."  B2 disagrees and complains.  Ditsy disagrees.
5/23/07 3:59pm:
Ed reconfigures his router's MAC and IP addresses to regain reliable Internet access.
5/23/07: 2:20pm :
FBI SID shuts down Ed's Internet access by blocking only Ed's router.
5/22/07 10:40pm-5/23/07 6:45am:
An all night 8 hour FBI SID sleep deprivation attack and at least one death threat from Jay.
5/20/07 9:15pm:
Ed's restores his Internet access after FBI SID criminal hacker Ditsy states at 5:20pm she intends to shut down Ed's Internet connection for a long time.  At 5:51pm Jay/B2 said "...we have to destroy you."
5/20/07 3:43pm:
Jay's FBI SID criminal electronic warfare team attempts to prevent website postings and does so.
FBI SID speed drug-fueled sound harassment and late-night sleep deprivation attacks eclipse Ed's prime househunting time during weekend and daylight hours.  Additional criminal FBI SID psywar political dirty tricks and anti-renting harassment predicted.  The harassment is targeted at Ed, but Ed's new roommates at his soon-to-be-found summer rental location will probably be subjected to some very survivable obnoxious hi-tech FBI SID sound harassment also.  Your FBI SID tax dollars at work.
5/19/07: Unprecedented very LOUD FBI SID fake media sound harassment from one neighbor's yard from 1:32pm-after 11pm preempts househunting calls.  (At least some professional FBI SID stalkers and harassers attended this neighbor's first outdoor event, featuring LOUD FBI SID fake media sound harassment.  For comparison, month's ago, college student neighbors held a sociable outdoor backyard volleyball game.)
5/18/07 3:40pm:
Ed managed to sleep for 5 hours between 6:40am-1:10pm.
5/18/07 5:30am:
Jay, still coming down from speed, escalates FBI SID criminal psywar attack with all night sleep deprivation attack, death threats,  and some distractingly weird nuisance/light torture zaps, primarily itchiness zaps.
Ed waits for his persecutors, the speed drug-crazed "psywar" zapping, sound harassing, and ranting FBI SID criminals, to sober up before Ed visits the best housing prospects he has found on the Internet.  Ed also posts a 200dpi 75MB pdf version and a 100dpi 19MB pdf version of Thought Wars (also titled "Mind Games"), a long Jan. 14, 2007 Washington Post article on psywar.
FBI SID tones down psywar while Ed waits to retry househunting tomorrow.
FBI SID Threat Level: CODE RED.  Outrageously offensive, blasphemous, slanderous, and threatening FBI SID sound harassment electronic zap attacks (aka "psy war") make Ed's critical househunting extremely difficult.  Ed suspects FBI SID stalkers already moved into his first choice for a cheap and easy local move before him.  Moped probably sabotaged but functional.  (Ed found a cut moped speedometer cable after noticing a non-working speedometer and a partially deflated rear tire.)  Internet connection still working.  Heavy duty FBI SID intimidation efforts underway.  FBI SID sleep deprivation zap attacks are now routine.  5/15/07-5-16/07 logfile notes are now posted.
5/13/07: FBI SID criminal Jay Pendelton, high on speed, continues major FBI SID sleep deprivation zap attacks into second evening to sabotage Ed's househunting.5/4/07: Ed is almost ready to start househunting again.
The FBI SID openly electronically harassed the loudspeaker system at the Save Darfur rally in front of the White House.  The rally was sponsored by the Save Darfur coalition and Amnesty International USA.
  (After that, 2pm 4/30/07-5/4/07 was relatively peaceful, while Ed slept, rested, and did chores and planning work.)
4/29/07 details:  After Ed learned of the 4/29/07 Save Darfur rally in front of the White House on Friday night, 4/27/07, Ed's Internet connection promptly stopped working on Saturday morning, 4/28/07 after an FBI SID sleep deprivation attack after an elaborate FBI SID dream.  The FBI SID claimed they shut down Ed's Internet connection indefinitely.  Ed's internet connection was finally fixed 3 long days later.  Despite unprecedented light police harassment on Saturday, 4/28/07, FBI SID sleep deprivation attacks, and an impressive cumulative display of FBI SID zap, sound harassment, and FBI SID fake media harassment power, Ed did make it to the Save Darfur rally. It was one of many local rallies, and only around 500 people were at the rally.  On Ed's way to the rally, he compared the FBI SID to Sudan's janjaweed.
     Initially Jay, B2, and Ditsy backed off from zapping the Save Darfur rally (since the Darfur genocide is a terrible tragedy), but the FBI SID managed to zap the loudspeakers and harass the rally.  It was most noticeable during the musical entertainment breaks. 
(Probably the 2 most offensive sound harassments zapped into the rally loudspeakers were 1) a pissed off FBI SID black fake media worker cursing "Suck my cock!", and 2) a subliminal or semi-subliminal "Hang you, hang you, hang you!" message zapped into some loud music.  While B2 claims the "Hang you!" subliminal message was zapped into the loudspeaker, Ed believes it might have been a zapped subliminal message specifically targeting Ed only, since Ed doesn't know how FBI SID music subliminal message technology works.)
     Rally speaker reaction was, as usual, mixed.  (Some speakers have learned at least some of the real story of FBI SID electronic warfare and harassment, and many haven't.)  The most unusual speaker comment was an afterthought added by one speaker (probably the evangelical Christian) after his speech.  He said "Psywar sacred."  Ed interpreted his comment to mean "[In a] psywar [, fight in a] sacred [not profane, manner]."
     (The next day, the word "zap" managed to appear in a Washington Post page A1 headline (Fluorescent Bulbs are known to zap domestic tranquility.)  Ed guesses they are still warming up to reporting the amazing hi-tech zapping that is happening now.)
     Ed, a few minutes after being purposefully delayed by an FBI SID trick on his way home from the rally, passed a car crash (possibly staged by the FBI SID) that one man standing at the crash used the draw rare police attention to Ed (and the annoyingly loud FBI SID sound beam hitting Ed's moped).  Next, minutes later, Ed had to again drive by police cars (4, this time) while the annoyingly loud FBI SID sound beam kept zapping Ed's moped.  This was the first time Ed recalls that this problem had escalated to this level this year.
     At around 8pm 4/29/07, FBI SID electronic zapping and sound harassment grew severe.  By 8:31pm, B2, high on speed and prozac, claimed "This is a kill routine...".  Ed was told on Sunday night 4/29/07 that many FBI SID workers were in full psywar attack mode.  At 1am, 4/30/07, a rare $20 million dollar, 3 alarm fire started at DCs Eastern Market.  Around noon, 4/30/07, another rare $20 million dollar, 3 alarm fire started at DC's Georgetown library.  Hmm.  Ed's FBI SID persecutors were surprised when FBI SID stalkers backed off on Monday morning, and then they stopped their heavy persecution, claiming that if other [FBI SID] people weren't following [attack] orders, they wouldn't either.
     After a weekend of strong persecution, 2pm Monday 4/30/07 - Friday 5/4/07 was relatively peaceful, while Ed slept, rested, and did chores and planning work.
4/18/07: FBI SID Electronic Warfare persecution by Jay, B2, and Ditsy, fueled by new abundantly cheap $4/hit speed pills, becomes very vicious today.  Also, B2 casually alleged (probably falsely) at approx. 8:01pm 4/18/07 that "...Jay is raping her [Ditsy], actually."
: Bad weather (very strong wind and intermittent light rain) canceled part 2 of the DC Voting Rights March, so Ed missed the cancelled 4pm rally.  Ed's Internet connection was shut down before the march, and was working again after the march.
FBI SID, aka COINTELPRO, seriously disrupts the March on the Pentagon loudspeaker system from at least around 9:30am-noon using Electronic Warfare or "psywar" technology and probably agent provocateurs.
3/17/07 Details [logged later on 5/4/07]: Unfortunately, Ed has been too busy to describe FBI SID harassment at this rally in detail.  It was an unusual day, from the initial taxi driver who said around 8:40am he didn't have "[FBI SID code word for kill] duty" into his cell phone, to obvious FBI SID fake media harassment, to some incredibly stupid and evil words from the loudspeaker singing about "rape" power, a point a feminist speaker soon appropriately totally repudiated by asking "Does anyone here rape?" to a silent crowd, to some political button shoppers who seemed like they were probably FBI SID agent provocateurs (at least one of whom predicted Ed's death using the standard FBI SID code word for the murder or death of a targeted individual), to some fake holy roller morons along the march route yelling a lot, including yelling "We're COINTELPRO!", the FBI SID did far too much to disrupt International Answer's March to the Pentagon pre-rally.
     Since Ed added the solid documentation of the 1/14/07 Washington Post Magazine article Mind Games (labeled "Thought Wars" on the cover of the 1/14/07 Washington Post magazine), by Sharon Weinberger, on hi-tech electronic persecution, now called "psy war" at the FBI SID, just before going the rally, this was the first rally where many first-time viewers of Ed's electronic warfare documentation could instantly begin to assimilate instead of reject the electronic warfare data and acknowledge it as very weird but true.  The Washington Post article added a lot of instant credibility to Ed's documentation.
     Also, Cindy Sheehan, speaking at the pre-rally, added in a FBI SID code word to describe TIs (Targeted Individuals) targeted by the FBI SID who are demanding their freedom from electronic zapping, harassment, and persecution, in her list of people and groups at the rally.
     Ed arrived at the Pentagon late, and was almost instantly acknowledged by the speakers, including once by first name, when a speaker noted "Ed is with us."
     The next day, Sunday, 3/18/07, the lead Washington Post story was not the March on the Pentagon.  It was "Amid Concerns, FBI Lapses Went On".  The day after that, on Monday, 3/19/07, the lead Washington Post editorial told President Bush to replace U.S. Attorney General Gonzales.  (Ed believes one of Gonzales's duties is oversight of the FBI.)
     The day after that, on 3/20/07, the Washington Post ran a page A2 article, Up in Smoke At the Supreme Court, about some very strange Supreme Court behavior that leads Ed to suspect that U.S. Supreme Court justices might be being zapped by the FBI SID or some other organization with zapping/mind control/mind influence weapons.  In particular, Ed had been zapped with the evil FBI SID thought-prompt message "rape is fun" a few days earlier.  Then the Washington Post reports Supreme Court justice Kennedy saying "Rape is fun?", the same skeptical thought that popped into Ed's brain during an FBI SID psywar attack designed to pollute Ed's mind with FBI SID bullshit.
2/7/07: Webmaster is settling in to his new 4-month home despite continued blatantly obnoxious around the clock FBI SID electronic warfare sound harassment (and other hi-tech zap harassment).  He is keeping very busy, and expects to attend the March 17, 2007 March on the Pentagon.
NOTE: On 1/14/07, the Washington Post finally ran their first story, Mind Games, by Sharon Weinberger, on hi-tech electronic persecution, now called "psy war" at the FBI SID.  Also, at the national 1/27/07 peace rally, more people noticed FBI SID (aka "COINTELPRO") electronic sound harassment.
1/27/07 details: The FBI SID transpondered/zapped a helicopter circling the peace rally at the mall and presumably the main rally loudspeakers (and maybe the main stage) also.  FBI SID sound beam technology was used to turn the chopper into a de facto FBI SID loudspeaker.  During a long very high tech "psy-war"-style interaction from 11am-after 4pm, part of the interaction focused on Ed's proposed 3-part solution to the FBI SID's "psy-war" illegal dirty covert psychological warfare mess: 1) A full truth commission report on FBI SID psy-war from 1979-2007 (modeled in part after the official Rights in Conflict report on the 1968 Chicago police riot and in part after Argentina's post secret police rule human rights truth commission), 2) full amnesty [for all FBI SID crimes] for all FBI SID workers (including independent contractors) who co-operate and tell their full story to the truth commission, and 3) full victim restitution for all FBI SID psy-war victims [including the seriously ill and the deceased].  3 overworked and overstressed FBI SID workers, Jay Pendelton, B2, and Ditsy, while coping with an illegal secret police job ordering them to electronically harass tens of thousands of peace protesters on little sleep (and reduced rations of their favorite brand of the illegal drug speed after their dealer jacked up their price to $10/hit), started spontaneously chanting "we want amnesty, we want amnesty" and both they and Ed were enthusiastic about the idea of a full-scale truth commission in exchange for amnesty for FBI SID workers and restitution for FBI SID victims.  One peace march speaker, presumably hearing the FBI SID targeted sound beam broadcast of the truth commission, amnesty, and restitution idea, commented with some amazement "the police are making sense" and the last speaker encouraged everyone, "even COINTELPRO", to help clean up the mall after the rally.
Realistically, expert lawmakers and budgeters in Congress might find it easier to locate the FBI SID's budget (probably hidden in the FBI's budget and/or the top secret classified black box federal budget), slip in a provision precisely zero-funding the FBI SID ASAP into any bill that passes, make sure that the FBI SID actually is shut down, and forget about this headache for now.  And Congressmen know they can demand accountability from any agency in the federal government, since Congress writes the laws and provides/withholds the funds to sustain all federal government agencies.  (One caveat: U.S. secret police hi-tech human rights violators have routinely identified themselves as FBI SID.  If they are lying Congress might have to locate, defund, and shut down their precise dept./agency that might have some other name besides "FBI SID".)
1/1/07: Webmaster is now in search of temporary rented shelter, temporary crash space, and/or new home ASAP, after landlord of 3 years provides 7 days' notice to totally vacate rental property or be assessed a claimed $350/day in "daily damage".  Webmaster is first scrambling to crunch move extensive personal property into self-storage to avoid potential predatory landlord money grab of $350/day in claimed "daily damage" if the webmaster tenant doesn't leave by Jan. 8, 2007.
12/31/06-1/1/07: FBI SID Threat Level: CODE RED.  Jay Pendelton, FBI SID electronic warfare/"psy war" team leader (and psychopath), high on speed, restarts major FBI SID sleep deprivation attacks on 12/31/07.  Webmaster has been kept up for more than 30 hours by FBI SID psy war zapping and a personal housing crunch since 2:40pm 12/31/06.
Webmaster is also waiting for Social Security's quality review board to hopefully acknowledge an extensively documented medical disability (both 1996-2006 medical disability and 2005-2006 overt FBI SID electronic warfare/"psy war" victim disability), and begin paying Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) payments.  (FYI, 4 million Americans already receive Social Security Disability benefits.)
1/2/07: Webmaster got a good night's sleep, and is preparing to bug out (i.e., move gear to self-storage).
1/14/07: FBI SID's Jay Pendelton radically increases persecution in response to webmaster's beginning a hopefully quick housing search.  FBI SID persecution includes ranting, multiple death threats, serotonin and spirit-draining fear and depression zaps, limited on-site mostly FBI SID fake media harassment, and limited phone-zapping.  Your U.S. Secret Police tax dollars at work.
1/15/07, Martin Luther King Day: FBI SID persecution peaks with loud banging and windows smashed at another motel room at 12:43am and a severe zap sleep deprivation attack.  (County police arrived within less than 1 minute after the window was smashed, but probably didn't catch the probably FBI SID criminal.)  FBI SID persecution decreases after webmaster abruptly leaves cheap motel #1.
1/17/07: Househunting underway.  Webmaster hopes FBI SID persecution and harassment will be kept to a minimum.
7pm 10/1/06: FBI SID Threat Level: CODE ORANGE.  Webmaster regains Internet access after escalating FBI SID open computer hacking attacks and electronic warfare attacks and open gang stalking escalates into EMP-style FBI SID knockout of 2 computers and personal portable self-defense digital recording equipment on 9/21/06.  Internet phone service is also down and claimed sabotaged by the FBI SID and 1 recent computer parts order delayed by 7 days.  The FBI SID has repeatedly credibly claimed pre-delivery FBI SID sabotage of replacement computer motherboards earlier.  Today's FBI SID persecution includes psychological torture and death threats and presumed imminent FBI SID gang stalking (and even a possible FBI SID break-in) once the webmaster leaves his home.  Webmaster will post to the Internet again within 72 hours to verify that the FBI SID has not knocked out his computer again.
6:50pm 10/4/06.
  Webmaster still has Internet access.  Webmaster clipped on moped by hit-and-run vehicle at low speed (no fall or injury).  Webmaster purchases new digital recording equipment and also re-establishes home security system using an extra recently purchased old thrift-shop PC modified to run WinXP.  Webmaster will post again within 4 days.
10/8/06.  Strong, sometimes severe, routine around-the-clock FBI SID Electronic Warfare persecution severely limits webmaster's ability to accomplish goals.  FBI SID death threats were made by Jay, B2, and Ditsy on Oct. 6, 2006.  Webmaster will post again within 5 days.
10/13/06.  FBI SID Electronic Warfare persecution is still heavy and includes zapping, FBI SID verbal rant attacks fueled by speed (and probably prozac), and death threats.  The FBI SID claims they stole a missing $60 computer power supply delivered by FedEx to the webmaster's front door at 12:59pm Wed, 10/11/06.  Webmaster will post again within 5 days.
10/18/06. Webmaster calls cops 10/14/06 in response to brazen audible theft outside his window, declares a code red alert during another FBI SID Jay Pendelton sleep deprivation attack 10/16/06, and deals with at-home harassment 10/16/06 and FBI SID gang stalking and sudden motor vehicle trouble 10/17/06 when he runs to get an unsabotaged replacement digital camera ASAP.  10/18/06 peaceful.  Internet phone service is working again.  Webmaster will post again within 5 days.
10/23/06.  Webmaster survives around-the-clock at times severe FBI SID Electronic Warfare persecution.  This includes FBI SID zap attacks, harassment, ranting, FBI SID fake media harassment, death threats, sleep deprivation attacks, detectable subliminal message prompts/instructions/attempted mind control zap attacks, the first recent disappearance/theft of a few self-defense logbook pages, etc.  Webmaster will post again within 5 days.
10/24/06.  FBI SID worker Jay Pendelton, a self-described torturer, restarts physical pain zaps light torture and he also starts a stupid FBI SID electronic non-physical gang rape of the webmaster at 5:34pm.  At 8:20pm, Ditsy says she is going to kill the webmaster, then quickly retracts her threat.  Webmaster will post again within 4 days.
10/28/06.  FBI SID "psy war" illegal persecution continues.  Jay Pendelton tries increasing its strength with FBI SID electronic non-physical gang rapes and zapping occasional light physical pain torture but he runs into internal FBI SID criticism.  Webmaster will post again within 5 days.
11/2/06.  FBI SID "psy war" conflict increases as webmaster makes slow progress despite irritatingly persistent around-the-clock FBI SID illegal criminal Electronic Warfare persecution.  Webmaster will post again within 5 days.
11/7/06.  FBI SID "psy war" illegal persecution continues.  Webmaster will post again within 5 days.
11/12/06.  FBI SID "psy war" illegal Electronic Warfare persecution continues.  Webmaster will post again within 5 days.
  FBI SID Electronic Warfare "psy war" persecution continues.  A housemate claims he was mugged, seriously injured, and went to the hospital to recover.  This occurred within 10 days of his appearing in court against John Holland.  Webmaster will post again within 5 days.
11/19/06.  Repeated health draining FBI SID sleep deprivation attacks lead to a brief 3:49am-8:40am red alert, followed by a hopefully one-day only escalation in FBI SID pain/torture zaps to hours-long routine FBI SID very light pain zap torture during this day.  Daily sleep deprivation zap attacks by FBI SID workers on the illegal drug speed remain a daily point of contention.  Webmaster will post again within 5 days.
11/24/06.  FBI SID illegal Electronic Warfare "psy war" persecution continues.  Webmaster will post again within 5 days.
11/29/06.  FBI SID around-the-clock Electronic Warfare persecution continues.  Webmaster will post again within 5 days.
12/5/06.  Webmaster is in personal crunch mode and may need to move if some rental property issues are not quickly resolved.  FBI SID persecution continues.  Robin Womer does not appear when his 12/4/06 trespassing on 1/26/06 court case is called, and a bench warrant against him is issued and apparently served.  Webmaster will post again within 5 days.
  Webmaster is still in personal crunch mode and may need to quickly move if some rental property issues are not quickly resolved.  FBI SID persecution continues (and peaked while the webmaster was the most crunched).  Webmaster will post again within 5 days.
12/17/06.  Webmaster is in extended personal crunch mode and very busy.  Webmaster might need to move if some rental property issues are not resolved soon.  FBI SID persecution and harassment continues.  Webmaster will post again within 5 days.
12/22/06.  FBI SID drowsiness and then sleep zaps (combined with webmaster's lack of sleep) delay webposting.
12/24/06.  Webmaster is in extended personal crunch mode.  Webmaster makes very slow progress in resolving key issues due to continued FBI SID persecution that overstretches and overburdens webmaster's entire life.  Webmaster ends up staying up all night on 12/23/06 to prepare a full status report and describe some new additional electronic warfare persecution technical info.  FBI SID persecution and harassment continues.  Webmaster will post again within 5 days.
12/29/06.  Webmaster keeps busy and makes slow progress.  FBI SID persecution continues.  Ex-president Ford's 12/26/06 death prompts national post Watergate memories.  Webmaster will post again within 5 days.
10/14/06-10/18/06 details.  Since events got a little more weird than usual, here are the details for anyone who wants a more detailed report of what happened.
     First, at 7pm Saturday night, 10/14/06, 2 white males, one of whom also rents a room in the same boarding house as the webmaster, brazenly and audibly stole a poorly chained expensive tall ladder from the driveway close to the webmaster's chained vehicle.  (While hauling away the ladder, one male stated his intention to use the webmaster's credit card number that he claimed to have overheard.)  The webmaster called the police, who recovered the ladder, and the 2 people who took it (one of whom denied any knowledge of anyone taking a ladder less than 30 minutes earlier) couldn't get their combined story straight.  No arrests were made.
     Second, at 7:20am on Monday, 10/16/06, Ed reluctantly issued an FBI SID Threat Level CODE RED alert after Jay ignored 3 code red alert status warnings and would not stop his latest sleep deprivation attack after Ed again slept for only 4 hours before being zapped awake by his FBI SID harassers/tormentors.  At around 1pm 10/16/06, 2 African American male "guests" of another renter here acted in a manner that made the webmaster believe they might be FBI SID goons, including talking on the cellphone, use of certain FBI SID code words, use the words "motherfucker" and "kill", and a threat to throw their cell phone into the webmaster's face.  Around 4pm, the webmaster accidentally dropped and broke his new $120 digital camera.  After some repair work, he discovered that a second non-fixable part of the camera broke and FBI SID workers commented that the FBI SID workers might have broken it, since "they are trained to go after cameras", according to Jay/B2.  (Specific hi-tech FBI SID need to use the bathroom Electronic Warfare zaps routinely force the webmaster out of his room at critical moments, and in one of these moments the webmaster's camera might have been quickly broken.)
     Third, the webmaster rushed out in the rain on Tuesday 10/17/06 to get a specific digicam camera before the FBI SID could follow through in their threat to swap in a FBI SID-sabotaged camera.  The webmaster bought a replacement digital camera on 10/17/06 and is having some technical difficulties with it and can't rule out the possibility that the FBI SID may have in fact pre-sabotaged it.  (It was not in a perfectly sealed manufacturer's plastic bubble wrap container.)  The webmaster also had sudden vehicle trouble on 10/17/06, and hopes to resolve this problem soon.
     Fourth, the webmaster went to 4 locations on 10/17/06, and ran into FBI SID gang stalkers and harassers at all 4 locations.  One stalker even followed the webmaster from one location to the next and was very unsubtle about it and how routine stalking was to her.  Even the good samaritan who gave the webmaster a ride home in the light rain after his vehicle conked out and could not be immediately sustainably restarted seemed a little suspicious, with a pair of binoculars (coincidentally a basic stalking tool) at his dashboard, luxurious XM radio, a stop at the start of the ride he offered to make a private phone call, a comment that this was a good job, a strong interest in knowing my exact address, and a strong interest in being trusted instead of simply graciously thanked.

12/24/06 summary and details.
Summary: Webmaster is in extended personal crunch mode.  Webmaster makes very slow progress in resolving key issues due to continued FBI SID persecution that overstretches and overburdens webmaster's entire life.  FBI SID persecution and harassment continues.  Webmaster will post again within 5 days.
Details: Continued criminally illegal unconstitutional "top secret" hi-tech FBI SID persecution has drained the webmaster of time, energy, and money.  (It has also drained the webmaster of social status, health, and 5-HTP replenished serotonin, but that is another matter.)  Here's a quick status report.
1. Money.  Income and donations from vending buttons and bumperstickers at left-wing rallies declined dramatically this year.  From being unable to vend at the huge April 10 FBI SID-disrupted Washington, DC immigrants rights rally to missing the huge SOAW human rights protest at Fort Benning, GA this Nov., vending income is dramatically less.
2. Budget.  FBI SID persecution is overstretching and overburdening the webmaster's budget, thus severely limiting the amount of money he can spend to try to solve any problem, be it political persecution, food, transportation, housing, clothing, data processing, and/or health and well-being.
3. Transportation.  Lack of time and money for maintenance led to 1 moped breaking last year and 2 mopeds breaking this year.  Another moped with a $350 replacement engine was stolen around 5 pm 2/25/06, probably by the FBI SID.  The webmaster's current main moped, an old $200 + repairs moped, keeps needing maintenance.  He even lost a running moped for around 1 month in Nov.-early Dec. when severe FBI SID zapping and sound harassment persecution caused him to accidentally screw up what should have been a routine repair, and finding the absolute cheapest additional repair parts took a long time.  (He does have a rear 1992 moped wheel with new wheel bearings, and a new good traction tire, new inner tube, and new rim tape now, though.)
4. Housing.  After the webmaster's landlord told him to clean out his junk from the basement or move out, the webmaster spent Dec. 1-18, 2006 cleaning out the basement and his portable storage shed and throwing out more than 50 boxes worth of junk and moving around 34 boxes of stored items from downstairs to his portable storage shed.  The webmaster might still need to move.
5. Social Security SSDI application.  The webmaster applied for Social Security Disability Insurance on Aug. 8, 2006.  The Social Security DDS examiner, in the webmaster's opinion, totally mishandled the webmaster's disability case.  Apparently, the DDS examiner, when handed a 1/2"-1" or more thick extensive disability documentation information packet delivered in 2 parts to Social Security by the webmaster, ruled that there was only one limited or very narrowly defined disability that the DDS examiner could only acceptably document for 1997 only, not 1997-2006 or 2005-2006.  Then he/she quit and stated "we did not obtain any additional evidence because we have enough evidence to evaluate your claim."  Huh?  The webmaster is very disappointed that the Social Security DDS examiner could somehow very narrowly define a disability and could rule out dozens of pages of documentation, including extensive medical lab test documentation that documented a broader and more extensive definition of the disability and a naturopathic medicine medical treatment program that costs $200 or more per month, and then claim he/she has "enough evidence to evaluate your claim" and then quit without so much as ordering a social security medical evaluation for a disabled poor person who has been bureaucratically and medically classified as disabled for years after 1997 and who credibly claims and documents that he has been a crippled/disabled victim of hi-tech FBI SID electronic warfare persecution for more than a year prior to Aug. 8, 2006, beginning around May 1, 2005.
     The webmaster suspects an overworked unsympathetic and/or fearful social security DDS case worker dodged some of his/her legitimate work after he/she read the applicant's claim of high-tech U.S. secret police zapping, crippling, and torture, ruled out the evidence, and then punted the entire case or tossed it like a political hot potato to Social Security Quality Review on 10/23/06 instead.
     While the webmaster could describe his SSDI application and its initial mishandling by SSDI in much more detail, he will only do so in private correspondence with Social Security in order to try to protect his medical privacy.
     Briefly, Social Security could classify the webmaster as disabled from evidence extending back more than 10 years for an extremely well-documented disability complete with lab test results, documentation from multiple doctors, a $200/more/month naturopathic medical treatment program, repeated bureaucratic labeling as disabled, etc.
     In addition, Social Security could also classify the webmaster as disabled based on more than 1 year of overt FBI SID electronic warfare zapping, carefully documented both at this website and documented to Social Security in the webmaster's extensive disability documentation information packet delivered to Social Security on Aug. 8, 2006.  (Instead, the DDS examiner simply ruled out all of this disturbing evidence.)  This FBI SID zapping, the webmaster believes, neatly fits into the definition of social security medical disability illness classification 12.07, somatoform disorder, a persistent nonorganic disturbance of one or more senses (primarily the victim's sense of hearing), in this case occurring because of 24/7/365 FBI SID hi-tech zapping.  The webmaster believes that social security medical disability illness classification 12.07, somatoform disorder, may have been created in response to numerous prior electronic warfare zapping victims' Social Security disability claims probably extending back 10 years or more.  In any event, it may have been used to qualify electronic warfare victims for disability in the past, and should qualify them now and in the future.  (If a pedestrian is hit by a car, hospitalized and crippled, he is obviously disabled.  Similarly, if anyone is heavily zapped and persecuted by severe FBI SID hi-tech zapping, harassment, gang-stalking, and possibly even occasional LSD-dosing (LSD was initially introduced and tested as a CIA mind control drug in the 1960s), they are also crippled and disabled.)
     Prior to May 1, 2005, the webmaster was disabled.  By May 4, 2005, the webmaster, quite possibly dosed with LSD by the FBI SID, and openly zapped and persecuted by the FBI SID, was very disabled.  For more than 18 months now the webmaster has been severely zapped, harassed, gang-stalked, and severely persecuted by the FBI SID 24/7/365.  He has even been zap tortured by and received multiple death threats from the FBI SID.  Even if Social Security workers, tough disability case screeners and rejectionists that they are, don't document a 1997-2006 Social Security disability, they should at least document a 2005-2006 Social Security disability.  (In any event, Social Security will usually only backdate Social Security payments one year from when the Social Security disability insurance application was filed.)
     The webmaster's SSDI application is now in Social Security's "Quality Review" section.  As of Dec. 22, 2006, 60 days after the webmaster's disability application went to Social Security's quality review section on Oct. 23, 2006, Social Security's "Quality Review" section hasn't made their decision concerning the webmaster's SSDI application.  How are they supposed to accurately decide if the Social Security DDS examiner ignores and/or rules out most of the webmaster's medical evidence as unacceptable medical documentation, rules out all of the webmaster's FBI SID persecution documentation as unacceptable disability documentation, and declines to conduct a current medical exam?
     If Social Security initially declines to label the webmaster disabled according to Social Security's strict definition of disability and therefore ineligible for SSDI, Social Security Disability Insurance, a government benefit currently received by 4 million Americans (who receive SSDI or SSI benefits, according to the recorded Social Security message the webmaster routinely hears), the webmaster plans to appeal and provide whatever additional evidence he can with very limited time and money and while he copes with heavy criminally illegal FBI SID political persecution.
6.  Data processing.  After a fierce FBI SID EMP-style (electromagnetic pulse-style) zap attack on Sept. 21, 2006 that destroyed the webmaster's 2 computers and disabled/damaged the webmaster's personal portable recording equipment, the webmaster eventually rebuilt and regained his computer hardware and software capability.  If you are concerned about using computers while dealing with possible FBI SID computer sabotage, here are the full details.
     This was done by first buying 2 top-quality Antec Truepower 2.0 power supplies, a cheap $30 used thrift store Pentium 2 PC that the webmaster modified to run WinXP, 2 cheap after rebates Ultra power supplies (one immediately stolen from the front porch during delivery), a new Ultra EMF-shielding steel PC case (that unfortunately has extra non-EMF shielding air holes in it), and then a quality ASUS socket 478 motherboard (now out of production since socket 775 motherboards are now the new standard), a new 512MB DDR RAM chip, and a new 800MHz front side bus Pentium 4 hyper threading CPU.  The quality power supplies will hopefully withstand FBI SID zap attacks, and ASUS motherboards now have a key security feature, a crash-free bios2 that allows the user to restore the initial BIOS from ASUS's original install CD.  This allows the user to overwrite any possible FBI SID BIOS sabotage with a new clean original BIOS from the manufacturer's original install CD very quickly.
     The webmaster then went about creating a high-quality hopefully FBI SID sabotage-free WinXP software build environment, based on a new (discounted after rebate) WinXP with service pack 2 CD.  (Apparently, the FBI SID may have a way of sabotaging any Internet upgrade to windows service pack 1 or service pack 2, so if this might be an issue for you, an original WinXP with service pack 2 upgrades CD might be useful for you.)  After installing a clean version of WinXP service pack 2, the webmaster carefully shut down 1-2 dozen WinXP services that could allow or help allow the webmaster's PC to be remotely controlled.  (WinXP SP2 presumes the PC is in a secure benevolent networked workplace environment, and is designed to allow PC use by multiple users in a secure network environment.  It is not designed to protect a targeted individual whose Internet-connected PC is being remotely zapped and/or remote controlled by high speed internet connection.)  The webmaster very carefully built and backed up to DVD using Norton Ghost one correct hopefully FBI SID unsabotaged software configuration build after another in sequence.
     Finally, on 12/20/06, the webmaster carefully installed a carefully obtained duplicate ASUS motherboard and is back up to 2 quality computers with duplicate motherboards that both use his current WinXP A4 build configuration.  One was promptly zapped (and the windows task bar at the bottom briefly disappeared), so he can't defeat FBI SID PC zapping, sabotaging, and/or remote control technology that probably cost millions of dollars to develop with a shoestring budget, but he can carefully adapt to FBI SID persecution on a shoestring budget.  The webmaster's basic advice: get an ASUS motherboard with an easily restorable bios and a crash-free bios2, and then carefully build and back up a PC software build configuration based on a WinXP service pack 2 CD with all key unnecessary WinXP services shut down and, of course, quality firewall and anti-virus software like Norton Internet Security.  Then frequently restore your BIOS and periodically restore your entire build configuration.  Also, since building, backing up, and restoring a software build configuration can take time, installing a duplicate motherboard in another PC is a cheap way to quickly increase your computing power, with minimal additional hardware costs and no additional software configuration time.  Also, with a cheap small duplicate hard drive, you can create a new duplicate software build environment on one hard drive without destroying your previous build configuration and your current data.  (If you can afford it, the webmaster also likes System Commander's ability to delete, create, and/or data wipe hard drive partitions.)
     Also, if you're concerned about possible FBI SID/US government bugging and/or sabotage, try taking the time to label and record the serial numbers of all key PC and electronic appliances and components.  Swapping in a pre-sabotaged FBI SID electronic component (or your original component swapped out, sabotaged, and swapped back in) is how FBI SID workers explained to the webmaster that the FBI SID likes to supply their targets with bugged/sabotaged/remote controlled devices.
     FYI, there are still serious data processing backlogs.  The webmaster is relieved to have 2 quality computers with identical motherboards and a reasonable quality backed up to DVD and restorable WinXP A4 software configuration that he can restore to either or both PCs and any time.  But he still has all of the FBI SID persecution and electronic warfare data gathering data processing in front of him.  These are data processing tasks he wasn't accomplishing while he was focusing on computer hardware and software security issues.
7.  Brain and brainwave functioning.  Despite extensive EMF (electromagnetic field) head shielding, increased FBI SID electronic zapping firepower means the FBI SID can penetrate and/or bypass the webmaster's EMF head shielding and affect the webmaster's brain and brainwaves in 9 key ways:
     1) Brainwave speed.  While brainwave speed regulation can be used to overclock one's brain with fast beta waves, the FBI SID uses brainwave speed regulation to block beta waves and instead slow the brain down to close to alpha-theta waves, often placing the zapping victim in a dreamy hypnosis-suggestible brainwave state.  (Alpha-theta brainwaves are used in hypnosis.  When the brain's brainwave pattern is in alpha waves, it is conscious.  When the brain's brainwave pattern is in theta or delta waves, it is unconscious and/or asleep.)  Lack of appropriate beta wave brain speed alone can disorient and cripple productivity.  Modifying brainwave speed can also overpoweringly zap a victim to sleep in less than a minute (and it might be possible to zap a victim unconscious or to sleep in seconds, the webmaster isn't sure), probably wake up a sleeping victim, prevent a victim from sleeping, and make a victim feel sleepy, drowsy, and/or tired (probably all at high theta brainwave speed), dreamy or daydreamy (probably at alpha-theta brainwave speed), mildly disoriented (probably somewhere around high theta/low alpha speed), focused (at beta speed), or (at high beta speeds) wide awake and fully focused.  It may well be that different zaps affect different parts of the brain, and that one part of the brain might be running at one brainwave speed while another part of the brain might be running at a disrupted/disabled, possibly lower, brainwave speed.
     2) Subliminally zapping thoughts into the webmaster's or victim's brain.  This is done subliminally close to 24/7/365, including FBI SID zapping and "scripting" dreams, and might be done when the victim is asleep and not dreaming.  It may also be done to the victim while the victim is in unconscious hypnosis.  (The webmaster sometimes finds himself zapped unconscious at night while sitting at his table, only to wake up and go to sleep later.)
     3) Detectably zapping thoughts into the webmaster's brain.  After 1 1/2 years of overt FBI SID zapping, the victim has learned to distinguish between FBI SID zapped thoughts and his own thoughts.  Also, whenever a weird thought pops into his head, he can almost always attribute it to a usually instantaneous direct FBI SID subliminal, semi-subliminal, or detectable thought zap/prompt.  (Sometimes the victim may still be regurgitating prior FBI SID mental pollution.)  The weird thoughts are always inappropriate and disruptive, and are usually mean, angry, insulting, evil thoughts, sometimes labeling other people all sorts of insulting names, and sometimes suggesting really incredibly stupid, immature, and sometimes blatantly evil and/or illegal activities.  FBI SID zapped-in external thoughts don't fit in to a peaceful, mature cautious brain, and are rejected and/or ignored as extraneous mental pollution.  (Subliminals are trickier, since the victim can't consciously hear or consciously detect and reject them without consciously covering his ears to hear at least some of them.)  It's a little like paid FBI SID psychopaths (that would be mostly the psychopathically evil Jay Pendelton but also B2 and Ditsy) whispering or yelling frustrated angry thoughts into their victim's peaceful, mature, and very cautious and wary brain.  These subliminally zapped thoughts are reminiscent of Freud's most obnoxious "id" part of the personality and often involve raw taunting or anger, sometimes blasphemy, and sometimes even psychopathically evil thoughts that mostly Jay is sometime prone to zap into his victim. On rare occasion the FBI SID (usually Jay Pendelton) zaps their victim with subliminal thoughts so annoyingly evil and/disruptive that they begin to mimic what the Christians used to refer to as demonic possession at a very low, very resistible level.  (The very evil word "rape", for example, is used far too freely subliminally and detectably by all 3 main FBI SID workers, Jay, B2, and Ditsy.  The webmaster defines "far too freely" to mean this evil word is used at all)
      Zapping thoughts into a victim's brain is attempted mind control and is reminiscent of MKULTRA, a corrupt, potentially scandalous top-secret government mind-control project that was shut down in the 1970s.  (Also, it is theoretically possible that any deranged/deluded person, for example the assassin of FBI enemy John Lennon in the 1980s, might be acting under the influence of noticed or unnoticed mind-control zapping.)
     Let the webmaster briefly digress into the fascinating and potentially politically charged topic of speculating about recently theoretically and technologically possible mind control and/or "fake" illness electronic warfare zaps, mostly in the Washington DC area, in 2005-2006.  (Remember, this is just speculation and educated guessing.)  Recently, Congressman Kennedy's deluded drive to the U.S. capitol building for a nonexistent post-midnight roll call vote (and subsequent crash into a stationary object) might be a sign of FBI SID mind control zapping at work. (Remember that the Kennedys have been FBI foes since Hoover ran the FBI and that 2 Kennedys were openly assassinated in the 1960s).  Also, a 2-minute coughing fit that preceded a Congressman's Homeland Security Department investigation questions, reported by Richard Cohen in 2005 or 2006 if the webmaster's memory serves the webmaster correctly, was, the webmaster guesses, very probably the result of electronic warfare zapping from the FBI SID or another secret government project armed with similar secret electronic weapons.  There is also probably a 5% or more chance that Cindy Sheehan's mom's untimely illness that forced Cindy Sheehan to leave her anti-Bush protest outside of Bush's Texas ranch (probably in 2005) may have been caused, accelerated, and/or worsened by covert FBI SID electronic warfare zapping.  And there is probably a 5% or more chance that a democratic senator elects' recent Nov./Dec. 2006 hospitalization for heart attack or stroke (and subsequent brain surgery) might have been precipitated by a "fake" heart attack and/or "fake" stroke electronic warfare zapping, because that one senator's "accidental" death/medical retirement could tip the entire balance of power in the U.S. Senate for next 2 years.  The webmaster also wonders about all illnesses and disability retirements by liberal supreme court justices since 1980 and the illness and recent death in 2005 of the historically outstanding retired investigative reporter, Jack Anderson.
     4) Mood regulation.  Moods, from very happy to very sad, very relaxed to very stressed, and/or very self-confident to extremely fearful, can be zapped into a targeted brain and the CNS (central nervous system).  ("Horny" is another mood that can be zapped into a brain.)  Some of these moods, for example stressed and/or fearful, may be able to be zapped into different parts of the body, particularly the shoulders and/or chest, in addition to zapping them into the victim's brain.
     5) CNS disruption and remote control of the body-regulating functions of the victim's brain.  This includes zaps to create both many specific CNS (central nervous system) brain-to-body organ electronic nerve cells messages that command an organ to function in a precise way and also the converse specific CNS (central nervous system) body organ to brain electronic nerve cell messages that mimic precise sensations in a body organ back to the brain.
     The most routine zap is one of various zaps all designed to force the victim to feel like (or actually start) urinating or shitting.  Usually it is as simple as a need to piss zap with the FBI SID wants to get their target away from his computer and/or out of his room for a few minutes.  Almost every imaginable and mentionable or unmentionable body function and sensation can be affected, even coughing, tight chest muscles, male genital erection, male ejaculation (used to mechanistically and pleasurelessly decrease FBI SID privacy invaded/voyeured victim jack-off time), simulated male and female orgasms (minus the pleasure), and unfortunately simulated oral and/or anal sex rape (minus actual FBI SID physical sexual penetration rape).  Other zaps include hot or cold sensations and infrequent zaps including throwing up, drooling (actually both salivating and preventable mouth muscle manipulation), "fake" heart attacks, "fake" appendicitis, "fake" stroke, etc.  (The webmaster is concerned that some specific brain-to-body organ electronic nervous system patterns could be potentially lethal, for example a specific  "heart stop pumping" or "lungs stop breathing" electronic nerve zap might be potentially lethal.  Also, he is very wary of any and all severe "fake" illness zaps.  Might the specifically recorded electronic nerve cell message pattern also include some weird brain-to-body organ message or command that could damage a body organ and/or kill a weak victim?  The webmaster doesn't know and he suspects the FBI SID doesn't know and that the FBI SID probably doesn't care either.)  One of the weirdest zaps is the fake severe electrical shock zap that once caused the entire left side of the webmaster's body to suddenly jolt as if he had just been shocked (minus the pain). Other weird zaps included a "crucifixion" zap in the wrist.
     2 potentially contextually lethal zaps include the sudden sleep/loss of consciousness zap while driving and/or a loss of motor control zap while driving a 2 or 4 wheel vehicle or standing near a steep height.  (For example, it is theoretically possible that Sen. Paul Wellstone's small airplane pilot might have been zapped just before the fatal small plane crash that killed Senator Wellstone in terrible winter weather within the last decade.)  FBI SID workers explained to me that they prefer to try to crash vehicles in terrible weather conditions [for increased plausible deniability].  Caffeine (and EMF head shielding) can help protect against a drowsiness zap.
     The webmaster doesn't believe that the FBI SID would deliberately crash any vehicle in America with many passengers, including a bus, train, or plane, but he can't guarantee this.  Also, the FBI SID probably prefers to cause any serious "accidental" damage, injury or death covertly not overtly.  (The webmaster, for example, was rammed in a post-midnight hit-and-run moped pre-NYC peace rally accident in 2004 that might or might not have been an FBI SID hit and run.  He was also later hit with a pre-peace rally armed SWAT team drug raid at home a few hours before he left to vend at an out of town 2005 peace rally.  He believes that the armed anti-drug SWAT team (who of course found the webmaster clean) was hit by FBI SID attempted mind control zapping, but decided to split without arresting anyone instead.)
     6) Pain/torture zaps.  The most frequent pain zaps used are toothache pain zaps/torture and/or earache pain zaps and/or torture.  Foot pain and back pain are 2 other zaps, among other pain zaps, that have been used.  Sometimes the pain zap can be a pressure-sensitive pain zap.  (EMF shielding, including placing one's hand over the zapped body part, can sometimes decrease the pain, unless the electronic warfare torturer simply increases the pain zap strength.)  Pain zap strength can range from mild to excruciating painful torture and the duration from a fraction of second to minutes, hours, or even days.  (Fake toothaches, for example, can last awhile.)
     7) Routine 24/7/365 verbal and sound harassment.  This can include:
          1) sound beam zapping of a limited area, probably using heterodyne sound beam technology,
          2) subliminal/detectable zapping of the ears with harassment sounds.
          3) in person at-home verbal harassment, often by "guests" of the one person in the house who seems to get a remarkable number of visitors (some of whose license plates seem a little familiar).
          4) in person on-the-road harassment by paid FBI SID stalkers, who are in this case so damn plentiful that just keeping track of them all (or at least their license plates) is logistically impossible for one persecuted person.
          5) FBI SID fake media can take control of almost any stereo system loudspeaker and/or local radio and/or TV audio waves.  This usually occurs while the victim is shopping.  Late at night recently the FBI SID even took loud control of an in-store speaker system when the store was closed after midnight.
          6) FBI SID zapped external thoughts their victims brain.
          7) FBI SID disruption of the FBI SID victim's music.  Semi-subliminal zaps can add FBI harassment messages to any brief instrumental part of music.  In some case whole songs can be re-recorded using FBI SID versions.  For example, the webmaster heard the same "you work for COINTELPRO" version of the Simon and Garfunkel Song "Mrs. Robinson" both at home and in FBI SID fake media playing at a store.
          8) FBI SID disruption of victim's radio or TV audio.  In addition to all of the tricks mentioned above, the FBI plays fake media recordings into the victim's room and other rooms in the victim's house, often with a live FBI SID fake media team doing electronic harassment.  (This is intermittent and not 24/7/365.)  One of the weirdest features is watching FBI SID fake media TV with muted sound.  Then a series of hellishly evil subliminal dialogs becomes apparent in the absence of sound.  A hellishly/devilishly sick dialog, complete with blow job reference and other sick, evil, blasphemous dialog, becomes apparent.  The victim is amazed that the FBI SID can get away with wasting taxpayer dollars on this unbelievable evil crap.  He is not sure whether it is a specially modified TV or a limited area subliminal zap of the TV's speakers and/or the victim.  It is very synchronized to the muted dialog.  Is this built in to FBI SID sabotaged audio recordings of TV shows or is it separate?  It the screwed up subliminal dialog electronically saved and reused or is it something done live by an individual and/or software and then conveniently forgotten?  Who the hell in the FBI SID does this very twisted, blasphemous, and devilishly evil subliminal dialog anyway?)
          Jay Pendelton (or maybe B2) recently complained that the victim watches very little TV.  He claimed that the FBI SID fake media teams prefer to sabotage TV football game live audio.
     8) Routine sleep disruption and FBI SID "scripting" and control of their victim's dreams while asleep.  One amazing detail here is that FBI SID workers Jay, B2, and Ditsy take so much speed/amphetamines (now purchased at the low, low price of $2/pill, but previously not-so-generously sold by Jay to B2 and Ditsy for a resale price of $5-$10/pill) that they often forget to sleep at all, and usually get a maximum of 4 hours sleep per night.  The FBI SID's victim, not being a $25/hour round the clock speed freak or speed addict greedhead torturer, actually feels the need to get 6-8 hours of undisrupted sleep a night like a normal healthy human being.  Thus, almost every morning, the FBI SID launches an early morning sleep deprivation attack, in addition to middle of the night dream invasion harassment.
     9) Routine mental poisoning.  Just as the Russian secret police, based on Putin's old KGB, are becoming known for poisoning some of their political dissidents and targets (using toxic poison and, in at least one recent case, radiation poisoning), the FBI SID should be becoming known for poisoning the minds of their targets, and sometimes even surreptitiously/overtly killing their targets through hi-tech mental poisoning.  The webmaster and FBI SID victim gets a huge amount of mental crap thrown into his brain by criminally corrupt and very evil immoral/amoral greed-driven (and in some cases speed/amphetamine-driven) workers, many of whom hate their jobs, and a criminally corrupt secret government secret police agency, that the webmaster is told now goes by the name FBI SID.  Much of this mind-poisoning content is so insultingly screwed-up and/or so blatantly wrong/criminal/evil that it could be accurately labeled blasphemous and/or even, in some cases, devilishly or demonically evil.
8. Other issues.  Webmaster has at least one other key issue to resolve ASAP, but chooses to keep this issue private.  He will need to spend undisturbed time ASAP to properly resolve this critical issue too.
9.  FBI SID drug use crimes and alleged FBI SID vs. FBI SID crime.  First, there is the very serious internal FBI SID crime issue of routinely alleged and acknowledged rampant illegal drug dealing, illegal drug buying, and illegal drug possession and use at the FBI SID (primarily illegal speed/amphetamines and bootleg Prozac).  The webmaster is told that one speed dealer has already backed down from supplying Jay's team due to worries about getting in trouble later.  He was recently allegedly replaced by a more generously (any maybe less knowledgeable) $2 a speed pill drug dealer.
FBI SID strategies for dealing with increased worries about being busted for speed have varied.  One rarely intermittent plan is to kick the speed habit.  (This plan has already tried and collapsed at least once, probably after the webmaster watched TV special on the growing speed addiction epidemic in America.)  Another plan, allegedly tried by Ditsy, was to let Jay hold all of the drugs, so Ditsy would be clean is they office is drug raided.  The current plan appears to be individually secretly buy $2 speed pills in bulk individually and don't worry about any other witnesses the possession and sale and/or purchase of thousands of dollars worth of very illegal speed pills.  This information is all alleged and admitted data based on routine FBI SID chatter that the $25/hour FBI SID harassment/persecution/torture/mind control workers routinely subject the webmaster to.
     There are 2 major problems that the FBI SID electronic warfare victim experiences because of rampant criminal FBI SID illegal drug use.  First, FBI SID workers tend to get to feeling high and very over self confident when they are very high on drugs.  This can sometimes lead to uncaringly cruel FBI SID electronic warfare psychological and sometimes even physical pain zap torture that FBI SID torturers, over self confident and blissfully high on drugs, couldn't care one whit about.  Second, rampant speed and Prozac drug use in what feels like the safe secure environment of the FBI SID building leads to a total lack of shameless and a lack of internationalizing their victims' and society's' natural criticism or negative feedback loop evaluation of their evil criminal behavior.  They just see the dollar signs, their coworkers, their currently unchallenged hi-tech criminal hi-tech power, and the daily drug highs and drug rushes.  Thus the webmaster believes that speed and Prozac fuel the FBI SID persecution, including its ridiculously long hours, its psychological abuse and psychological and sometimes physical pain zap torture, and its over self confident groupthink-like belief in its own invincibility.  Custer thought like this.  So did the CIA Bay of Pigs planners.  So did Japanese kamikaze.  (Outside of the electronic warfare zappers and fake media teams who are paid to be as evil as possible 24/7/365, the webmaster believes that most FBI SID stalkers are largely paycheck army workers.  They're in it for the money and interact with the "real world" daily.  The webmaster believes that while most people in the FBI SID expect the FBI SID to win, most FBI SID workers also expect someone else to do the hard dirty work of actively destroying a victim's life.  Since some of the smarter people are leaving the FBI SID, attrition may produce a tougher, meaner, more criminally stupid secret police force in the future it the FBI SID is not completely defunded and disbanded.
     Then there is an internal FBI SID crime issue that one FBI SID co-worker actually angrily emotionally complained about again on 12/23/06.
     Heavy political persecution is wearing down FBI SID workers' health and patience too.  This is compounded by routine FBI SID sleep deprivation and a reliance on speed/amphetamines for energy and brain dopamine-flooding pleasure (that also fries the brain's dopamine-receptor cells), a reliance on Prozac, a very powerful serotonin-booster, for self-esteem, and a reliance on 16-24 hour approx. $25/hour workdays to maximize the personal income of key FBI SID workers, including Jay Pendelton, B2, and Ditsy.
     After days of Jay Pendelton intermittently hammering in rape as one of his favorite demonically evil psy war mind-poisoning attack words, and after the webmaster silently exploded in anger at another early morning sleep deprivation attack, at approx. 7:04am on 12/23/06, Ditsy angrily repeatedly yelled "Jay Pendelton, rape charges, guilty, guilty, guilty!", in reference to a previously alleged rape of Ditsy by Jay on 7/8/06.  After additional comments from both Jay and Ditsy, Ditsy at 8:37pm on 12/23/06 first repeatedly stated "he raped me" and then repeatedly stated "Jay raped me".
     Robin Womer and John Holland, both suspected FBI SID on-site harassment goons, were both arrested in Maryland in 2006.  The webmaster does not expect Ditsy to press rape charges against Jay Pendelton anytime soon, but notes that she could press charges anytime until whenever the Virginia statue of limitations for rape charges prevents her from pressing charges.

     Bottom line: Progress is slowed down dramatically by severe FBI SID hi-tech political persecution.  The webmaster is trying to flexibly adjust to, cope with, and accomplish key goals while dealing with whatever persecution the FBI SID hits him with, and whatever misfortune, great or small, the fallout from FBI SID persecution causes in his life.
     If there is no additional misfortune, progress will be slow, and within a few months the webmaster should have resolved some currently unresolved key issues.  If there is additional misfortune, the webmaster could suddenly find himself homeless and struggling.
     Financially, the webmaster is trying to qualify for SSDI, Social Security Disability Insurance, a valuable government benefit already received by 4 million Americans (who receive SSDI or SSI benefits).  If this does not happen soon, he will be searching for additional financial assistance and additional money and/or difficult personal budget cuts and savings in an already very limited and tight personal budget soon.
     The webmaster intends to eventually sue the FBI SID for severely, criminally, and illegally violating his rights and damaging his life, but he is not logistically ready to do so anytime soon.  He intends to eventually seek full victim restitution from the FBI SID and hopes the FBI SID will at least pay him the entire amount of money it spent from 1982 or earlier to 2006 and later to persecute him in a complete and full FBI SID victim restitution lawsuit settlement.  If the U.S. government can pay restitution for approx. 3,000 9/11/01 terrorism victims, when the U.S. government did not cause the damage, it ought to be able to pay full restitution for every FBI SID severe persecution and torture victim, when an out-of-control secret U.S. government agency with a criminally corrupt U.S. secret police force did cause the damage.
Noon 6/15/06-7/15/06: FBI SID Threat Level: CODE ORANGE.  The day after Ed posted his detailed 6/11/06-6/14/06 self-defense logfile severe FBI SID electronic warfare attacks stopped and have not restarted.
7/8/06: Ditsy claims she was raped by Jay and raped by B2.  The FBI SID rape story, true or false, kept changing.  (Jay is Ditsy's FBI SID boss.  B2 is Ditsy's FBI SID coworker, and has probably had consensual sex with her before.)
7/15/06: John Holland is arrested.  John Holland is a suspected COINTELPRO goon who threatened Ed's life on 1/22/06.  At 11:30pm on 7/10/06, Mr. Holland yelled at and assaulted someone who eventually, with Ed's help, filed an arrest warrant against John Holland.  After Ed called the police 3 times, John Holland was arrested for second degree assault at approx. 10:37am 7/15/06.
12:23am-9:37am 6/4/06, 12:40am-4:18am 6/5/06, 11:04pm 6/5/06-11:08am 6/6/06, 12:14am-9:36am 6/7/06, 11:33pm 6/7/06-8:25am 6/8/06, 2:37am-9:10am 6/9/06: FBI SID Threat Level: CODE RED.  FBI SID zaps Ed with late-night sleep deprivation attacks, pain, and torture.  (Ed rests and sleeps during the day on 6/4/06 and 6/7/06.)
6/11/06: FBI SID Threat Level: CODE RED.  Major FBI SID sleep deprivation attacks end, but zapped TORTURE continues and zapped disorientation attacks restart.  Zapped scripted dream attacks restart, subliminal zap attacks continue.  Limited FBI SID fake media attacks also occur.  Here is Ed's 6/11/06-6/14/06 self-defense logfile.
Noon 6/2/06: FBI SID Threat Level: CODE ORANGE.  Exhausted and slightly ashamed FBI SID agents refrained from attacking Ed Friday 6/2/06, Friday night, and Saturday morning 6/3/06.  (FBI SID Agents are way too high on speed, so Ed isn't sure if the CODE ORANGE alert level will last.)  [posted 1pm 6/3/06.]
5/20/06-6/2/06: FBI SID Threat Level: CODE RED.  FBI SID agents Jay and Ditsy start painful electronic warfare torture of Ed, and zap him with varying levels of pain/torture from 2:03am-4am and 5:01am.  They restart their torture at 3:04pm and refuse to stop torturing.
4:54am 5/21/06: FBI SID persecution includes painful electronic warfare TORTURE, death threats, and an electronic warfare Sleep Deprivation Attack.
4pm 5/21/06:
Ed was permitted 5:03 in very interrupted sleep, and FBI SID electronic torture has decreased but not stopped.
6:40pm 5/21/06: Ditsy increased torture a lot after Ed's 4pm website update.  (Not as much as before 4pm, but her new anti-eye torture is making it difficult for Ed to even read a web page.)  Ditsy is on 4 or 5 days of speed, according to B2, and Ed believes she needs to sleep in order to lose her unbalanced "torture now" energy.
9:10am 5/23/06: FBI SID electronic warfare torture has decreased but not stopped.  FBI SID death threats were issued last night (5/22/06), and Ditsy did some torture last night and also while waking Ed up in the middle of the night.  Ed is trying to apply enough pressure to get FBI SID personnel to be less abusive, NOT torture, and not make death threats.  Ed's long-term goal is to stop FBI SID persecution and start FBI SID victim restitution.
1:41am 5/24/06::After low-level electronic warfare torture, FBI SID restarts and expands painful hours-long electronic warfare torture at 5pm that is still continuing now.  Also FBI SID death threats were issued both last night and tonight.
4:14am 5/24/06::FBI SID sleep deprivation attack and electronic warfare torture.  (Less than 1 hour of total sleep.)
10:29am 5/24//06: Serious FBI SID electronic warfare knockout hit including berserk electronic torture by Ditsy (high on speed and prozac) and FBI SID death threats by B2, Ditsy, and Jay.
9pm 5/24/06: FBI SID berserk attack ended at my first 11am webposting.  (I slept almost 4 hours.)
12:44am 5/25/06: FBI SID sleep deprivation attack (no sleep at all) after a twisted logged FBI SID electronic warfare mind control attempt.
10:23am 5/25/06:: Ed managed to get 6 hours of sleep after changing his sleeping position at 2:20am.
3:04pm 5/28/06: FBI SID, high on speed, attacked almost all night.  Ed rattled off a list of 20 reasons why FBI SID lead attacker alias Ditsy is an evil mean dishonest electronic warfare torturer and outrageous electronic warfare criminal cop.
1:06am 5/31/06:: 2nd round of electronic FBI SID torture zapping underway after all-night all-day electronic sleep deprivation attacks.  Ed got very minimal sleep. 
[delayed posting]
5:50am 6/1/06:: FBI SID electronic torture zapping restarts after FBI SID all-night sleep deprivation attack.
1:54am 6/2/06:: FBI SID agent Jay Pendelton says he is trying to torture Ed to death
[delayed posting].
Here are Ed's 5/20/06, 5/23/06-5/24/06, 5/28/06, and 6/2/06 self-defense logfiles.

5/21/06.  Ed began researching other stories of U.S. government electronic warfare torture, and you now know that FBI SID personnel specifically instructed Ed not to tell you about  (Ed's point here is that plenty of other people have been tortured by U.S. secret police covert electronic warfare.  Ed's point is not that every victim's website, including this one,, is anywhere near 100% accuracy in describing the amazing hi-tech technical details of top-secret electronic warfare.  Ed has been openly attacked by electronic warfare for 13 months, but he does not believe the "implanted microchips" theory explaining electronic warfare attacks.)

5/3/06-5/16/06.  Ed tackles a postponed priority 1 task that cannot be postponed any longer.  Ed has more than one month's worth of additional tasks, that, barring debilitating FBI SID torture, should be attended to as soon as possible.

4/29/06.  FBI SID electronic sound harassment targets Ed and might have missed the initial New York City peace rally and march.

4/10/06.  FBI SID uses electronic sound harassment to electronically attack a huge Washington, DC rally of more than 100,000 Latino immigrants.

Quick 1/27/06-3/29/06 summary of FBI SID persecution of the webmaster.
 1/27/06-3/29/06: FBI SID Threat Level: CODE ORANGE.  During Feb.-March 2006, FBI SID persecution has mostly remained at the CODE ORANGE level.
Brief FBI SID CODE RED ALERT levels of persecution.  Ed obtained an arrest warrant against Robin Womer, suspected FBI SID/COINTELPRO goon, on 1/26/06.  One of Ed's mopeds was stolen around 5pm 2/25/06, probably by an FBI SID thief.  (He had to cut through 2 locks to steal it.)  During and after the 2/4/06 Bush Step Down rally, the 3/18/06 DC DAWN peace rally, the Iraq Pledge of Resistance 3/20/06 rally, and during and after Ed scouted out the probable location of FBI SID US secret police DC headquarters, probably southeast of Ballston metro, a little north of the west end of (the main) 5th street.  Ed believes FBI SID agent provocateurs were deployed against him during and after these occasions.  Peace activist Cindy Sheehan was briefly hit by FBI SID electronic warfare during a short 3/20/06 speech, and Iraq Pledge of Resistance peace activists soon thereafter quit using FBI SID electronically sabotaged loudspeakers to avoid further FBI SID sabotage of peace speeches and announcements.
Quick 12/27/05-1/27/06 summary of FBI SID persecution of the webmaster.  This FBI SID persecution successfully delayed Ed's processing and posting of prior FBI SID persecution data.
3:35am 12/27/05--5:50am 12/28/05  FBI SID Threat Level: CODE RED.  9:12am 12/28/05-4:14am 12/31/05 FBI SID Threat Level  CODE ORANGE
4:14am 12/31/05--8:50am 1/4/06: FBI SID Threat Level: CODE RED: Webmaster is coping with around the clock FBI SID sleep deprivation attacks and FBI SID electronic psychological warfare, including death threats and warnings.  Sleep is very limited.  The 12/31/05-1/1/06 logfile is now posted.
8:50am 1/4/06: FBI SID Threat Level: Back to CODE ORANGE.  After Ed got 7 1/2 hours of sleep.
1:42am 1/10/06-8:10am 1/11/06: FBI SID Threat Level: CODE RED.  After a 22-minute FBI SID electronic sleep deprivation attack after Ed got only 3 1/4 hours of sleep after a sickening FBI SID electronically invaded dream.  The 1/9/06-1/15/06 logfile is now posted.
8:10am 1/11/06: FBI SID Threat Level: Back to CODE ORANGE.  After Ed got 6:45 of sleep.  (9:14am 1/14/06 - 10am 1/15/06 was also a code red alert after sleep deprivation.)  The 1/9/06-1/15/06 logfile is now posted.
7:05am 1/17/06-9am 1/27/06: FBI SID Threat Level: CODE RED.  This code red alert started with FBI SID sleep deprivation attacks.  Then Ed tried to wrest complete control of his 2 main PCs from FBI SID hi-tech computer remote control hardware and/or software and routinely threatened FBI SID computer sabotage.  The police were called after John H., suspected FBI SID/COINTELPRO goon, made a death threat against Ed after almost assaulting him.  The police were again called and an arrest warrant was obtained against Robin Womer, previous peace order violator and suspected FBI SID/COINTELPRO goon, for trespassing at 2am 1/26/06.  An SUV almost hit Ed when Ed returned from the courthouse.
9am 1/27/06: FBI SID Threat Level: Back to CODE ORANGE.  After Ed rested after Ed obtained a very late night arrest warrant for Robin Womer, suspected FBI SID/COINTELPRO goon.
  FBI SID Threat Level reduced to CODE ORANGE at 9am 1/27/06.  
7:05am 1/17/06-9am 1/27/06: FBI SID Threat Level: CODE RED.  This code red alert started with FBI SID sleep deprivation attacks.  Then Ed tried to wrest complete control of his 2 main PCs from FBI SID hi-tech computer remote control hardware and/or software and routinely threatened FBI SID computer sabotage.  The police were called after John H., suspected FBI SID/COINTELPRO goon, made a death threat against Ed after almost assaulting him.  The police were again called and an arrest warrant was obtained against Robin Womer, previous peace order violator and suspected FBI SID/COINTELPRO goon, for trespassing at 2am 1/26/06.  An SUV almost hit Ed when Ed returned from the courthouse.
     Here's Ed's 7am 1/26/06 near-accident data: At approx. 7am 1/26/06, 5 hours after Robin Womer trespassed at Ed's current home at 2am in the morning, knocked on his window to wake him up, indecently insulted him, and threatened vandalism, a white SUV that Ed believes had MD or VA license plate # 650251M or 655251M pulled into the left hand l of a side street and stopped directly in front of Ed's 2-wheel vehicle driving in the opposite direction.  Ed slammed on his breaks and narrowly avoided hitting the SUV.  At this point, Ed guesses that there is a more than 10% chance that it was an FBI SID vehicle.  One weird note: many of Ed's pictures didn't turn out, and of those that did, 2 out of 3 [picture 1, picture 1 sharpened, and picture 2] show a license plate of 650251M and the third shows a license plate of 655251M (with a sharpened picture).  Ed suspects possible FBI SID tampering with this data.  Another picture records what Ed believes are 2 patriotic "support our troops" style bumperstickers on the white SUV.  The driver was a middle-aged black woman.  Note: absent FBI SID criminal intent, Ed believes no crime was committed here.  (If it is an FBI SID vehicle, particularly if it has Virginia tags, Ed doesn't want to see it again.)

  FBI SID Threat Level reduced to CODE ORANGE at 10am 1/15/06.  
9:14am 1/14/06-10am 1/15/06: FBI SID Threat Level: CODE RED.  After a FBI SID sleep deprivation attack after Ed got only 4 hours of sleep and after various FBI SID threats..  The 1/9/06-1/15/06 logfile is now posted.
     Ed's plan was to document many FBI SID human rights abuses and crimes against him in 2005 in the FBI SID's covert hi-tech electronic psychological warfare against targeted U.S. political dissidents.  It turns out, though, that in reviewing his 1/9/06-1/15/06 self-defense logfile, Ed managed to accurately log a large list of FBI SID human rights abuses and crimes in only 7 days.
     What did the FBI SID not do?  After the FBI SID threatened a middle-of-the-night window break-in and theft of critical documentation, Robin Womer, thug, and suspected FBI SID (aka COINTELPRO) "independent contractor", walked into Ed's house at 7am 1/14/06 (according to EJ) and announced he was ready to pay his replacement tenant John $200 to move into his old room next to Ed.  (This from a man who was evicted for being hundreds of dollars behind in his rent and who still has a 29-day suspended sentence for violating a peace order Ed obtained against him.)  Ed promptly posted a detailed Robin Womer, No Trespassing sign with his landlord's approval.
     Logged FBI SID death threats were issued at 4pm 1/9/06
[p758], 1:47pm 1/10/06 [p.766], 10:51-10:52pm 1/10/06 [p769], 5:51pm 1/11/06 [p770],  7:06pm 1/12/06 [p777], 8:22pm 1/12/06 [p779], and 5:22pm 1/15/05 [p793].  Logged FBI SID death warnings were issued at 3:01pm 1/10/06 [p761], around 2pm 1/12/06 [p775] (confirmed with a second opinion), and again at around 2pm 1/12/06 [p776].  An alleged recent paid murder attempt by Jay is mentioned at 2:36pm 1/9/06 [p758] and again at 2:17pm 1/10/06 [p767]Prior FBI SID assassination is admitted by B2 at 8:49pm 1/12/06 [p779], and prior FBI SID gang rape is admitted by Jay Pendelton at 12:10pm 1/13/06 [p783]Jay declared he is unarrestable at 12:15pm 1/13/06 [p784].
     FBI SID sleep deprivation attacks continue to be an issue that led Ed to declare 2 FBI SID threat level code red alerts, from 1:42am 1/10/06-8:10am 1/11/06 and from 9:14am 1/14/06-10am 1/15/06.  The FBI SID admitted taking speed at 8:34pm 11/14/06 (and proceeded to wake me up with FBI SID dreams at least 3 times that night), and Jay, B2, and Ditsy are currently very sleep-deprived on 1/15/06.
     Computer and website release sabotage is treated as a de facto part of Ditsy's FBI SID job, and Jay ordered Ditsy to destroy evidence Ed was posting to the Internet at least once at 5:43-5:49pm 1/11/06
[p770}.  The FBI SID also threatened to break in overnight and steal Ed's documentation, a threat Ed logged the next morning at 9:14am 1/14/06 [p786].  Jay even complained about the lack of an immediate FBI SID break-in at 1:43am 11/14/06 [p785].  And Ditsy even tried to destroy evidence of FBI SID music sabotage from Jan. 2001 or Jan. 2002 (a totally sabotaged mp3 version of "Auld Lang Syne") at 2:04am 1/12/06 [p773].  Also, B2 made a generic FBI SID equipment destruction threat at 8:04pm 1/12/06 [p778].
     Electronic torture included multiple FBI SID attacks against and "scripting" of Ed's dreams (including 1 FBI SID script line of "when I awoke, I had been raped", logged at 2:35am 1/10/06
[p761], sleep deprivation attacks, sound harassment, occasional ranting sound harassment, pulse-beaming, irritating pulse-beaming, often obvious sound harassment by FBI SID fake media teams, routine subliminal prompting of inappropriate, negative, and/or evil thoughts, electronic asthma attacks (complete with choking), and brief mild electronic toothaches.  FBI SID electronic torture made Ed very upset at least once from at 9:13pm-much later than 9:31pm 1/12/06 [p779-p780].
     Ditsy and Jay's sex scandal was discussed, and Ditsy confessed her role between 1:07pm-1:32pm 1/10/06
[p765-p766].  Jay explained his side of the story at 9:13pm 1/13/06 [p785].  FBI SID abusive language, including abusive sexual insults, is so routine that it is usually not logged.
     FBI SID worker frustration seemed to increase and some FBI SID worker gripes were logged.
     Jay admitted at 1:42pm 1/10/06
[p766] that Ed's website is having some media impact.
     Both B2 and Jay confirmed the accuracy of Ed's logged records at 1:46am 1/14/06
     Here is Ed's 1/9/06-1/15/06 self-defense logfile documentation

  FBI SID Threat Level reduced to CODE ORANGE at 8:10am 1/11/06.  
1:42am 1/10/06-8:10am 1/11/06: FBI SID Threat Level: CODE RED.  After a 22-minute FBI SID sleep deprivation attack after Ed got only 3 1/4 hours of sleep after a sickening FBI SID electronically invaded dream.  The 1/9/06-1/15/06 logfile is now posted.
     Ed got to sleep very early at 9:50pm 1/9/06, after the tired FBI SID electronic warfare team suggested that everyone get to sleep early.  Then Ed was hit with a sickening dream (that included the FBI SID script line, "When I awoke, I had been raped", a line confirmed by Jay/B2).  After 3 5-HTP serotonin-boosting pills and a 22-minute "let me sleep, you fascist scummy morons" argument, Ed reluctantly declared a "FBI SID threat level: code red" alert at 1:42am.  Ed noted that he would document this round of FBI SID BS more thoroughly if he wasn't backed up with processing more than 700 pages of logged offensive and sometimes undeniably criminal FBI SID behavior since June 2005.
     Jay said his orders are to only give Ed 4 hours of sleep, unless Ed declares a code red FBI SID threat level alert.  Ed assumes FBI SID strategy is to reduce his spirit, health, and full thinking ability through repeated sleep deprivation attacks, including repeated FBI SID dream attacks at almost every opportunity.  The actual low-level enforcers of this strategy, Jay and particularly B2 and Ditsy, seem to be as burned out as Ed feels after only 3:45 of sleep..
     Ed eventually got another 1:45 in sleep (after repeated false offers of sleep by the FBI SID)  that ended in another screwed-up FBI SID electronically invaded dream and angry complaints by Ed about FBI electronic psychological warfare persecution while Ed is sleeping and dreaming.
     Ed eventually calmed down the FBI team by patiently working on his 2005 documentation, a topic of some interest to his FBI SID persecutors.
     Here is Ed's 1/9/06-1/15/06 self-defense logfile documentation
  FBI SID Threat Level reduced to CODE ORANGE at 8:50am 1/4/06.  
     A 4 day FBI SID code red alert at least temporarily ended today at approx. 8:50am when an FBI SID sleep deprivation electronic warfare pulsebeam attack ended and Ed was able to get an estimated 1:40 of extra sleep.  The FBI SID threat level is now reduced to CODE ORANGE.
     Here is a chart with the amount of sleep FBI SID victim Ed Harding was permitted by his round-the-clock FBI SID electronic warfare attackers to get every day.  Ed's sleep was routinely limited by an electronic FBI SID sleep deprivation attack almost every morning.
Day 1/4/06 1/3/06 1/2/06 1/1/06 12/31/05 12/30/05 12/29/05 12/28/05 12/27/05 12/26/05 12/25/05 12/24/05 12/23/05 12/22/05
FBI SID Threat Level Code Orange Code Red Code Red Code Red Code Red Orange Alert Code Orange Red ->  Code Red Code Orange Code Orange Code Orange Code Orange Code Orange
Sleep 7:30 4:30 5:40 4:40 5:40 5:15 6:10 8:12 3:45 6:10 6:15 6:10 7:10 6:45
Sleep log data p745 p739 p731 p728 p723 p713 p707 p701p p695 p689 p685 p682 p679 p677
Sleep Notes night night night severely disrupted  sleep + nap night (disrupted once) sleep + am nap sleep 1:45 at night + 2hr. am nap night night night night 2:30 in and out of sleep
     Sleep deprivation attacks after Ed wakes up are the FBI SID norm.  Almost every morning, Ed tries to get a full night's sleep, usually after being woken up at the end of an FBI SID electronically invaded dream, and is hit with a pulse-beam sleep deprivation attack instead of a sleep-causing electronic beam CNS (central nervous system) disruption attack.  (For some reason, the FBI SID likes to prevent electronic warfare victims from fully sleeping at night and prevent them from being fully awake and/or undisturbed and focused during the day.)


4:14am 12/31/05--8:50am 1/4/06: FBI SID Threat Level: CODE RED: Webmaster is coping with around the clock FBI SID sleep deprivation attacks and FBI SID electronic psychological warfare.  Sleep is very limited.  The 12/31/05-1/1/06 logfile is now posted.

     After days of FBI SID electronic warfare sleep deprivation attacks, limited sleep, and one prior 3:35am 1/27/05--5:50am 12/28/05 code red alert, FBI SID hi-tech persecution of webmaster Ed Harding escalated on New Year's Eve into full-scale around-the-clock sleep deprivation attacks, very abusive FBI SID fake media broadcasts playing in EJ's room, FBI SID death threats and warnings, electronically invaded dreams, routine FBI SID computer sabotage done by Ditsy, a stolen delivery note and a stolen delivery threat, a very brief electronically simulated rape, threatened FBI SID trumped up arrest charges and threatened FBI SID perjury, and a warning that if I cause trouble I will die.  (At least one FBI SID fake media team's death warning used very specific offensive FBI SID cult terminology for one more FBI SID's victim's death.)
     The attack started out with strong abuse from Jay Pendelton and his team, and then an FBI SID fake media team joined in with so much outrageously inaccurate and abusive terminology that I didn't even know where to start logging them.  (Most outrageous quote: "...Nazi power!", said at 6:33pm 12/31/05 by one FBI SID fake media team.)  After the FBI SID fake media team quit broadcasting at 3:19am 1/1/06, Jay Pendelton (allegedly FBI SID badge 604)  kept his I want-to-sleep team awake in a tired electronic warfare slugfest that used pulsebeaming whenever Ed tried to sleep, except for snippets of sleep allowed here and there (usually just long enough for the FBI to invade Ed's first dream and wake him up).  The FBI SID fake media team resumed their broadcast at 12:11pm 1/1/06, and surprisingly shut down at 12:24pm 1/1/06.
     Here's how the FBI SID's escalated electronic psychological warfare attack started on New Year's Eve.  Ed woke up furious for the second time in 8 months after only 2 hours sleep after a sleep deprived FBI SID Agent alias "Ditsy", after 2 1/2 years in the FBI SID and months of hearing her FBI SID boss Jay Pendelton say "suck it down", accurately announced that she told Ed in his FBI SID electronically invaded dream to "give yourself head". 
(Ed has refrained from any sex for a while due to the FBI SID's failure to provide any privacy, even for private biological functions.  Jay, B2, and Ditsy like to broadcast insults over the area's de facto FBI PA broadcasting system should Ed ever jack off.)  Jay made death threats at 4:30am and 4:50am, and then "retracted" them at 4:53am.  At 5:08am FBI SID agent alias "B2" claimed "Jay issues death threats all the time.  He's allowed to!"  At 5:10am Ed called Jay's numerous May-Dec. 2005 death threats illegal but also acknowledged that it is currently very difficult or impossible to arrest Jay for this repeated crime.
     Here is Ed's 12/31-05--1/1/06 self-defense logfile documentation


4:14am 12/31/05: FBI SID Threat Level: CODE ORANGE: FBI SID Sleep deprivation attack after only 5:15 of sleep.

     Ed woke up furious for the first time in 8 months after 2 sleep deprivation attacks, the first one lasting approx. 50 min., after an evening of computer sabotage, music sabotage, and some outrageous FBI SID threats and comments.

  Ed gets only 5:10 of sleep (12:10am-5:20am), but is then granted an extra 1 hour nap free of sleep deprivation attacks by FBI SID electronic warfare torturers.


3:35am 12/27/05--5:50am 12/28/05  FBI SID Threat Level: CODE RED.  FBI SID agent and hi-tech electronic covert psychological warfare attack team member, alias "B2", announced another FBI SID "kill routine" attack against me at 3:35am 12/27/05 after the FBI SID woke me up at 3am and proceeded to pulsebeam me in a sleep deprivation attack after I got only 1:45 of sleep after repeated daily limited sleep deprivation attacks.  Jay Pendelton, allegedly FBI SID badge 604, is leading this round of illegal, evil, unconstitutional, human-rights-violating "cruel and unusual punishment" and electronic torture, and is once again flaunting his FBI SID covert electronic warfare team's criminal activity.  Jay issued a tired death threat at 4:46am 12/27/05.

     The FBI SID's electronic covert psychological warfare team hit me hard this morning.  After days of steady limited sleep deprivation attacks, Jay hit me with a FBI SID hi-tech electronic warfare nightmare at 3am after only 1:45 of sleep,  B2 announced a full FBI SID "kill routine" attack against me at 3:35am, and Jay claimed at 4:29am that he has "every right to torture you" [Ed].  (Jay retracted his "right to torture" comment at 12:47pm.). Ditsy tried to first sabotage and then block the posting of my "red alert" web release.  After I posted the "FBI Threat Level: CODE RED" alert", I was allowed to sleep for only 2 hours by Jay Pendelton.  When I woke up I was hit by a tired and lame multisource electronic warfare attack.  (Only the FBI SID fake media team(s) might actually have been awake and motivated.)  Additional technical sabotage (phone and a quick test portable TV setup)  was claimed and/or actually done.  (The FBI SID's music and video sound track sabotage skills are both technically amazing and sometimes insultingly offensive and/or obscene.)  Live and/or recorded death threats were issued by Jay and Ditsy, and B2 tried to blame this whole attack on orders from "the head of the FBI SID".  At least 2 threats of my being killed by the FBI SID if I posted to the Internet were issued today, including a personal 4:46am death threat from Jay and an anonymous 2:55pm death threat.
     Here is my 12/27/05 self-defense logfile documentation

Progress has been very slow since my dramatic 12/11/05 web posting.  I did a clean reinstall and backup of software and data on one PC, and I've regained my email capability.  I'm still way behind in processing 2005 and previous FBI SID political repression data.  For example, I have more than 675 pages of self-defense log file raw data from June-Dec. 2005, but only a small fraction of this data is posted to the web.

12/11/05-- COINTELPRO (now FBI SID) electronic repression against me has continued and intensified.  I've worked to increase my data-gathering capability, but I'm way behind in assimilating and posting data.  This report includes 1) The bad news, 2) the good news, 3) current status, 4) what would really help now, and 5) how to contact me.

1. The Bad News.:
     1. I am still electronically harassed by the FBI SID electronic harassment/warfare team (with 3 team members, aliases "Jay", "B2". and "Ditsy") daily, 24/7/365, while both awake and sometimes even while asleep.  Standard heavy-duty targeted FBI SID electronic warfare/harassment includes sound harassment (usually verbal abuse), subliminal sound harassment (with evil emotional garbage subliminal messages that can only be audibly heard if a targeted individual covers or earplugs his ears), a variety of advanced EEG brainwave disruption and manipulation attacks, occasional noticeable pulsebeaming attacks, dream manipulation, electronic equipment audio-visual sabotage and manipulation, and even real 21st-century high technology mind reading.  (I'm not sure if the "mind reading" is done with a super-sensitive mike that can "hear" extremely low volume sound from internal brain chatter or if an EEG-disruption electromagnetic beam and/or some other device is reading and interpreting actual brain waves.)
     2. The latest logged FBI SID/COINTELPRO death threats were last night (12/10/05).  (Both Jay and B2 issued death threats, but only B2 quickly retracted his death threat.)
     3. Ditsy sabotages my PC and Internet access like its a game.
     4. Ditsy also sometimes treats EEG brainwave disruption and manipulation attacks like a game, and sometimes acts surprised when her latest electromagnetic beam EEG brainwave disruption attack can actually trigger a specific brief thought or brief bodymind action.  (Her latest weird EEG brainwave manipulation even induced a limited brain-controlled physical vomiting response in her electronically targeted victim (me) from very specific brainwave disruption and modification.)  Jay, on the other hand, will pulsebeam and/or electronically light-torture like this task is part of his unofficial job description, while B2 prefers prozac-boosted non-stop sound harassment.
     5. My music and very limited TV is sabotaged and modified.   ("Transpondered" and "scripted" is the way the FBI SID describes it).  This can range from very light and subtle to very heavy and obnoxious disruption and manipulation using both audible and/or subliminal disruption and modification.  When I hear a strange TV dialogue or very weird music at a store, I sometimes find myself asking "Is is real or is it COINTELPRO?".  Direct unmodulated comments by Ditsy, B2, or Jay are usually easy enough to identify.  Also, severe targeted TV/music/radio disruption can be identified instantly by a knowledgeable FBI SID target.  Also, a knowledgeable FBI SID target can usually identify subliminals in instrumental music quickly and easily, because they prompt you to think exactly what the subliminal message says.  (The subliminal message might be beamed at a target and/or the music's speakers.)
     6. The FBI SID electronic warfare team has been playing with very annoying advanced EEG brainwave disruption attacks.  (This point is related to points #1, #4,  #8,  #11, #15, and #16.)
     7. Sound harassment attacks from adjacent rooms occasionally occur, from either pre-recorded harassment recordings and/or live FBI SID fake media teams.  The offending sound usually comes from a TV or a radio, and can be switched on/off instantly.
     8. Simulated electronic rapes were inflicted and logged.  (This includes a  Saturday night10:39pm 12/3/05 electronically simulated rape by Jay, B2, and Ditsy.  During this event Ditsy also said "Ditsy does real torture."  This also includes other electronically simulated rapes.).
     9. PC #2 appears to have remote-control spyware on it, probably controlled by Ditsy.  (Drwtsn32.exe might be involved in this).  [12/24/05 note: Drwtsn32.exe is part of the solution, not part of the problem.  A full software reinstall and backup and eliminating any unneeded bootup commands seemed to work.]
     10. My email program hasn't been able to access my ISP email for around a week, even after I spent half a day trying to fix this problem.  The FBI SID has claimed responsibility for causing this problem.  [12/24/05 note: I have since fixed this problem.]
     11. The FBI SID electronic warfare team was able to severely electronically harass me all the way from Washington, DC to Fort Benning, GA and back again from Nov. 18-21, 2005.  They also electronically hit the weekend rally and the Saturday night gathering and concert and the church building where I slept Saturday night.  (I'm not sure whether this is all done using local car/SUV-mobile electromagnetic warfare equipment and electromagnetic beams (called transponders and transponder beams by the FBI SID) or whether some electronic psychological warfare satellite is used as a backup measure to electronically attack targeted locations and/or people.)
     12. I believe I am being stalked/tailed (and maybe sometimes even swarmed) by FBI SID "wolfpack"/harassers/tails/stalkers.  (Their FBI agent-provocateur-style use of very specific and peculiar FBI SID harassment phrases is a good tip-off.)  ("Wolfpack" is my nickname for them.)
     13. FBI SID wolfpack/tails/stalkers used the shocking phrases "Hitler" and/or "Heil Hitler" approx. 4 times in 2 days (12/5/05-12/6/05).
     14. Jay's current favorite insult is "Suck it down."  (That message is from Jay Pendelton, allegedly FBI SID badge 604, FBI SID electronic warfare/harassment team leader.  It prompted sarcastically nicknaming the FBI SID (the FBI Special Investigative Division) the FBI "Suck it down" division.)
     15. Other very serious evil offensive words were used to prompt and/or desensitize me.  This is designed to pollute and degrade my brain, is sometimes very irritating, and is in fact polluting my brain.
     16. FBI subliminal emotional garbage attacks were only temporarily halted and are back in use.
     17. The FBI SID electronic warfare team attacking me has nicknamed the head of the FBI SID "Hitler".  Ed nicknamed the in-between boss Schultz (from the "I see nothing" Schultz in Hogan's Heroes).  According to my sources in the FBI SID, FBI SID's Hitler's favorite phrase is "Hit him with all you got!".
     18. Last night (12/10/05) while cleaning I discovered evidence that strongly suggests that the FBI may have conducted a hi-tech dream attack against me as early as June 14, 1988 (when, while I was asleep and dreaming, to my great outrage in my dream, a female gun-toting vigilante aimed a gun at me and then shot me in my dream in defiance of my vehement objections and complete moral nonviolent outrage.).  (FYI, I was 25, a successful yuppie, computer professional, homeowner, and co-operative vegetarian group house manager at the time.)
     19. The cumulative level of psychological warfare, harassment, stress, pain, and anger inflicted has reached the point where the victim labels it "torture" and labels his FBI SID electronic persecutors "torturers".  The word "torture" crops up in my self-defense logbook.
     20. Verbal and electronic abuse from the FBI SID is extensive and routine.  Indecent, insulting, and/or abusive language is routine.

2. The Good News.
     1. I expect to survive this extensive more than 7 months' long  round of open (instead of covert) FBI SID electronic psychological warfare against me, primarily because I am using 5-HTP to boost my serotonin levels and maintain my spirit and self-confidence and not be overwhelmed by fear of the FBI SID and/or get bogged down in FBI SID mind games.  This is the primary psychological survival technique I recommend in my 9/3/05 electronic/electromagnetic warfare fact sheet,  (I do, however, regret the inevitable mind pollution and very bad vibes and negative thoughts that this FBI SID electronic psychological warfare attack is inflicting, and this appears to be currently unavoidable psychological damage that I will incur.  I'll remember this when its time to sue the FBI SID.)
     Caution: There is still probably more than a 10% chance that the FBI SID will actually kill me within the next 12 months.  Barring that, I expect to survive.
     2. During Sept.-Dec. 2005, I have improved my finances and my monthly cash flow and I have enough money to survive FBI SID repression (but not much more).  Any and all donations would be very very helpful.
     3. After posting the color coded "FBI SID threat level" at my home page, I have not needed to go into an actual "code red" alert since Nov. 10, 2005.  In practice, this meant that I might receive and log FBI SID death threats, and they might threaten to pulsebeam me awake all night, but I have been able to get at least a minimal amount of sleep each night, and now usually 6-8 hours of sleep every night because I threaten to go to red alert if the FBI SID launches a late-night electronic sleep deprivation attack against me.  So I am reliably getting at least enough sleep to survive, and currently usually close to as much sleep as I want.  (The FBI SID team, on the other hand, is being mercilessly worked and paid at least $25/hr. around the clock, and is allegedly subsisting with often minimal sleep on speed and prozac and megasalaries.)
     4. During Nov.-Dec. 2005, I have increased my audio, visual, and TV-recording capability.  (I can record live harassment, but not the standard FBI SID sound beam electronic harassment.)
     5. My self-defense logbook is now filled with 640 pages of log notes from June-Dec. 2005.
     6. The Supreme Court issued an anti-torture ruling in November, and stopping U.S. torture has become more of a political issue.
     7. While the media has not officially covered my story, the themes of stopping torture and electromagnetic security and/or warfare have appeared in the media.  For example, the 9pm, Sunday, Dec. 4, 2005 TV show "Law and Order: Criminal Intent" dealt with many of the issues raised in my 9/3/05 electronic/electromagnetic warfare fact sheet, including top-secret projects and technology, hi-tech electronic security, electromagnetic shielding, mind control, and potential hi-tech surveillance tools.
     8. Because the FBI SID electronically hit various rallies this year, most notably the huge Sept. 24, 2005 Washington, DC peace march, probably the Washington, DC African American Millions More march, and on Nov. 19-20, 2005 the Close the School of the Americas protest at Fort Benning, GA, I believe word is gradually getting out about the new COINTELPRO 2005-2006.  There were, in fact, very brief unreported Sept. 26, 2005 Code Pink chants of "We have the power, end the psy-war" and "Free Ed Harding, end the psy-war" at the tail end of a huge approx. 370 person nonviolent civil disobedience in front of the White House.  (COINTELPRO transpondered the buses removing those arrested, and I held 2 very small signs saying "STOP FBI SID Electronic Harassment of Political Activists.".  Also, at the Millions More March, if what I saw on my TV was accurate, one anonymous African American speaker said "We don't want COINTELPRO zapping our leaders."

3. Current Status.
     Enduring and partially documenting FBI SID electronic warfare repression and harassment and slowly plodding along.

4. What Would Really Help Now.
     1. A new and safer place to live.  I'm paying $490 a month/now for a room in a boarding house, and I could really use a new place to live.  For example, an absentee landlord might agree to rent to me for 6 months or more with the understanding that temporary FBI SID electronic harassment might make the rental property temporarily less attractive.  Or an activist household and/or a retired human rights supporter might be willing to put up with temporary FBI SID electronic harassment hitting their household.  (I'm a quiet, responsible, currently introverted sixties-style or politically and culturally green 42 year old SWM.currently dealing with one problem: FBI SID electronic harassment.)
     2. Donations.  Please consider making a donation to at
     3. Organizational help.  Does your organization dislike COINTELPRO?  Can you spare any person hours and/or financial resources to help stop COINTELPRO 2005-2006?
     4. Any useful suggestions for finding additional useful personal and/or political support.
     5. Media pressure against torture and for human rights and specifically media pressure against FBI SID/COINTELPRO human rights abuses.  Big media, why not drive to the FBI SID building, allegedly at 3525 5th street Arlington, VA, stake out a story, and score a hi-tech scoop of the FBI SID's latest technology and their human rights abuses?
     6. Congressional pressure requesting the FBI SID stop persecuting Mr. Harding.
     7. A future Congressional Investigation of FBI SID electronic psychological warfare, electronic torture, electronic media sabotage, and human rights abuses would also be helpful.
     8. Future Congressional zero-funding of the FBI SID (or at least their entire electronic warfare and political dirty tricks division) would, in my opinion, be a significant U.S. human rights victory.  (Note: I have not independently confirmed that my electronic attackers are FBI SID, although they consistently claim to be FBI SID.  There is a small chance Congress might need to zero-fund a different Electronic Warfare and Political Dirty Tricks Dept.)
     9. Future helpful assistance might include local Maryland and/or Virginia police help in preventing FBI SID crimes and/or arresting FBI SID lawbreakers.  FBI SID personnel openly admit to violating the law but smugly claim they will never be caught.
     10. Future helpful assistance might also include an excellent lawyer and/or law firm who can systematically sue the FBI SID for a multitude of human rights abuses.
     11. In the long-term future, after FBI SID electronic warfare abuses have been stopped, our government should hold an open debate about the possible appropriate moral, legal, civil, and constitutional very limited and regulated use of "mind-reading" technology.  Should this powerful technology (stripped of EEG brainwave disruption and manipulation capability) be used by police to help solve crimes?  How should it be regulated?  Under what circumstances, if any, should mind-reading technology be used in court or as court evidence?  Or is mind-reading technology just one big unconstitutional pandora's box of privacy violations that informed Americans might chose to ban instead of develop and appropriately use.  (I'm a strong believer in privacy, protection from cruel and unusual punishment, protection from unreasonable search and seizure, and the first and fifth amendments, but I believe that one day mind-reading only technology might be appropriately used in America under very limited and very carefully regulated circumstances that respect the constitution and the Bill of Rights.)

5. How You Can Contact Me.
     You can call me, Ed Harding, at 301-779-9769.  Since its an Internet phone, just call back until you reach me directly if you want to be sure to reach me.
     There is no guarantee that any sensitive email will currently reach me, since the FBI SID has claimed credit for disabling my email around 1 week ago.  If you send an important email, send it to me at using the return receipt option.
     Mail can be sent to my P.O. Box and it should eventually get to me.
     My address is:
     Ed Harding
     P.O. Box 3190
     Silver Spring, MD  20918

11/11/05 turns into COINTELPRO confession day.  Read the surprising 11/11/05 log file, pages 527-535 for yourself.  Jay Pendelton's FBI SID electronic warfare team admits routinely taking the illegal drug "speed" and comes down from speed, Jay worries about being fired, etc.
Latest News
After I produced the preliminary 9/3/05 electronic/electromagnetic warfare fact sheet, I've been very busy doing other work and chores besides website posting.  I did sometimes use the threat of website posting to try to minimize continuing FBI SID electronic warfare/harassment/torture against me, but I didn't post for an extended period of time.  I vended at the Sept. 24, 2005 Washington, DC peace rally, and let me thank everyone again who donated to myself, my survival, and my websites at the rally and the concert.  Your donations helped a lot.  Thanks!
     My harassment only occurs because greedy individuals are taking a lot of FBI SID money and are at least half-heartedly persecuting me in exchange for their outrageously high pay for working for evil.  I have been struggling to improve my financial capability to resist what FBI SID agents estimate is a half-a-million to a million dollars or more a year FBI SID-financed political dirty tricks campaign against me.  Their campaign is an all-out harassment/crippling/controlling campaign designed to cripple, destroy, and/or dominate me.  Since I refuse to be dominated, the campaign is instead trying to destroy me.
     I plan to attend and vend and accept donations at the Sept. 19-20, 2005 human rights protest to close the School of the Americas.  We are also going to need to further investigate and close the FBI SID, aka COINTELPRO 2005, and their continuing hi-tech political dirty tricks campaign against targeted U.S. political activists and dissidents.
     Here is my 11/7/05 log file, pages 492-498, logged from approx. 6am-2pm.  In these log notes, FBI electronic warfare and electronic harassment includes a sleep deprivation attack and FBI talk of FBI persecution, a death warning, B2's accidental mentioning of an alleged FBI SID gang rape in San Francisco in April 2004 (soon allegedly followed by their victim's death), FBI SID computer and Internet sabotage, Ed's survival odds, FBI SID remorse about the public learning about FBI SID crimes committed, and even the idea of the FBI shutting down the FBI SID and targeting Al Qaeda instead.
     Here is my 11/10/05 log file, pages 514-526, logged from approx. midnight-8:15pm.  I worked on a technical countermeasure to sound attacks, possible improved recording, until 3am (it didn't work), in response to electronic warfare harassment and sound harassment from both adjacent rooms. At 3am, when  COINTELPRO/FBI SID persecutors refused to let me sleep, I declared a CODE RED alert.   By 5am, they let me sleep, using electronic warfare brainwave disruption to zonk me out.  They used illegal speed to stay up, admitted B2, and Jay, B2, and Ditsy all use prozac.  After I woke up, I soon declared a CODE ORANGE alert level.  (I used earplugs to shield myself from the sound in the adjacent rooms, and somehow tolerated the FBI SID electronic warfare/mind control subliminal messages that I can hear whenever I cover my ears with earplugs or my hands.)
     The recurring theme of 11/10/05 was FBI SID death threats/warnings against me, including "You're going to die!" repeatedly said by Jay Pendelton (allegedly FBI SID badge 604) at 3:16am, "Yes, it is a death threat" also repeatedly said by Jay at 3:16am, and death threats/warnings at 3:18am, 3:41am, 3:57am, approx. 3:57am, a possible gunshot heard at 4:19am, and a death warning at 8:15pm.
     Also, 2 key computer components broke during the 11/10/05 conflict.  (One was soon fixed and one was soon replaced under warranty.)  One broken component was almost certainly FBI SID software sabotage, and the other broken component might have been FBI SID sabotage.  There was also a rare 2:52pm-3:25pm 11/10/05 (neighborhood level) power outage[Last updated 11pm 11/10/05.]

FBI SID Recent Threat Levels

6:10am 11/7/05  FBI SID Threat Level: CODE ORANGE: Strong Non-Lethal Multisource Electronic Warfare Attack.
10:20am 11/9/05 3-4 sleep deprivation attacks.  (I eventually got maybe 6-7 hours sleep.)
3-5am 11/10/05  FBI SID Threat Level: CODE RED.  No sleep.    1:05pm 11/10/05 back to CODE ORANGE.

9/3/05 News.
I've been very busy from 8/26/05-9/3/05, so I'm only providing a new draft electronic warfare fact sheet.  I'm still dealing with 24-7 COINTELPRO electronic warfare harassment and I'm still recovering from computer and Internet malfunctions and sabotage that COINTELPRO took responsibility for causing.  (I should also note that 4 days after I posted a front page website note on 8/18/05 that Jay Pendelton tried to kill me using electronic warfare, Pat Robertson on 8/22/05 publicly advocated assassinating Venezuelan President Hugo ChavezPat Robertson clarified his statements on 8/24/05.)
Recent 8/12/05-8/26/05 FBI SID (aka COINTELPRO) human rights abuses against me include:
     1. An FBI SID murder attempt announced at 7:47pm 8/12/05 and then called off at 7:55pm 8/12/05.
     2. FBI SID claimed 2 computer sabotage attempts (see 11:19pm 8/13/05-12:31am 8/14/05 log notes and 4:28pm-5:29pm 8/15/05 log notes) that targeted my abode acrobat .pdf file software.  (In response, I spent days restoring and backing up my computers.)
     4. A third FBI SID computer sabotage attempt was announced at 8:18pm 8/18/05 when my adobe acrobat software on one PC malfunctioned just before I posted this website release.  (I reinstalled adobe acrobat and fixed a new PC boot error.)
     5.  An FBI agent (Jay Pendelton, FBI SID badge 604, or so he claims) twice stated beginning at 7:40pm 8/18/05 that we was trying to kill me using an electronic appendicitis attack that produced sharp stabbing pains.
     6. Additional FBI persecution, including limited torture, sleep now attacks, a poison threat, computer sabotage threats and a new technical adobe acrobat scanning problem, and threats to sabotage/undersell my ebay auctions all occurred between 8/20/05-8/23/05.  (In an interesting coincidence, someone in the "People's Republic of Arlington" is selling 2 of my first eBay products (#1 and #2)  for sale at 4 cents apiece as of 1am 8/24/05.)
7. A prolonged period of torture on 8/25/05 and a higher level of torture at the beginning of 8/26/05.  Also more death threats, torture threats, etc. (including a mind control/domination attack, a computer destruction threat, destruction of documentation threats, an arrest threat, a suicide suggestion, and an arson threat, etc.  See the pdf file bookmarks for details).
     I was also very temporarily offered an unreliable FBI SID-controlled "sanctuary" before 11:10am on 8/12/05.
     I posted the 8/5/05-8/6/05 and 8/12/05 log notes .and the heavily bookmarked 8/17/05-8/18/05 log notes and the heavily bookmarked 8/25/05-8/26/05 log notes.  I will try to post more of my 8/12/05-8/26/05 log notes soon (and also the 8/7/04-8/11/05 log notes).

FBI COINTELPRO [SID] agent admits hiring and paying hitman responsible for 5/24/03 2003 Takoma Park, MD murder, and openly tries to hire new hitman on 7/25/05 to kill this webmaster.
FBI COINTELPRO/SID [Special Investigative Division] agent Jay Pendelton, Jr., badge #604 (probably an alias), admitted on 7/25/05 that he hired and paid a hitman for 3 separate Takoma Park MD incidents in the Spring of 2003.  The incidents were 1) a gunman/hitman pointed a gun after midnight at Mr. Harding but did not fire after Mr. Harding very politely handed over his cash.  2) Shots were fired and a man was found shot dead half a block from Mr. Harding's 2003 home at 4:30am 5/24/03.  3) The hitman later ran into but did not contact Mr. Harding in a local Takoma Park bank.  According to Jay Pendelton, all 3 incidents occurred (Mr. Harding is not certain of incident #3) and the hitman was paid $500 and later $1,000 cash by Jay Pendelton.
     Jay Pendelton, Jr., FBI SID agent, badge #604 (probably an alias), claims to work in the 5th floor of the FBI SID building, 3525 5th Street, Arlington, VA.  This claim is unconfirmed.  He leads a 3 person electronic warfare or harassment team that is paid $25-$50/hr./person to harass U.S. political dissident Mr. Harding 24/7/365 using almost unbelievably advanced electronic harassment sound beam technology.  Mr. Pendelton claims to live close to his workplace.  (He has been described as a 5'6" muscular white male, but this unconfirmed.)
     Mr. Harding was always stumped by the 2 or 3 2003 incidents, particularly the very alarming 5/24/03 murder, but he now believes that Jay Pendelton, Jr. is a sufficiently mean, thuggish, and violence-threatening cruel bully that he may well have hired a hitman for incidents #1 and/or #2 and he takes Jay's latest threat of violence very seriously.  Mr. Harding informed both Crime Solvers of Montgomery County and the Takoma Park police chief of the latest evidence concerning the 5/24/03 murder on Aug. 2, 2005.  (Crime Solvers verified their receipt of the email.  The Takoma Park police chief did not.)
     Here are my 7/25/05 log notes and 7/26/05-7/27/05 log notes (in adobe acrobat pdf format) that document this claim.  I have also posted my 7/28/05-7/31/05 log notes.  Jay, B2 (bureaucrat #2), and Ditsy (a young woman) are aliases for 3 FBI COINTELPRO (actually SID or Special Investigative Division) agents.  Jay Pendelton, Jr., FBI SID badge #604, might be Jay's real name.  Jay is the team leader who claims the $50/hr. salary.  B2 and Ditsy claim $25/hr. salaries.  Money and power appear to be their real motivation.  Jay's threats of violence continued after 7/25/05.  FBI COINTELPRO [SID] threats of computer sabotage from Ditsy occurred during my 7/25/05 log notes pdf file preparation work and also later.
     In retaliation for posting documentation of the FBI Special Investigative Division's latest electronic harassment/warfare misdeeds, I was hit with a second 1-hour FBI transponder machine caused electronic toothache from 2am-3am 8/1/05.  At 1:27pm 8/1/05 I suffered stabbing pains in my chest.  At approx. 3:40pm 8/1/05 an FBI SID worker (probably Jay) told me "That was a real heart attack.  You survived it."  It was caused by the FBI transponder machine being used in electronic warfare mode.  From midnight-4am 8/4/05 I suffered a major sleep deprivation attack that also included electronic torture from Jay Pendelton.  At 4:45pm 8/4/05 FBI electronic attack (probably run by Ditsy) against this webmaster reached the cumulative level of low-level torture.  Ed started to complain more of electronic torture after FBI electronic harassment hit squad team members Jay, Ditsy, and B2 began casually inflicting electronic pain on 8/4/05 against this webmaster.  Here are my 8/1/05-8/4/05 log notes and my 8/5/05-8/6/05 log notes.  See the latest news for a summary of FBI 8/5/05-9/3/05 electronic warfare against me.

Webmaster Ed Harding's Possible Emergency Need-- Temporary Safe Crash Sleeping Space in the Washington, DC, Area
For the first and so far only time since I started these websites in 1996 and invested more than 20k and lot of sweat-equity labor in these websites, I am asking for personal aid and help from anyone in the Washington, DC area who can safely provide and/or direct me to free and/or very cheap safe legal crash space for sleeping in the Washington, DC area in case of another COINTELPRO electronic denial of sleep attack emergency.  The bottom line is I am daily and nightly being hit by at least one hi-tech electronic high frequency sound beam weapon from the new hi-tech FBI COINTELPRO attack on targeted radicals.  These secret hi-tech FBI COINTELPRO electronic weapons (called "transponders" by the FBI) can do 5 things:
     1) They only affect a very small targeted area.  Because they are narrow very high frequency ultrasonic sound beams, they only affect a narrow specific targeted area (similar to a flashlight's narrow light beam, except that it is a very high frequency ultrasonic sound beam).  The new FBI COINTELPRO claims this weapon's range is 200 yards, and at 200 yards a narrow sound beam could be much wider.  Sound beam width also might also be adjustable.
     2) They can pulse-beam attack and prevent sleeping.  I have dealt with 3 pulsed-beam denial of sleep attacks between 6/16/05-6/19/05.
     3) They can produce some really fancy hi-tech electronic noise pollution ranging from very subtle noise pollution (you would probably need to fold your earlobes over your ears with your hands to hear, and the often subliminal content is often on the level of emotional sewage) to loud obnoxious sound beams that can envelop an entire supermarket (particularly any refrigerators).  If you are directly in the sound beam path and you fold you earlobes over both ears, you should be able to hear any sound beam message, even subliminal ones.  (Believe it or not, these very high-frequency ultrasonic sound beam weapons can also affect the human brain's emotion and human muscles and/or nerves.)
     4) If they hit a fan, air conditioner, refrigerator, or speaker, or a running car engine, or many electrical appliances, they produce audible sound.
     5) They might leave an energy residue that may produce noise pollution later and eventually dissipate after a certain unknown number of days.
The FBI claims these electronic sound-beam weapons have a max range of 200 yards.
     Between 2-3pm on 6/17/05, 1-2 out of 4 tired volatile and moodswinging electronic FBI electronic hit-squad members were in an angry almost kamikaze electronic attack mode, and Jay had already issued at least one death threat.  (According to Jay Pendelton, Jr., badge 604, FBI Special Intelligence Division, [his name might an alias], who also claims to run the FBI Special Intelligence Division,  the "real FBI" is a few "neofascist types" and "We will fucking kill you", to be precise.  Prior quotes like this since 6/11/05 are logged but have not been posted.)  They may well change their electronic attack mode later.  At 2pm Friday, June 17, Jay stated that I will need to find a really good sanctuary in order to survive.  However, he has bluffed in his prior threats to kill to me, since I'm still alive, so any sanctuary at all might possibly work and help me at least temporarily avoid any future FBI electronic denial of sleep attacks.
     This is the sum-total of the hi-tech harassment I am receiving from the new hi-tech electronic COINTELPRO 2005.  If you or your social change group's office or social change's groups business office or a liberal church or a foreign embassy or a rented farm or rural community can withstand this energy temporarily (or even permanently) or if you can recommend a place that can withstand this hi-tech electronic harassment, please call me, Ed Harding, at 301-779-9769, or email me at to provide any help and/or suggestions.  Thanks in advance if you can provide any very much-needed and very-much appreciated help.  There is a good chance that they might not attack 2 or 3 people sleeping in one room at one time (I think they hate to leave evidence), but I wouldn't count on it.  (This is probably about as close to a real electronic science-fiction event as you will probably ever experience in your life.  No kidding.)  Also, if you can spare any donations, please consider donating generously.  (You can donate electronically by donating to at
     If you think you can help, please at least scan the rest of this article to learn what you might be temporarily in for.  If not, please read the rest of this article at your convenience.  If you are a left-wing political radical and have ever experienced any weird unexplainable science-fiction type event in your life and/or you think you might experience an event like this in the future, this new powerful FBI technology may well provide a rational explanation for what happened in your past or might happen in your future.
     If you have some extra time, you could also call you congressman and/or senator and/or the FBI and ask them to stop the FBI electronic harassment of's webmaster, Edmund H. Harding, and direct them to for any further info.

6/25/05 NEWS--FBI COINTELPRO electronic harassment hit squad team routinely threatens all-night denial of sleep pulse beam attacks (at least 5 times in the last 3 days, for example), but does NOT pulse-beam attack at night.  (My threatening to post outrageous quotes from the next all-night pulse beamer may have been a deterrent.)  The FBI COINTELPRO electronic harassment hit squad team hit the tail end of the 6/21/05 Great Labor Arts Exchange, and I'm expecting them to disrupt 1 or 2 July 4 events that I plan to attend.  (24-7, this FBI team doesn't take a break.)  I've adjusted my sleeping hours (early to bed, early to rise) in order to reduce my vulnerability to denial of sleep attacks, and this has so far worked.  I've been catching up on chores and haven't found a safe emergency crash space in a private home, so I might need to do more emergency improvising if I am pulse-beam attacked again.

6/19/05 NEWS--Webmaster Again Hit With A Third Electronic Denial of Sleep Attack 6/19/05 (early morning).

6/17/05 NEWS--Webmaster Again Hit With A Second Pulsed Electronic Denial of Sleep Attack 6/17/05 (early morning).
     This webmaster again regrets to report that he was hit by the new hi-tech electronic FBI COINTELPRO with another hi-tech very strong pulsed electronic full-scale denial of sleep attack, the sabotaged deletion of new data he was about to post to the Internet, and a (probably illegal) attempt to by one FBI Special Investigative Division employee to remotely download software to both of the webmaster's active PCs in an attempt to either sabotage and/or regain partial FBI control of 2 of Ed's FBI-modified PCs.  He was also threatened with continual FBI denial of sleep attacks wherever he went and threatened with arrest if he tried finding a temporary sleep sanctuary in the woods and/or legal trouble (border, visa and/or other legal trouble) if he sought sleep sanctuary in a Washington, D.C. foreign embassy that should be legally off-limits to FBI electronic attack.  After remembering the word sanctuary Ed is even considering trying to find a sleep sanctuary in a liberal church sanctuary, but is unaware if the FBI electronic secret police would even respect a church sanctuary.  (Half of the FBI electronic hit squad team currently targeting this webmaster actually sometimes request or demand fantasy and/or real blow jobs in invasive forced hi-tech electronic communication with this webmaster in exchange for temporarily stopping other electronic communication and/or denial of sleep abuses.)  During this sleep deprivation attack, Jay Pendleton Jr. took the early morning opportunity to conduct an extremely irritating and sarcastic half-automated electronic inquisition "and you know what?..." series of attention-grabbing super-irritating comments that provoked an extremely irritated response from all involved who were stuck listening to him.
     This denial of sleep attack occurred despite FBI manager Jay Pendelton's very recent promise that it would not occur after Ed declined to immediately post a very surprising recent list of select quotes from Jay's numerous pre-publication threats and warnings, and Jay, who electronically observed the denial of sleep attack and usually claims to be in charge of the entire FBI Special Intelligence Division, did not lift a finger or issue an order to stop this denial of sleep attack.
     I am warned that the FBI might make normal sleep impossible for me for the foreseeable future almost anywhere I go.  This objective posting (minus some ranting in a previous sabotaged unposted version) has already immediately provoked a long strong and steady 2 rounds of another pulsed electronic denial of sleep attack lasting from Friday morning into Friday afternoon, June 17, 2005.
    I am warned that the FBI electronic hit squad(s) might make normal sleep impossible for me for the foreseeable future almost anywhere I go.  I have also previously been warned of a possible FBI break-in and sabotage at my soon-to-be often unoccupied rented room currently targeted my multiple hi-tech new FBI COINTELPRO electronic very high frequency sound beam weapons.
     This webmaster notes that his most recent will wills his websites,, and and most (but not all) of his estate (including his life insurance) to Co-op America in order to help co-operatively build a better world and a small part of his estate to his economically well-to-do next-of-kin.  (Co-op America should still have my will in their files.)

6/16/05 NEWS--Webmaster Hit With Pulsed Electronic Denial of Sleep Attack 6/16/05 (early morning).
This webmaster regrets to report that he was hit with a intermittently pulsed electronic denial of sleep attack last night and early this morning.  He managed to get some sleep, but had to argue with different technicians (the FBI Special Investigative Division nicknames them "transpondermen") who were operating one hi-tech electronic sound beam machine that was intermittently pulsing very high frequency ultrasonic sound beams into the webmaster's rented room in order to prevent him from sleeping.  (If you read the rest of this report, this initially difficult to believe report should make perfect sense.)  A mean man identifying himself as Jay Pendelton, Jr. (who has previously identified himself as FBI Special Investigative Division badge #604 and also claims that he is the person in charge of the FBI Special Investigative Division), said "...the denial of sleep attack was to prevent you from posting to your website."
     Bottom line: the webmaster (Ed Harding) is tired, and might need an emergency place to crash should these denial of sleep attacks continue.  (Also, Jay Pendelton and his awake all-night crew are very exhausted and discontent.)  Jay Pendelton initially claimed that a new FBI Special Investigation [electronic harassment] team would take over at 8am, but they never materialized.

     This report is about lessons learned from a very dramatic and weird amazing 4 month misadventure from 4/30/05-9/3/05 while I was almost constantly hit with hi-tech electronic harassment from what I now believe is a U.S. secret police hi-tech harassment hit squad.  This hi-tech harassment hit squad identified themselves as the FBI Special Investigative Division on approx. 5/19/05.  I believe they are part of the new hi-tech COINTELPRO 2005.

     The key to this electronic harassment hit squad (and probably similar electronic harassment hit squads) is a new very very hi-tech (probably high frequency) ultrasound sound beam machine.  It is similar to but much more powerful than commercial sound beam technology and more powerful than the sound beam technology that ABCNews and probably also the protesters' small intermittent Indymedia newspaper reported that the NYPD admitted that they deployed against Aug.-Sept. 2004 protesters at the NYC Republican National Convention.  This underreported high tech sound beam NYPD police deployment is still noted on the Internet at and
      In addition to these very well documented examples, there exists a network of anti electronic harassment websites that list many unproven outlandish claims of hi-tech electronic harassment, only a fraction of which are probably true.  (7/26/08 update: after 3 years of experience as a hi-tech electronic warfare victim, I now believe the sad awful truth is that many but not all of these claims are true.  My 12/11/05 documentation summarizes my experience as an electronic warfare victim.) 

     The FBI electronic harassment hit squad's secret weapon is a very very powerful hi-tech sound beam machine called a "transponder" by the FBI Special Intelligence Division.  In Washington, DC, unconfirmed rumors have it that 20 of these very high tech sound beam machines (known in-house by the FBI as "transponders") are currently stored in the FBI Special Intelligence Division building.  The FBI Special Intelligence Division has been described as a 5-story building approx. 1 mile west of the Pentagon, near the Clarendon metro stop, and unconfirmed rumor repeatedly says the address is 3525 5th St., Arlington, VA, 22201.  Unconfirmed rumor has it that these machines have a limited range, maybe somewhere around the 50-mile range.  In other words, it might be possible to flee from these machines, but it also might be possible for the FBI to relocate these machines to track someone if they really want to track them anywhere.  Rumor also has it that there around 400 of these machines used the FBI in the United States.  (I'm not even going to speculate about how many transponders the CIA has.)
     Is a new and powerful form of COINTELPRO 2005 back?  I believe it is back in the Washington, DC metropolitan area and FBI rumor has it that these transponder hi-tech sound harassment machines are used nationwide.  I have been routinely hit with 1 or more transponders for 6 weeks so far and I can testify that they can be a real pain in the ass.  (Not only can they grab your attention, but if they hit you at full strength at very close range in a sound beam pulsing mode (for example, from an adjacent house), they can prevent you from sleeping.  They also have some other difficult to believe powers that one would probably have to experience first to believe.
     I have major ethical, humanitarian, and political concerns (and even personal survival concerns) about how many transponders the FBI Special Intelligence Division has in the United States and how they are being used.  FBI rumor has it that they admit to 20 transponders in the DC national office and 400 transponders nationwide.  FBI rumor has it that the FBI is hitting at least 100 U.S. left-wing political radicals on a regular basis since around 4/30/05 (1 day before May Day 2005).  I consider this a FBI Spring 2005 COINTELPRO offensive in a undeclared hi-tech undeclared war on FBI-targeted U.S. left-wing political radicals.  (Rumor has it that the FBI Special Intelligence Division has been running short on transponder guns ever since 4/30/05.).  One FBI person guessed that some of the hi-tech COINTELPRO electronic harassment hit squad victims are webmasters (people who manage Internet websites), and another FBI person warned that they have orders to track down (but not necessarily electronically harass) webmasters.  Another guess is that there might be infrequent transponder sound beam attacks against hundreds or even possibly thousands of U.S. left-wing political radicals monthly and possibly thousands annually.  (I'm told that most of these attacks are quick transponder sound beam hits to quickly convey a very ethereal sounding message to a radical. but some harassment attacks might last longer.).  This is all unofficial unconfirmed rumor (except for the common DC area story of 20 DC area transponder machines, a story that is probably true.)
     Bottom line: Is there a secret undeclared amazingly hi-tech COINTELPRO 2005 (now presumably the FBI Special Investigative Division) war against some U.S. left-wing political radicals?.  If so, who is being hit where with what transponder or ultrasound sound beam weapons?  FBI rumor says that there definitely is a new hi-tech COINTELPRO Spring 2005 offensive using sound beam transponders to target U.S. left-wing political radicals..

     My guess is that if you are a prominent left-wing political activist or judged by the FBI to be a potential terrorist, then the FBI may be interested in you.  If they are interested in you they might express this interest by bugging one of your electronic devices.  (I am told that swapping your current device for a pre-bugged device is one favorite quick and easy tactic.)  If they are more interested in you, they might express this interest by installing a wireless speaker and/or additional bugs.  Also, if you are an important leader and/or webmaster, the FBI might get very interested in your computer, your monitor, your computer' mouse and keyboard, and your Internet firewall.  It might even want a backdoor to manipulating your PC.
(You might want to keep track of all electronic devices' serial numbers to make sure that device is yours and not a quick FBI swap.)  You might also check for any wireless mikes.  (Most bugs require batteries and/or a power cord.)
.    Now, coping with transponder beams.  It you ever hear an electronic human voice from an open refrigerator or freezer door, or a device talking like some device in one Wonderfalls TV show, you are probably dealing with sound beams and probably FBI transponder beams and their harassment hit squad crews.  If this occurs at home, then, until COINTELPRO 2005 is stopped or gotten off your tail, you're screwed.  (I haven't gotten them off my tail yet.)  If you are in a strong electromagnetic field and the FBI has a close transponder beam shot at your house, a transponder beam can sometimes even :"hear" any thoughts you silently say to yourself, so if you can any serious secrets to hide from the FBI, be forewarned.  My new understanding is that the FBI is usually interested in serious (usually more than $500 value) past crimes, so I wouldn't sweat minor past transgressions.  They sometimes like to collect embarrassing dirt, though, so be forewarned.
     If you find this section's hints useful, please consider making a small donation at because so far I lost 6 weeks of my life, some old buried personal memories, and many hundreds of dollars while withstanding constant FBI harassment to bring you this potentially useful information, and boy could I sure use the dough.
     Now, testing for transponder beams.  Transponder beams are actually high-frequency ultra-sound sound beams that can be either narrow and/or wider sound beams.  (In a approx. 12' wide room, I can currently notice 2 adjacent transponder beams with different messages.  (At night standard messages are "you are very awake" in your living space and "you are very sleepy" in your sleeping space, so if you start falling asleep quickly in your bed, you might be being hit with a sound beam or transponder beam.)  Also, if you hear voices from the refrigerators in a grocery store, a sound beam or transponder beam is probably at work.
     You can quickly and easily test for a transponder beam or sound beam by closing your earlobes over your eardrum with you hands.  If you hear a voice, its a transponder beam.  (Don't be surprised if the subliminal message is indecent and/or very offensive.)  Also, very ethereal voices are probably not ghosts- they are probably transponder beams.  (If you listen to an ethereal voice and it takes a break to joke or talk about regular human gripes like work, boredom, stress, low pay, etc, then its a good bet that there is a real human voice (and/or a recorded human voice) at the other end of the machine.
     Transponder beams can be either heard ethereally or, if they connect with any electrical field, including a speaker or fan, then become heard more like regular human voices.
     COINTELPRO, or hitting targeted left-wing political activists with harassment, is hard, sometimes degrading or dehumanizing work.  In my opinion, these left-wing political activists DO NOT need investigating or harassment (I think they are the good guys), so let me encourage any COINTELPRO members to be slackers and definitely not work too hard.  If you really have a moral problem with what COINTELPRO is doing now, you can always tip off the press.  I am a current COINTELPRO target and between the ridiculous harassment scripts, the impish to evil to sometimes fascist subliminal transponder beam messages, and the unwarranted persecution of leftist political activists, there is plenty of bad work to not do and/or not do  fast.  Also, it helps to give transponder beam victims survival and privacy hints.

     Any claim that they are conducting an FBI "Investigation" is, in my opinion, a total sham.  I have dealt (and not dealt) with more BS in the sham scripts and the often impish or indecent subliminal transponder beam messages from FBI transponderman than any one person should have to deal with in a lifetime.  And my record is actually much cleaner than the one or 2 hard-ass sadistic people working for the FBI who use invasive sound beam technology to invade my personal space and disrupt my shopping errands.  (Jews in particular may be repulsed by the pro-Hitler and neo-nazi or fascist subliminal messages sent by some FBI transpondermen.)  My main concern is than these hi-tech electronic harassment hit squads could become the nucleus of a fascist U.S. secret police in the future if COINTELPRO (now the FBI Special Intelligence Division) is not stopped and/or reformed.  Noninvasive legitimate information-gathering is OK, but routine authoritarian abusive treatment of U.S. political dissidents is NOT OK.
      Note: authoritarianism, actual pro-Hitler subliminal messages, indecency, rudeness, and petty indecent electronic abuse and/or extortion are so commonplace in COINTELPRO (now the FBI Special Intelligence Division) electronic attacks, that I might end up temporarily censoring just how bad the abuse is so that some FBI employee will NOT blast me with a pulsed sound beam weapon and actually allow me to sleep in what should be the privacy of my own rented room.
     I also received on Saturday, June 11, 2005 plenty of electronic death threats and warnings and other warnings when some FBI employees discovered that I was planning to exercise my First Amendment rights and talk about one victim's experience of COINTELPRO (Now the FBI Special Intelligence Division).  I have also received many threats (including 1 or more death threats) from FBI employee identifying himself as Jay Pendelton, badge #604, who claims to run the FBI Special Intelligence Division.

     I can definitely use some reliable trustworthy help and I can very much use donations.  I am in political and economic crunch survival mode now and if you every considered making a donation before and didn't, now would be a critical time to make a donation.  Please send your donations to
at  and/or send a check or money order to:
Edmund H. Harding or
P.O. Box 3190
Silver Spring, MD  20918

     Any offers of temporary emergency shelter, if necessary, would be very much appreciated, and I would only crash there in an emergency.  Caution: FBI sound beam and/or transponder machine technology is mobile.  I have been electronically harassed and disabled daily for 6 weeks now, starting approx. April 30, 2005 , but I am still surviving.  I will try to post a note that I'm hopefully still OK soon, but at this point I am scrambling and further website releases are not my A1 priority.

     In Solidarity,
     Edmund H. Harding




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